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  • Professional design, plate stainless steel, self-cleaning system, slim tip to reach even the most difficult, comfortable non-slip handle.


    Power (W): 2200

    Colour: White-purple

    Water Capacity (ml): 280





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  • Professional design, plate stainless steel, self-cleaning system, slim tip to reach even the most difficult, comfortable non-slip handle.


    Power (W): 2000

    Colour: White-Blue

    Water Capacity (ml): 0.3



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  • Toast & Grill Compact, the new super compact sandwich maker with a simple and functional design, perfect to prepare within minutes sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, but also vegetables and grilled meats. Thanks all’avvolgicavo and vertical position, it is easy to store and is a good ally saves space in the kitchen. Sit down and taste your sandwich!


    Colour: Black

    Power (w): 750

    Grill Plates: 2




  • Light weight and reduced size, ergonomic handle and horizontal filling, dry and well-distributed steam: The 6234 iron distinguishes itself for extreme ease of use and efficient ironing, being ideal for everyday use. The non-stick plate, the auto-cleaning system, the intense blue color and the soft touch handle complete the product, making it simply brilliant.


    Power (W): 2000

    Colour: White and Blue

    Water Capacity (ml): 250



  • 1.7 litre capacity electric cordless boiler with visible water level. Easy to use and versatile.


    Body Material: Plastic

    Power (w): 2200

    Colour: White

    Water Capacity (L): 1.7

    Concealed Element: Yes



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  • Ariete Sandwich Maker With Griddle Plate


    New sandwich maker Ariete, with non-stick plates grooved, ideal for preparing in a few minutes excellent sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, but also vegetables and grilled meats. It equipped with power and ready temperature light. Thanks to all’avvolgicavo and vertical position, it is easy to store and is a good ally saves space in the kitchen.


    Power: 750W
    Grid plate size: 22×14 cm
    Temperature ready light: Yes
    Product dimensions (WxDxH): 230 x 225 x 95 mm




    With a compact design, the excellent tank capacity and 2000W power, the Iron 6235 by Ariete is in the segment of everyday-use iron, with the advantage of the ceramic plate, for a extremely fluid and effective ironing, anti-dripping and a powerful and well-distributed steam jet. Result: a powerful and effective ironing, at hand.


    Power (W): 2000

    Colour:White and Purple

    Water Capacity (ml): 300




  • Ariete Sani-Jet Clean Refill


    Use Sani-Jet Clean with Sani-Jet to clean and sanitize any environment or surface, both at home and in the workplace


    Sani-Jet Clean is the water-soluble powder sanitizer that you can spray with Sani-Jet directly on any surface or environment, both at home and at work to clean and remove dirt, germs and bacteria. Sani-Jet Clean in water generates 0.1% active chlorine, which can be used to sanitize environments and surfaces in accordance with the Report of the Italian Higher Institute of Health Covid-19 n.5 / 2020 Rev. 2 of 25-05- 2020.


    The effectiveness of the sanitizing solution was tested on surfaces in which Covid-19 was present, which were found to be perfectly sanitized*.

    * Tested to verify the removal activity in accordance with the UNI EN standards dedicated to hygiene and cleaning products


    With a single sachet of Sani-Jet Clean you can sanitize up to 200sqm of rooms and surfaces and you can keep the active solution directly in the tank for about 7 days, or in any case until it is pink.


    How is Sani-Jet Clean sanitizing powder used?

    Step 1: Fill the Sani-Jet tank with 700cc of tap water.
    Step 2: Pour the contents of 1 sachet of Sani-Jet Clean directly into the tank.
    Step 3: The water turns pink in minutes and the solution is ready to use!



  • Ariete Coffee Grinder


    Compact and eye-catching design is capable of grinding up to 35 g of spices and coffee in just 15 seconds. Thanks to robust steel blades, even lighter spices such as star anise and nutmeg can be easily grinded.


    Power: 150W
    Weight: 690g
    Blades: Stainless Steel
    Capacity: 35g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 10 x 10 x 20 cm



  • Top-level design, capacity and features distinguish the 6243 model that, thanks to the bi-directional ceramic plate and a 2200W power, is the ideal iron for a professional, effective and fast ironing. The equipment is completed by the 320ml tank, the ergonomic soft-touch handle, the autocleaning system, the anti-dripping system and the anti-limestone system. Essential and powerful, responds to the expectations of the most demanding users.


    Power (W): 2200

    Colour: White and Purple

    Water Capacity (ml): 320



  • Ariete Party Time Crepe Maker


    Get creative, free your imagination and test yourself with many delicious and fun recipes!


    Party Time is renewed and transforms your kitchen into a 1950s American Diner, with its unmistakable lines and many products designed to have fun with family and friends. Bring the joy of homemade crepes to the table, with the new Party Time Crepe Maker by Ariete!


    Very easy to use and which you will no longer be able to do without for delicious snacks and parties at home! The electric plate is made of non-stick material, ideal for rolling out and turning crepes easily, also thanks to the two wooden spatulas supplied and the dough rolling tool. With the electric crêpe griddle, bring to the table sweet and savory crepes, pancakes, and also pancakes and wraps to be filled.


    Get creative, free your imagination and test yourself with many delicious and fun recipes!


    Sweet and Savoury Crepes for a fun snack
    Snack, dessert or snack? At any time, crepes are a greedy and different option that conquers adults and children alike. Prepare the dough for the crepes with eggs, milk, butter and flour and choose the filling you prefer by combining fruit, ice cream, jam and spreads. For a lighter but tastier snack, you can prepare light crepes , making the basic dough without eggs or gluten. And for those who prefer salty to sweet? With the Party Time crepes plate every day you can prepare different savory crepes for aperitifs and appetizers: use salmon, sour cream and chives to prepare delicious rolls, or prepare many ricotta and spinach crepes in just a few steps to bake for dinner!


    A mountain of pancakes for an American style brunch
    Pancakes, maple syrup and fresh blueberries can not miss on the Sunday brunch table in perfect American breakfast style . With the Crepes Maker Party Time electric crepe maker , even pancakes become simple and quick to make to enjoy them hot, fluffy and freshly made. Just help yourself with a ladle and turn the pancake as soon as you see the bubbles appear on the surface. Once ready, make your own mountain of pancakes!


    Power: 1000 Watts
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 x 33 x 9.5cm
    Features: Power On and Ready Temperature Light, Non-stick plate, Cable reel
    Includes: 2 wooden spatulas



  • Ariete Portable Steamer


    The portable garment steamer is the vertical ironing machine designed to ensure easy vertical ironing of creased fabrics or to reinvigorate garments which have been stored for a long time in the wardrobe. Steam immediately ready, lightweight and easy to handle, the vertical ironing machine supplies a powerful and efficient steam, able to immediately give back radiance to shirts and sweaters.


    Power(w): 1200
    Tank Capacity(ml): 260
    Removable Tank: Yes
    On/Off Light: Yes



  • Ariete Single Quilted Electric Blanket


    Ghiro is the new range of electric underblankets from Ariete. Spread directly over a mattress and switched on for 40 minutes before going to bed, Ghiro diffuses heat evenly over the whole surface, eliminating moisture and leaving you feeling comfortable as soon as you go to bed.


    Dimensions: 150 x 80cm
    Weight: 0.9kg
    Material: Quilted Polyester
    Features: Detachable control unit, 3 temperature adjustment levels, washable by hand at 40°



  • Electric hot plate lined pan to prepare delicious sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers or kebabs due to its compact and stylish is a valuable help in the kitchen.


    Colour: Stainless steel

    Power (W): 1000

    Plate Size (W x D): 27 x 18cm



  • Ariete Moka Aroma


    Moka pad of 2 or 4 cups, and accurate to the original design and eye-catching.  Mocha Flavor Electric offers a coffee aroma and unique taste.And ‘the ideal ally for those who drink coffee at all hours.


    Colour: White
    Power(W): 400
    Capacity: 4/2 cups



  • The elegant and modern shapes, inspired by the timeless Vintage style, blend with the modernity of the technical solutions of Aries giving life to a complete range of small appliances. Initially dedicated to breakfast, the products of the Vintage line today embrace more areas in the preparation of food. The range is enriched from year to year to meet the growing needs of consumers.


    The new kettle with a capacity of one liter, the 2868 model confirms the winning features of the range: the markedly retro lines and the metal body. Thanks to the cold walls that allow you to comfortably carry it and place it on any surface outside the base, the ergonomic handle and the auto switch-off system.


    Body Material: Metal

    Power (w): 1630

    Colour: Light Blue

    Water Capacity (L): 1

    Concealed Element: Yes