Kenwood Chef Stainless Steel Bowl

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If you’re looking for a straightforward kitchen machine with classic good looks and everyday performance, the white and silver Kenwood Classic Chef KM336 is the perfect place to start. A stainless steel bowl adds an extra touch of clean efficiency to this tried and tested kitchen helper.


The Kenwood Classic Chef KM336 isn’t just a great choice for all those everyday kitchen chores. It’s also a class act for helping you to be a bit more adventurous with your cooking.


With an 800W motor, two power outlets, a set of bowl tools and a choice of more than 20 extra attachments, your Kenwood Classic Chef KM336 will always live up to expectations.



Body material:Die cast aluminium & plastic

Bowl material:Polished stainless steel
Bowl tool material:Coated
Colour:White with silver trim
Motor power (wattage):800W
Size (cm):39.0L x 23.5W x 29.0H
Dishwasher safe parts:Yes
Spatula :Yes
Bowl size (total):4.6 litres
Capacity : Cake :2.7kg
Capacity : Dough :2.2kg
Capacity : Egg whites :12 Maximum
Capacity : Flour for pastry :680g
Attachments: K Beater, Dough Tool and Wire Whisk


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