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  • Braun Carestyle 5 Pro IS 5155 Steam Station


    The world’s first 3D BackGlide soleplate
    The patented upward curving soleplate guarantees carefree gliding over any fabric and any obstacle – even backwards. Never again will you get stuck on buttons and pockets.


    iCare mode Easy setting for all fabrics
    Smart iCare mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature. Faster, easier ironing.


    Ultimate FastClean system
    Developed to ensure faster and easier descaling procedure: 4x faster compared to Braun IS3022. It also ensures a long lifetime.


    Excellent steam rate
    Heavy steam output makes the steam generator iron a more powerful and easy way to keep all of your garments wrinkle-free.


    High steam pressure and extra steam shot for optimum performance
    Higher pressure helps the fine steam completely permeate the fabric, so that ironing is ultra-easy.


    Ergonomic design
    To ensure the most pleasant ironing experience, the iron handle has a soft touch and texture finishing and the water tank is equipped with a comfortable and textured handle for better ergonomics.


    Braun’s lightest iron
    Perfect lightweight for great ergonomics. Additionally, it features a premium rubber finishing on the handle for supreme comfort while ironing.


    Extra large removable tank
    Easy to refill, transport and store. Fewer interruptions for refilling, which makes ironing faster.


    50% less time consuming
    According to internal laboratory tests, compared to Braun TexStyle 5 steam iron.


    Boiler Sleep Mode
    After 10 minutes of non-use, the temperature of the boiler goes down which reduces the energy consumption.


    Body colour: White
    Tank colour: Milky White
    Accent colour: Royal Purple
    Programs available: iCare, Eco
    Soleplate: EloxalPlus
    Power: 2.400 W
    Constant steam: 125 g/min
    Pressure/Steam shot: 7.5 bar / 480g/min
    Water tank: 2 l (removable)
    Power cord length: 1,8 m
    Double cord length: 1,6 m
    Weight: 4.3 kg
    Size without iron (LxWxH): 41×22,5×23 cm
    Size with iron (LxWxH): 41x27x23 cm
    Unique Features: Silent Technology, Steam tip, Boiler sleep mode, Digital Anti Drip, Lock system, Continuous refill, Ultimate FastClean system, Cord storage, Suitable for tap water



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  • Braun Hand Blender MQ 3100WH Smoothie+ 750W


    Splash Control Technology
    Anti-splash design to ensure a spotless kitchen.


    New and improved connection to accessories.


    Power Bell Plus
    Extra milling blade. For less pre cutting. Blends whole foods in seconds.


    11 Speed Control
    Variable speed wheel for maximum precision.


    Grip surface
    Structured grip surface, secure comfortable and easier to wipe clean.


    Colour: White/ charcoal grey
    Power: 750 W
    Shaft material: Stainless steel
    Speeds: 11
    Product weight (motor + shaft): 0.78KG
    Product dimensions (motor + shaft): (H) 0.40 x 0.53 Ø cm
    Accessories included: Beaker 600 ml plastic, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements (EasyClick)
    Features: Turbo function, Dishwasher safe (excluding motor uniit), Variable speed wheel



  • Braun Hand Mixer HM3105WH 500W


    The MultiMix 3 mixer offers ergonomics and practicality to prepare food to be cooked in the oven quickly and easily. With SmartMix technology, the motor, and therefore the center of gravity, is placed perpendicularly directly above the accessories to direct the weight into the container rather than onto the hand.


    ComfortClick accessory system
    Thanks to the clever design, all the accessories of the mixer can be intuitively fixed to the front and this allows you to keep your hand in the most comfortable position for homogenizing, mixing or in moments of pause regardless of the accessory used. As vertical stability is ensured with any accessory, the work area remains clear, so you can quickly move on to the next step without interruption.


    Practical change of accessories by pressing the large button.


    Directional cable
    At rest or during use, the hand mixer cord leaves your hand free for maximum convenience.


    SmartMix technology
    By placing the motor directly on the accessories, the weight is directed on the container instead of on the hand, for use up to 40% less tiring.


    Adjustable speed
    Adjust the speed from moderate to turbo via the speed dial with a flick of the thumb for better control and efficiency when preparing food.


    Soft grip
    The non-slip handle ensures a safe and comfortable grip even at higher speeds.


    Color: White / gray
    Directional cable: Yes
    Power cable length: 1.25m
    Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
    Speed ​​adjustment: Speed ​​dial
    Handle: Ergonomic soft grip
    Shaft material: Plastic
    Speed ​​settings: 5 speed settings + Turbo mode
    EasyClick extraction button for accessories: Yes
    ComfortClick system to lock accessories on the front: Yes
    BPA Free (parts in contact with food): Yes
    SmartMix technology to reduce effort by 40% *: Yes
    Accessories: 600ml glass, 2 stainless steel whisks, 2 stainless steel dough hooks



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  • Braun TexStyle 3 SI 3055 Steam Iron 2400W


    The Braun TexStyle 3 has been updated with a new look, more power and better vapor performance. Now equipped with the world’s first FreeGlide 3D technology for 360 ° smoothness.


    Fast heating
    There is no need to wait long before starting to iron.


    Precision tip
    This powerful triangular jet of steam effortlessly removes even the most stubborn wrinkles.


    Easy to fill 270ml
    To iron with more autonomy.


    Power: 2400W
    Precision tip: Yes
    Vertical steam function:
    Active steam zones: 3
    Nebulizer: Yes
    Glass: No
    TextileProtector, Teflon coating: No
    Soft TextileProtector, made of soft velvet: No
    Fabric protection with iCare Technology: No
    Steam jet: 180 g / min
    Shot of steam: 45 g / min in Turbo mode
    Water tank capacity:
    Extra-large opening of the water tank: Yes
    Plate coating: SuperCeramic
    Works with tap water: Yes
    Power cable length: 2.0m
    Auto power off function: Yes
    Cable housing: Yes
    FreeGlide 3D technology for unhindered backward ironing: Yes



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  • Braun CareStyle 5 IS 5145 Steam Station


    World’s first 3D BackGlide plate
    Patented curved plate. For 360 ° smoothness on all fabrics and in all directions, even backwards. It doesn’t stop on obstacles like buttons and zippers.


    FastClean System
    Developed to ensure an easier and faster descaling process: 4 times faster than the Braun IS3022 model. It also ensures a long life of the iron.


    ECO mode
    For delicate fabrics and up to 35% energy savings.


    Smart iCare mode for all types of fabric
    Smart iCare mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature. Easier and faster ironing.


    Extremely light
    A light iron with great ergonomics. Experience a unique comfort while ironing thanks to the high quality finish in the handle.


    Safe on garments
    The iron can iron on fabrics or board smoothly for a long time, without burns.


    Powerful steam jet
    The powerful steam jet makes the ironing system an easier and more effective way to keep your garments wrinkle-free.


    Ergonomic design
    To ensure a pleasant ironing experience, the iron handle features a delicate touch and textured finish while the tank features a comfortable textured handle for improved ergonomics.


    High steam pressure and extra steam jet for optimum performance
    Higher pressure allows steam to penetrate the fabric, for extremely easy ironing.


    Removable 2 L tank
    Easy to refill, carry and store. Fewer interruptions to reload, which make ironing faster.


    50% less time
    According to internal laboratory testing, compared to Braun TexStyle 5 steam iron.


    Easy Lock System
    Easy Lock system to store the iron easily and safely.


    Colour: Black/metallic
    Lock system: Yes
    Steam shot: 400g/min
    Pressure: 6.8 bar
    Wattage: 2400W
    Double cord length: 1.73 m
    Ultimate FastClean system: Yes
    Cord storage: Yes



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  • Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender 2LT 800W JB 3100 WH


    The new PowerBlend 3 Jug blender makes preparing your favourite food and beverages fast and easy. The specially designed triangular-shaped jug features TriAction Technology for easy blending of all kinds of food. Its unique edges help avoid blind spots and redirect the ingredients to the blending area faster for great results for all your recipes.



    TriAction Technology
    Blend all kinds of food. Thanks to the specially designed triangular-shaped jug, blind spots are avoided and the ingredients are redirected faster to the blending area.


    Variable speeds with pulse function
    Choose your ideal speed for better texture control and more precise blending.


    SmoothCrush blade system
    The higher blade positioning enables efficient blending circulation, creating perfect flow for optimum blending results.


    Easy to clean
    All parts are easy to disassemble and can be placed directly into dishwasher, including goblet, lid and even blades.


    Silent blending
    Less noise, more power. Blend without interrupting life.


    BPA-free bowls and attachments
    Only the best for your convenience and health – all bowls and accessory materials with food contact are BPA-free. BPA-free for all parts intended to be in contact with food. Based on third-party testing.



    Colour: White
    Jug Material: Plastic (BPA-Free)
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 40 x 20 x 20
    Weight (kg): 2.30
    Capacity (L): 1.5
    Power (W): 800
    Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    Dishwasher Safe Parts: Yes
    Removable Blender Knife: Yes
    BPA Free: Yes
    Safety System: Yes
    Speeds: Variable
    Pulse Function: Yes
    Technology: TriAction Technology
    Silent Blend: Yes
    Measuring Cup: Yes



    21 speeds wheel
    Maximum precision for performance control with one hand




    Powerful 1000 W motor
    The powerful motor offers superior performance for quick, even and perfect blending results across all functions. The rugged design and added power mean that the motor can effortlessly handle any blending job, for improved durability.



    SplashControl technology
    Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen spotless.





    PowerBell Plus
    Extended cutting area. Blends whole foods in seconds.





    EasyClick system
    Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy changing of all the great EasyClick accessories.




    The 600 ml plastic beaker is BPA free and features ‘ml’ and ‘fl. oz’ measurement markings.




    Enjoy maximum precision and power in the palm of your hand – the new MultiQuick 5 Vario hand blender gives you 21 easily adjustable speeds for more precise blending results. The speeds are easily adjustable with your thumb and the highly efficient 1000-watt motor gives you the power you need to make quick work of a wide range of foods.


    Colour:  White / Grey
    Material:  Beater Arm – Stainless Steel,  Blade – Stainless Steel
    Power (W):  1000
    Power Cable Length (m):  1.2
    Beaker Capacity (L):  0.6
    Technology:  PowerBell Plus Technology,  SplashControl,  EasyClick System
    Speed:  21 Variable Speed Levels,  Turbo
    Dishwasher Safe Parts:  Yes (See Instructions)
    Safety Features:  BPA Features
    Unique Features:  Soft Grip
    Unique Accessories:  Extra Grinding Blade



    21 Speed Control
    Variable one-hand speed– without interruption simply adjust the speed with your thumb.


    PowerBell technology
    Patented hand blending technology, proven to produce finer more even results.Unique anti-splash design to ensure a spotless kitchen.



    Powerful performance. Engineered for easy use and effortless results.



    600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements.




    Easy Click
    Compatible with all EasyClick accessories.





    Whips, beats, and stirs easily eggs, cream, fluffy dessert from low to high speed.




    Puree accessory
    Mash and puree cooked vegetables.




    Food processor
    Chops, slices, shreds, and kneads.



    French fry
    Insert for food processor cuts vegetables into French fry shape.




    Colour:  Black
    Material:  Shaft – Metal,  Blades – Ultra Hard Stainless Steel,  Whisk – Stainless Steel
    Motor:  Silent DC,  135,00 RPM
    Speeds:  21,  Turbo
    Food Processor Attachment Capacity (L):  1.5
    Dishwasher Safe Parts:  Yes
    Safety Features:  Anti-Splash Shaft
    Unique Features:  Soft Grip,  1-Hand-Speed-Regulation Wheel
    Unique Accessories:  Beaker,  Blades,  Whisk,  Puree Tool,  Chopping Tool,  Kneading Hook,  Shredding Insert (Fine / Extra Coarse),  Slicing Insert


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  • Braun MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender 1000W Whisk & Chopper MQ 7035X


    The new Braun MultiQuick 7 hand blender is designed to help you make healthy meals for your family and friends – fast and easy. It now features the world’s first ACTIVEBlade technology. This innovative flexible shaft gives you 250 % more active cutting surface to work with – a clever kitchen helper so you can get the job done easily. It also features Braun’s new Easy SmartSpeed technology, which puts you in control with just one touch. Simply apply pressure on the control button to adjust the power intuitively and without interruption. Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ACTIVEBlade shaft.



    ActiveBlade Technology
    Unique ActiveBlades move up and down to easily blend the hardest foods with 40% less effort* due to a 250% more active cutting surface to work with. This also results in 2 times finer blending. *Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft.


    EasyClick system Plus
    Faster attaching of EasyClick Plus accessories thanks to bigger, easier to use buttons and the intuitive straight cut design.


    Up to 55% less
    Greatly reduced suction for effortless handling and perfect control.


    Chops meat, hard cheese, nuts, herbs, and carrots in seconds.


    SplashControl technology
    Anti-splash design to ensure a spotless kitchen.


    Easily whips, beats, and stirs eggs, cream, fluffy dessert from low to high speed.


    PowerBell Plus
    Extra milling blade. For less pre-cutting. Blends whole foods in seconds


    600 ml plastic beaker, BPA free, with ml and fl oz measurements


    World’s first Smart Speed
    No predefined speed settings, just follow your intuition: Depending on the results you want adjust the power intuitively with the simple squeeze of one button.


    Powerful 1000 W motor
    Powerful 1000W motor for fast and easy preparation.



    Colour: Premium Black/Brushed Stainless Steel
    Power (W): 850-1000
    BPA Free Parts: Yes
    Dishwasher Safe Parts: Yes
    Cord Length (m): 1.2
    Soft Grip Handle: Yes
    Knife Material: Ultra Hard Stainless Steel Blades
    Blending Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
    Beaker: Yes
    Beaker Capacity (L): 0.6
    Chopper: Yes
    Chopper Capacity (L): 0.5
    Stainless Steel Whisk: Yes
    Speeds: SmartSpeed
    EasyClick System: EasyClick System Plus
    Technology: ActiveBlade Technology
    PowerBell Plus Technology: SplashControl + Milling Blade


  • Braun Hand Mixer 350W HM1010WH


    400 W motor
    Enjoy fast and easy preparation with 400 watts of power at your command.


    Braun’s lightest hand mixer, making mixing easier.


    Fits all hands
    Designed to fit both big and small hands for more comfort and flexibility.


    4 speeds + turbo
    Choose from 4 speeds for precise mixing. Use the additional turbo mode for even faster results.


    4 speeds + turbo
    Choose from 4 speeds for precise mixing. Use the additional turbo mode for even faster results.


    Cord wrap
    The convenient cable wrap concept makes storage easier with an ingenious notch that stops the wrapped cord from slipping off.


    Colour: White
    Power: 400 W
    Number of speeds: 4
    Cord length: 140 cm
    Accessories: 2 Stainless Steel Whisks, 2 Stainless Steel Dough Hooks
    Features: Turbo speed, EasyClick, Flexi cord outlet, Dishwasher safe
    Product Weight: 0.79 KG
    Product Dimensions(L x W x H): 20.7×7.6×15.1 cm



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  • Braun WK5100WH Kettle ID Collection 1.7LT
    Kettle with 4-way safety system, quick cooking system, 1-cup display and lid opening at the touch of a button.Integrated cable storage, soft-touch handle and 360 ° swiveling heating base are some of the advantages of this kettle. All parts that come into contact with water have been tested by independent third parties and are BPA free.
    Capacity (liter): 1.7
    Wattage (W): 2200

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  • Braun Kettle ID Collection 1.7Liter
    The new ID Breakfast kettle lets you customize your favorite beverages to make the most of every morning! Its 5 temperature settings let you bring out the full flavor of your favorite teas. Enjoy convenient features like a keep warm function and descale warning as well as Braun’s rapid boil system.
    Double-sided rear water window
    Conveniently located close to the handle for easier filling from the tap.
    Rapid boil system
    Get your water boiled in only 35 seconds
    One-cup indicator
    To heat as little as one cup’s worth at a time, saving energy and water.
    BPA-free food contact parts
    Based on third-party testing.
    Soft-touch open handle
    For easy grip and comfortable handling even when the kettle is fully filled.
    360° base
    For right and left-handers
    Practical flip lid
    Can be easily opened with just one touch.
    Anti-scale filter
    Removable and washable, for a great cup of tea at all times.
    Capacity (liter): 1.7
    Color: Black
    Wattage (W): 3000

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