Whirlpool Dryer, 8KG, 6TH Sense

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Whirlpool’s new dryers don’t just dry your clothes rapidly. Thanks to their intelligent technology, they also ensure your fabrics are treated with the utmost care, leaving them beautifully soft while optimising energy efficiency at the same time.


You are in great hands with Whirlpool’s Dryers, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

The Intelligent technology with 6th Sense Air Care provides the best service by using sensors that set the most suitable temperature for drying clothes and then also automatically monitors it’s progress. It Uniforms air flow and asymmetric movement of the drum in addition providing excellent care for the finest materials.


It is no longer true that the dryer takes up a lot of space, clothes get wrinkled and their operation is expensive. Whirlpool defies all of that.


No. Of Programmes: 10

Loading Method: Front Loading

Dryer Type: Condenser

Capacity: 8 Kg

Energy Efficiency: B

6th Sense: Yes

Colour of Door: White

Product Dimensions( H x W x D ): 845 x 596 x 659



The intelligent 6TH SENSE technology is designed to preserve all colours as bright and beautiful as you bought them and to intuitively select the most appropriate program, temperature, energy and time.


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