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  • Philips Shaving Heads Cleaning Spray


    For maximum performance with Cool Breeze scent


    Keep a clean shave
    Use your Philips shaving heads cleaning spray HQ110 to clean and lubricate your shaving heads. A clean shaver ensures maximum shaving performance


    For a thorough clean
    After cleaning, the shaving heads of your Philips electric shaver smell, look and perform like new.


    Leaves a fresh scent on your shaving heads
    Fresh scent that will remain on your shaving head, so you can enjoy the perfect fresh and clean shave of your electric shaver.


    Ensures maximum shaving performance
    Alcohol based cleaning spray with lubricating components for a clean shave.


    Cleaning and Lubrification spray for all electric shavers.


    Use at least once a week for optimum shaving results


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  • Philips Coffee Oil Remover

    Brew better-tasting coffee
    Enjoy the fresh coffee’s taste and not the taste of residue’s ground! With the coffee oil remover tablets, you can remove coffee oil residues and grease from the brewing unit of your coffee machine and make sure you always have a fresh coffee.


    Keep brewing machine clean
    –  Same as CA6704/60
    –  For 6 uses – Use monthly
    –  Prolong machine lifetime
    –  Brew better-tasting coffee



    Maintains the coffee taste over time
    Regular maintenance ensures the best taste and aroma from your Philips and Saeco espresso machine.




    Protects espresso machines against residues clogging
    Our Coffee Oil Remover Tablets remove all coffee oil residues while keeping your espresso machine working efficiently for the best results. We recommend to carry out this cycle at least once per month.



    Regular cleaning prolongs the life of your Espresso Machine
    Extend the life of your Espresso Machine to enjoy the maximum potential of your appliance. To ensure perfect performance overtime, clean your appliance every month or after 500 cups of coffee


    Quantity:  6 tablets of 1.6 g
    Weight (kg):  0.1
    Includes:  6x coffee oil remover tablets


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  • Philips Lotion Nivea for Men

    Moisturising shaving conditioner
    Moisturising shaving conditioner for your Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shaver. The formula is enriched with Chamomile and Vitamins to condition your skin and support a healthy look.
    NIVEA FOR MEN conditioner dispensing system
    NIVEA FOR MEN moisturising shaving conditioner is dispensed directly onto your skin
    Integrated cartridge refill system
    Simply pump the NIVEA FOR MEN shaving conditioner from the refill can directly into the Philips NIVEA FOR MEN shaver.
    Only for Philips NIVEA FOR MEN HS8000 series
    –  With Natural MICRO tec

    Shaving Conditioner Refill:  For NIVEA FOR MEN Shaver 8000 series

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  • Philips Vacuum Cleaner Bags X 4
    x4 classic s-bags suitable for Philips bagged vacuum cleaners.
    Avoid a dust cloud when emptying contents, everything stays in the bag.
    50% more lifetime than traditional paper bags.
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  • Philips Fabric Shaver
    The Philips fabric shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric pills from all types of garments. All your garments, whether it is your sweater or your blanket, will look likenew again!
    Large blade surface
    Large blade surface ensures that larger area of the garment is covered at the same time, hence less strokes are needed to make your garment look new again
    Cleaning Brush 
    The cleaning brush helps to easily clean your appliance after use. Please follow the quick start guide included in the packaging to clean the appliance.
    Up to 8800 rounds/min
    Blades rotate up to 8800 rounds/min for effective and quick removal of the fabric pills from your garments
    2 Philips AA bateries are included in the package.
    Brush: Yes
    Delicate fabric protector: Yes
    Power type: 2 AA batteries
    Product dimensions (W x H x L) cm: 12.3 x 5.8 x 8
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  • Philips Limescale Descaler Multipack


    Remove limescale and extend the life of your coffee machine


    Your espresso machine should be descaled regularly to ensure optimum performance and the best possible coffee. This special descaler for espresso machines removes limescale residues from your machine.


    2 bottles of 250 ml for 2 descaling cycles
    Same as CA6701 / 00
    2 descaling cycles
    Extend the life of your machine
    Improves the taste of coffee


    Perfect descaling for a longer life of your machine
    The Philips descaler cleans all water pipe systems in your espresso machine.


    Protects your system against scale build-up
    This appliance uses water. Lime is a natural part of water. This special descaler protects your appliance against limescale build-up, which affects its performance and taste. The product is very effective, safe and easy to use.


    Descaling solution approved by Philips
    The exclusive formula of the Philips espresso machine descaler guarantees thorough descaling without damaging the delicate parts of your appliance.


    Dimensions of product (WxDxH): 66 x 80 x 169 mm
    Product weight: 0.5 kg


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  • Philips Vacuum Cleaner Bags X 3


    S-Bag is the universal dust bag for all Philips and Electrolux (Electrolux, Volta, Cyclone, AEG-Electrolux) vacuum cleaner with pouch. The 5-fold filter system of the Ultra Long Performance S-Bag allows a longer effective suction power.


    Philips’ S-Bag Ultra Long Performance has been tested by an independent institute. It has been shown to last 80% longer than plain paper dust bags. This longer lifespan is the result of efficient dust collection, which does not clog the pores of the bag, ensuring longer-lasting air circulation.


    The Philips S-Bag is suitable for all bag vacuum cleaners from Philips and the Electrolux Group (Electrolux, Volta, Tornado and AEG-Electrolux). Do not search for hours for the right dust bag, but simply opt for the s-bag.


    The patented locking system of the Philips S-Bag allows easy and clean disposal without spilling the captured dirt.


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  • Philips Hair Dryer 1200W
    Retractable handle. 
    So this small, compact hairdryer can be stowed even in a small space, and you can take it virtually anywhere.
    1200 W hairdryer
    This 1200 W hairdryer produces optimum airflow and optimum drying performance for beautiful results every day.
    Cool, Gentle or Quick Drying
    This compact hairdryer offers 3 preset heat and temperature settings for cool, gentle or quick drying. With the cold stage you can dry your hair at a relatively low temperature to avoid damage. It is best for fine, dry and damaged hair. And it’s the perfect setting for the hot summer months!
    Compact Design
    This compact and ergonomic hairdryer benefits from a thoughtful modern design that makes it lightweight and easy to use.
    High Temperature and Strong Airflow
    The fast air setting (II) provides a higher temperature and a stronger airflow. Despite the compact size, you can efficiently and gently dry your hair with the power of 1200 W.
    Thermo Protect
    The ThermoProtect setting ensures optimum drying temperature and provides additional protection. With the ThermoProtect combination of optimal airflow and optimum heat, you can quickly dry your hair without overheating, while maintaining the natural moisture content for shiny and healthy-looking hair. The styling nozzle bundles the airflow and makes your hair shine.
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  • Philips Trim & Shave Oil for Body Groom

    Replacement Trim & Shave Foil
    Replacement shaving foil head TT2000/51 for Philips BodyGroom shaver range 3000, 5000 and 7000
    100% waterproof for shower use and easy cleaning
    100% waterproof for easy use and cleaning.
    Safe and less irritation for most comfortable body grooming
    The shaver head features patented rounded tips and a hypo-allergenic foil to protect your skin while shaving. The bi-directional trimmers cut longer hairs, which are shaved by the foil for a closer result.
    Change foil every 12 months for best results
    –  Fits BodyGroom S3000 Series
    –  Fits BodyGroom S5000 Series
    –  Fits BodyGroom S7000 Series
    –  Fits Click&Style (S500/700)

    Usage:  Use cleaning spray HQ110
    Packaging:  1 shaving head foil
    Fits product type:  QG33XX,  TT20XX,  BG70XX,  BG30XX,  BG50XX,  SBG315,  BG20XX,  YS52X,  YS53X

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  • Philips OneBlade Refill

    Trim, edge and shave any length of hair
    The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim, shave, and create clean lines and edges, on any length of hair. Forget about using multiple steps and tools. OneBlade does it all.

    Unique OneBlade Technology
    The Philips OneBlade has a revolutionary new technology designed for facial styling and body grooming. It can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair. Its dual protection system – a glide coating combined with rounded tips – makes shaving easier and comfortable. Its shaving technology features a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) so it’s efficient – even on longer hairs.

    Durable OneBlade
    The blades are designed for lasting performance. For optimal performance, you will only need to replace each blade every 4 months*. Replacement is easy and hassle-free.

    Designed to cut hair, not skin
    – Style, Trim, and Shave
    – 1 replaceable blade
    – Fits on all OneBlade handles

    Shaving system: Contour-following technology, Dual protection system
    Trimming system: Contour-following technology
    Replacement head QP210, QP220: Replace every 4 months*
    Replacement blades per package: 1
    Fits product type: OneBlade (QP25xx), OneBlade (QP26xx), OneBlade Pro (QP65xx), OneBlade Pro (QP66xx)
    * Each blade lasts up to 4 months – For the best shaving experience. Based on 2 full shaves per week. Actual results may vary.

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  • Philips Nose Trimmer Series 3000
    The Philips nose trimmer series 3000 gentle removes unwanted nose,ear and eyebrow hair. The Protectube technology and the specially designed angle of the trimmer ensure a fast, easy and comfortable trim with no pulling guarantee.
    Advanced guard system prevents pulling, nicks & cuts
    With the revolutionary ProtecTube technology, the cutter is protected by an ultra-thin foil guard with rounded tips to prevent skin irritations. In addition, the cutter is designed to prevent hair from getting caught between two separately moving cutting blades, for guaranteed no pulling.
    Easily reach hair inside the ear or nose
    The Philips nose trimmer has been engineered so that it is perfectly angled to easily reach hair inside the ear, nose as well as for use on eyebrows. With the Philips nose trimmer, you can be sure that all unwanted hairs will be removed efficiently.
    Ultra precise & sharp cutting slots
    Both cutter and guard have ultra precise and sharp cutting slots to ensure all hairs are quickly and effectively cut.
    Fully washable
    The trimmer and the combs are easy to clean under the tap.
    Easy storage of all accessories
    Soft pouch includes AA battery and 2 eyebrow combs.
    Easy hold and control, even when wet
    The soft-touch rubber grip gives you the best hold, even when wet, for better control when operating your trimmer.
    2 combs to tidy up eyebrows
    Use the 3 or 5mm eyebrow combs to trim or tidy up hair to a uniform length.
    AA battery included
    AA battery operated, your trimmer is ready to use straight away.
    The blades never need to be oiled
    No need to oil ever, for easy maintenance.
    Cutter width nose trimmer (mm): 21
    Cutting element: Stainless steel blades
    Number of length settings: 3
    2 eyebrow combs (mm): 3 and 5
    Color: Black and grey
    Finishing: Silver lacquer and rubber
    Handle: Soft rubber grip
    Pouch: Yes
    Maintenance free: No oil needed
    Cleaning: Fully washable
    Power supply: AA battery
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  • Philips OneBlade Refill Kit

    Trim, edge and shave any length of hair
    Philips OneBlade Face and Body trims, edges, and shaves hair of any length. This replacement pack includes one blade for your body with a click-on skin guard and a body comb. Forget about using multiple tools. OneBlade does it all.
    Unique OneBlade Technology
    The Philips OneBlade has a revolutionary new technology designed for facial styling and body grooming. It can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair. Its dual protection system – a glide coating combined with rounded tips – makes shaving easier and more comfortable. Its shaving technology features a fast-moving cutter (200x per second) so it’s efficient – even on longer hairs.
    Durable OneBlade
    The blades are designed for lasting performance. For optimal performance, you will only need to replace each blade every 4 months*. Replacement is easy and hassle-free.
    Click-on skin guard for sensitive areas
    Attach the skin guard for an extra layer of protection on sensitive areas.
    Easily trim in any direction (3 mm)
    Attach the body comb (3 mm) for an easy trim in any direction.
    Designed to cut hair, not skin
    –  1 x blade for body
    –  Fits on all OneBlade handles
    –  Blade lasts up to 4 months*
    –  1 x body comb

    Shaving system:  Contour-following technology,  Dual protection system
    Trimming system:  Contour-following technology
    Comb:  Click-on skin guard,  Click-on body comb
    Replacement blades per package:  1
    Fits product type:  OneBlade (QP25xx),  OneBlade (QP26xx),  OneBlade Pro (QP65xx),  OneBlade Pro (QP66xx)
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  • Philips Hepa Filter for AC0819

    Captures 99.5% of particles
    Philips NanoProtect HEPA Series 3 filter is made from high-quality material. It can capture up to 99.5%* of particles even as small as 0.003 microns — the size of most common airborne allergens, harmful particles and bacteria*. The high-grade filter with firm and stable structure ensures all the air flows through the filter and delivers high filtration efficiency.

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  • Philips Nose Trimmer Series 3000


    Ultimate comfort, without pulling


    The Philips nose trimmer series 3000 comfortably trims nose, ear and eyebrow hair. The new PrecisionTrim technology and the Protective Guard system have been designed to provide an easy and efficient trim without all the pulling and tugging.


    Trim nose, ears and eyebrows with total comfort
    Easily reach and remove unwanted nose and ear hair efficiently. Ensure your nostrils are clean before use and carefully insert the trimmer inside your nose no more than 0.5 cm and slowly circulate it. When trimming ear hair, ensure ears are free of wax. For brow hair, slide one of the two combs (3 and 5 mm) into the grooves and trim with light pressure moving against the hair growth for an even eyebrow trim to the length you want.


    Our protective skin guard provides an easy and safe trim
    Our Protective Guard System provides a cover over the blades designed to ensure they will never be in contact with your skin while safely guiding your hair towards the cutting element. The Protective Guard has been engineered to make trimming comfortable and safe, minimising missed hair whilst protecting against hair pulling, tugging or nicks and cuts.


    Effortlessly trim hair with a fast-moving dual-sided cutter
    Our innovative cutter is dual-sided to ensure all hairs are cut quickly and effortlessly from any angle and in any direction. The blades are made of durable stainless steel and designed to last.


    Textured handle with on/off sliding switch
    Easily turn on/off your device with one hand. The textured handle gives you the best hold, even when wet, for better control when you operate your trimmer.


    Fully washable for easy cleaning
    This trimmer is water resistant, so it is easy to clean: just rinse it under the tap.


    AA battery included in the pack
    This trimmer runs on one AA battery that is included in the box, so your trimmer is ready to use right away. To change the battery, open the device by gently turning the bottom part to the left. Pull the bottom towards you to reach the battery compartment.


    Built to last
    All of our grooming products are built to last and engineered to give a reliable performance, time after time. This trimmer comes with a 2-year worldwide guarantee.


    Colour: Grey
    Handle: Ergonomic grip & handling
    High performance blades: For a gentle trim
    Cutting element: Stainless steel blades
    Cleaning: Fully washable
    Wet and Dry: Showerproof
    Battery type: AA
    Accessories: Eyebrow comb, 5 mm precision comb, Travel pouch


  • Philips Hair Dryer 1600W, 35% Quieter
    This Philips Essential Care dryer gives you the power and care you need and it is designed for quieter drying, with a 35% sound improvement. Now you can enjoy a powerful and comfortable experience.
    Designed for quieter drying
    The design of the air inlet grill allows for increased air flow while, the shape and size of the dryer improves flow of the air through the dryer. The result is faster, more effective drying power. The Philips Essential Care 1600W, has a 35% sound improvement versus HP4961/22. Now you can enjoy a powerful and comfortable experience.
    Compact design for easy handling
    Compact and ergonomic, this hairdryer benefits from a clever modern design. The result is a dryer that is light and easy to handle yet small enough to store virtually anywhere.
    Narrow concentrator for focused airflow
    The concentrator focuses the air flow of air for precision styling. Great for touch ups or to set your style.
    Easy storage hook for convenient storage
    A rubberized hook can be found on the base of the handle. Use to store easily at home or if staying at a hotel.
    1.8m cord for maximum flexibility
    1.8m cord.
    1600W for gentle drying
    This 1600W hairdryer creates the optimum level of airflow and gentle drying power, for beautiful results every day.
    ThermoProtect temperature setting
    The ThermoProtect temperature setting provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.
    3 flexible speed settings for gentle drying
    This hairdryer offers 3 pre-selected speed/heat combinations to make it quick and easy to achieve the perfect style.
    Cool Shot sets your style
    A must-have professional setting, the Cool Shot provides a burst of cold air. Use after styling to set and finish your style.
    Diffuser: No
    Dual voltage: No
    Foldable handle: No
    Hanging loop: Yes
    Ion conditioning: No
    Number of attachments: 1
    Travel pouch: No
    Ceramic: No
    Coolshot: Yes
    Nozzle / Concentrator: Yes
    Color/finishing: ABS high gloss and matt
    Frequency (Hz): 50-60
    Motor: DC Motor
    Voltage (V): 220-240
    Wattage (W): 1600
    Cord length (meter): 1.8
    Power (W): 1600
    A-Box Dimensions (cm): 59.4 x 34.3 x 20.6
    Product size (cm): 27.4 x 7.8 x 17.4
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  • Philips Hair Dryer 1600W Travel
    Two speed settings
    1600 watts power consumption, two speed settings to choose from and elegantly designed for smooth and silky hair also gives gentle airflow and is fully tested by PHILIPS healthy experts.
    Easy Storage
    Designed for quieter drying, Foldable handle for easy storage.
    Maximum Flexibility
    1.8m cord for maximum flexibility, 1600W for gentle drying.
    Thermo Protect
    ThermoProtect temperature setting, 3 flexible speed settings for gentle drying.
    Cool Shot
    Cool Shot sets your style, Quieter drying.
    Frequency (Hz): 50-60
    Wattage (W): 1600
    Power (W): 1600
    Cord length (meter): 1.8
    Color/finishing: ABS high gloss and matt
    Motor: DC Motor
    Voltage (V): 110-127 / 220-240
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