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  • kMix Standmixer Rose Gold


    The rose gold kMix stand mixer is an opulent and eye-catching addition to any kitchen, matching everyday practicality with luxurious style.


    Express Yourself

    This stand-out piece will help you dazzle loved ones and dinner guests alike with delicious dinners or show-stopping sweets. It’s the ultimate kitchen companion for those who enjoy expressing themselves through their cooking.


    Get Experimenting

    The accompanying bowl tools, K-Beater, whisk and dough hook, allow you to create flavoured breads, stylish cakes and enticing Pavlovas with ease. Furthermore, there’s a range of additional attachments available, so whether you want to make your own pasta or mince your own meat, you can be even more creative in the kitchen.


    Size (L x W x H) cm: 38.5 x 24 x 35.5
    Bowl Material: Polished Stainless Steel
    Bowl Tool and Body Material: Metal
    Motor Power (W): 1000
    Colour: Rose Gold
    Weight (kg): 9.1
    Speed: Variable
    Bowl size (L): 5
    Capacity – cake (kg): 2.72
    Capacity – dough (kg): 1.35
    Capacity – egg whites: 12 Maximum
    Capacity – flour for pastry (kg): 0.68
    Miscellaneous: Cold Storage, Splashguard
    Functions: Electronic Speed Control, Fold Function, Total Mixing Action
    Attachments: Bowl Attachment Outlet, Dough Hook, K-beater, Slow Speed, Whisk



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  • Kenwood True Collection Citrus Press


    For a fresh start to every day.


    About the Citrus Press JE280
    The elegantly designed, Citrus Press JE280 will look great in your kitchen and is excellent for juicing all types of citrus fruits.


    A 60W motor powers a two-way rotating cone to extract as much juice as possible from your fruit. The generous, 1 litre jug is transparent, so you can easily see how much juice you have made, and it has a spout for easy pouring. When you’re done, the cone, filter, dust cover and jug can all go straight into your dishwasher for cleaning.


    Detachable dishwasher safe parts
    The detachable and dishwasher safe parts allow for quick and easy comlete cleaning of the juicer.


    Transparent juice jug
    The generous 1 litre transparent juice jug lets you see how much juice you have and pours easily.


    Two way rotation
    The two way rotation system gives you the most juice possible from the fruit.


    Versatile reamer and filter
    The reamer and filter are versatile, accommodating citrus fruits of all sizes.



  • Kenwood Blend X Compact 1.6L Blender


    The ideal compact blender for healthy preparations every day!


    Compact blender with glossy white finish
    A compact blender, ideal for your healthy daily preparations!


    The Blender BLP31.A0WH offers you a 1.6 liter graduated bowl with spout and handle. For greater comfort of use, the bowl can be positioned for right-handed or left-handed people .
    2 speeds, a pulse button and stainless steel blades , allow you to quickly and easily prepare an infinite number of preparations.


    The base and the knives are removable for perfect cleaning. To save time, the bowl can be washed in the dishwasher.


    Jug Material: Plastic
    Color: White
    Weight: 1.49kg
    Power: 350W
    Stainless steel blades: Yes
    Dimensions: 34 x 19 x 16 cm
    Pulse button: Yes
    Dishwasher-safe parts: Yes
    Non-slip feet: Yes
    Safety stop: Yes
    Blender capacity: 1.6L
    Working Capacity: 1L



  • Kenwood Drink Stirrer / Frappe Maker


    Mix and prepare creamy frothed milk for your coffee or drinks such as milkshake with rich texture. This Frappe device is designed to make not only the perfect frappe but also excellent creamy frothed milk and drinks with rich texture such as milkshakes.


    Power 120W – Up to 21,000RPM
    2 speeds – For maximum accuracy
    Detachable stirrers – For complete control
    Stirrer for Frappe and Foam milk – For perfect creamy drinks with milk
    Stirrer for milkshakes, smoothies or even mixes for crepes or pancakes
    Large stainless steel cup with a capacity of 830ml – With a net capacity of 500ml


    Body material: Plastic
    Colour: Red
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 42 x 13.5 x 19 cm
    Power: 120W
    Weight: 1.45kg
    Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
    Adjustable tilt head: Yes



  • Kenwood Chef XL Kitchen Machine + Liquidiser


    Enjoy the process of cooking even more with the Kenwood Chef XL.


    The Chef XL

    Bring great tasting food to the table with this reliable kitchen machine. Designed to make light work of food preparation, this product will help you to create an array of dishes with ease.


    Dedicated Bowl Tools

    Whether you’re using the K-Beater to make tasty biscuits, whipping up the thickest cream with the whisk or using the dough hook to knead dough for homemade pizza, the accompanying bowl tools enable you to make delicious food with confidence.


    A World of Possibilities

    There are over 20 attachments available, so whether you want to create homemade salsa, blend healthy smoothies and soups, mince your own meat, or cut pasta shapes, the Kenwood Chef XL will assist you in producing a variety of culinary delights.


    Capacity: Bowl – 6.7L,  Cake – 4.55kg,  Dough – 2.56kg,  Egg Whites – 16,  Flour for Pastry – 910g
    Material:  Body – Die-Cast Metal,  Bowl – Stainless Steel,  Bowl Tool – Non-Stick Coated Aluminium
    Colour:  Silver
    Wattage (W):  1200
    Weight (kg):  7.658
    Speed:  Variable + Pulse
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 34.5 x 38.5 x 28
    Outlets:  Slow Speed,  High Speed,  Bowl Outlet
    Unique Attachments:  Spatula,  Bowl,  Whisk,  K-Beater,  Dough Hook, Liquidiser
    Unique Features:  Electronic Speed Control,  Total Mixing Action, Dishwasher Safe Parts, Splashguard



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  • Kenwood KM Prospero+


    The new Prospero + is a compact food processor that does not compromise on versatility and endless possibilities in the kitchen.


    Up to 1000W of Power in a Compact Form
    The Prospero planetary food processor is a simple and versatile device thanks to the powerful 1000-watt motor. A set of starters and practical functions, such as 6 speeds, pulse operation, and 3 rotation slots, will allow you to prepare a rich repertoire of dishes and desserts. It has a large bowl with a capacity of 4.3 liters, which may prepare up to 1.6 kg of dough or whip 8 eggs.


    3 Durable Mixers
    The K Stirrer – will allow you to prepare cakes, e.g. sponge cakes, sand dough, cookies, various fillings and stuffing, or purees.
    The whisk – unmatched in whipping cream and preparing without, soufflés, sauces or mayonnaise – aerates the mass, giving them a light and fluffy texture. The Dough hook – knead dough for pasta, pizza, dumplings, bread or donuts quickly and efficiently.


    Rich Equipment at a Reasonable Price
    In the set you will find starters that will help you in mixing, whipping, kneading, squeezing citrus, grinding, shredding, chopping, blending, mixing.


    1.2L Glass Blender
    Equipped with removable stainless steel blades, it will allow you to prepare a large portion of, among others a refreshing fruit cocktail or vegetable juice, smoothie, drinks, all sauces, creams, or children’s dishes. Great for crushing ice.


    Unlimited possibilities
    Equipped with steel blades for shredding and a set of 3 cutting and grinding discs (fine and coarse) and for friction, it is the perfect attachment for creating salads, sauces, dips, grating potatoes, and cheese or preparing vegetables for soups and stews.


    Citrus Juicer
    A practical appetizer that easily squeezes the juice of all citruses: oranges, grapefruits, mandarins, lemons, or limes, straight into the mixing bowl, leaving the pulp and seeds on the sieve.


    Splash Guard
    Made of durable plastic, it adheres perfectly to the food processor’s bowl, eliminating splashing. The built-in window allows you to conveniently add ingredients whilst mixing.

    Colour:  White
    Material:  Body – Plastic,  Bowl – Brushed Stainless steel,  Bowl Tool – Stainless Steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 33.5 x 46 x 39
    Weight (kg):  4.5
    Power (W):  1000W
    Speed:  Electronic Control – Variable
    Capacity (L):  Bowl – 4.3L,  Cake – 1.6kg,  Dough – 500g,  Egg Whites – 8 Max,  Flour for Pastry – 450g
    Dishwasher Safe Parts:  Yes
    Safety Features:  Safety Interlock
    Unique Functions:  Variable Electronic Speed Control,  Total Mixing Action
    Unique Features:  Cord Storage,  Recipe Suggestions,  Splashguard, 3 Fully Interlocked Outlets, Bowl, Compact Design, Secure Lid Closure
    Unique Attachments:  Spatula,  Glass Blender,  Citrus Press,  Dough Hook,  Food Processor,  K-Beater,  Whisk
    Outlets:  Bowl Attachment Outlet, High-Speed Outlet,  Medium Speed Outlet,  Slow Speed Outlet



  • Kenwood HandMix Lite Silver


    The new lightweight and ergonomic hand mixer that will power through recipes, giving you better results in less time.


    Increased Power

    Kenwood’s most powerful Hand Mixer to date, with 450 Watts of power to tackle any recipe, from whipping cream and egg whisking to cake batters and bread doughs.


    Comfortable to handle

    Compact, lightweight and capable, with textured grip, ensuring better control over your mixes.


    Ready When You Are

    Easy to store and quick to set up and minimal cleaning required, perfect for quick bakes.


    Wattage: 450
    Colour: Silver
    Body Material: Plastic
    Functions: Pulse Function
    Attachments: Twin Beaters, Twin Kneaders



  • Kenwood Can Opener White


    This 3-in-1 can opener is the ultimate kitchen multi-tool, offering a compact, fresh and modern design.


    This handy gadget is suitable for cans of all shapes and sizes. The handle and blade unit is removable so it’s easy to clean. It also includes an integrated knife sharpener and bottle opener so you’ll always be prepared in the kitchen and entertaining guests.


    Opens cans of all shapes and sizes – Giving the user more control
    Removable handle and blade unit – For easy washing
    Lid retaining magnet – For safe disposal of lids


    Colour: White
    Body material: Plastic
    Size (L x W x H) cm: H22.5 W 11.5 D 10
    Wattage: 70
    Weight: 1.1Kg
    Non Slip: Yes
    Easy Clean: Yes
    Cord Storage: Yes
    Bottle Opener: Yes
    Knife Sharpener: Yes


  • Kenwood kMix Standmixer Black Chrome


    Express yourself
    This stand-out piece will help you dazzle loved ones and dinner guests alike with delicious dinners or show-stopping sweets. It’s the ultimate kitchen companion for those who enjoy expressing themselves through their cooking.


    Get experimenting
    The accompanying bowl tools, K-Beater, whisk and dough hook, allow you to create flavoured breads, stylish cakes and enticing Pavlovas with ease.
    What’s more, there’s a range of additional attachments available, so whether you want to make your own pasta or mince your own meat, you can be even more creative in the kitchen.


    Smart Speed Control
    6 speeds and fold option. The stand mixer carefully and smoothly builds up speed without causing the spillage of ingredients.


    Baking Tools
    K-Beater, dough hook and whisk provide you with the versatility to create a range of dishes.


    1000W Motor
    Power to comfortably handle even the toughest of doughs.


    Stainless steel bowl
    5L capacity bowl which is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


    3 bowl tools: K Beater, Dough Hook, Whisk,
    Splashguard, Spatula
    Non-splash, Electronic Speed Control
    5L Stainless Steel Bowl
    Unique folding function
    Adaptable with attachments available to buy separately
    Dishwasher safe parts


    Body material: Metal
    Bowl material: Polished stainless steel
    Bowl tool material: Stainless steel
    Motor power (wattage): 1000W
    Size (cm): 38.5L x 24W x 35.5H
    Speed: Variable
    Weight: 9.1kg
    Bowl attachment outlet: Yes
    Dough hook: Yes
    K-beater: Yes
    Outlet – slow speed: Yes
    Whisk: Yes
    Electronic speed control: Yes
    Fold function: Yes
    Total mixing action: Yes
    Cord storage: Yes
    Splashguard: Yes
    Bowl size (total): 5 litres
    Capacity – cake : 2.72kg
    Capacity – dough : 1.35kg
    Capacity – egg whites : 12
    Capacity – flour for pastry : 680g


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  • Kenwood Blend-X Fresh White


    The updated Blend-X Fresh Blenders offer a large 2.0L bowl with a refreshing and elegant design that will sit well on the kitchen counter.


    With 3 speeds, pulsation, and ice crushing, you can simply make your favourite recipes for your family and friends.



    Large 2L
    chalice With 1.5L working capacity


    Family size
    Ideal for households larger and larger amounts


    650W motor power
    Easy mixing for smoothies, soups and sauces in seconds


    3 Speeds + Pulse
    Easy-to-use dial for controlled mixing


    Ice crushing function
    Add crushed ice to freshly made drinks


    Stainless steel blades
    For effortless and efficient mixing


    Detachable blade holder
    Allow quick and easy cleaning


    Lid with removable filling cap
    Conveniently add more ingredients while mixing


    Dishwasher safe parts
    For easy cleaning



    Colour:  White
    Material:  Housing – Plastic, Cup – Calibrated Plastic
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  42 x 19 x 17.5
    Weight (kg):  1.96
    Speed:  3 Speeds + Pulse
    Power (W):  650
    Blender Capacity (L):  1.6
    Working Bowl Liquid Capacity (L):  1.2
    Dishwasher Safe Parts:  Yes
    Unique Functions:  Ice-Crushing
    Safety Features:  Non-Slip Feet,  Safety Interlock
    Unique Features:  Cord Storage,  Easy Clean,  Dishwasher Safe,  Lid (With removable cap),  Blade Holder (Detachable)
    Unique Attachments:  Stainless Steel Blades



  • Kenwood Lasagna Roller

    Create authentic and fresh flat pasta dishes with ease.

    Enjoy making your own fresh pasta sheets with the Lasagne Roller kitchen machine attachment. The durable rollers can press fresh or chilled pasta dough for perfectly straight-edged pasta.

    Choose the pasta thickness of your choice with the 9 adjustable settings. Perfect to help you make a range of pasta dishes including ravioli, cannelloni, and lasagne.

    Material:  Stainless Steel
    Colour:  Stainless Steel
    Weight:  1.4Kg
    Outlet:  Slow Speed Outlet

  • Kenwood Food Processor 800W Metal Body


    Featuring a handy 2.1 litre processing bowl, 1.2 litre blender and high quality attachments, the Multipro Compact makes chopping, grating, kneading, whisking and grinding quick and simple. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller quantities.


    Multipro Compact is a great all-rounder that offers performance, versatility and style. The 800W motor and variable speed dial with pulse will give you total control, ensuring you achieve your desired results every time. To make things even easier for you, both the bowl and blender are run from the same base, saving space on the worktop.


    This food processor comes with a wide variety of attachments to help you create an array of dishes.You can use the dough tool for kneading bread and pastry mixes, the whisk tool for egg whites and light creams, and the knife blade for chopping and pureeing. The citrus press allows you to make fresh juice, while the discs are ideal for grating cheese and slicing potato.


    Body material: Metal
    Bowl material: Plastic
    Color: Stainless steel
    Size (H x W x D)cm: 36.5 x 20 x 23
    Speed: 2 speeds + Pulse
    Stainless steel knife blade: Yes
    Wattage (W): 800
    Weight (kg): 4.8
    Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
    Non slip feet: Yes
    Spatula: Yes
    Bowl size (Liter): 2.1
    Capacity – blender (Liter): 1.2
    Working bowl dry capacity (kg): 1.2
    Working bowl liquid capacity (Liter): 1.2
    Citrus press: Yes
    Dough tool: Yes
    Whisk twin geared: Yes
    Rasping disc: Yes
    Main knife blade: Yes
    Liquidiser material: Plastic
    Reversible thick slice / coarse grate (4mm) disc: Yes
    Reversible thin slice / fine grate (2mm) disc: Yes