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  • Philips Shaving Heads Cleaning Spray


    For maximum performance with Cool Breeze scent


    Keep a clean shave
    Use your Philips shaving heads cleaning spray HQ110 to clean and lubricate your shaving heads. A clean shaver ensures maximum shaving performance


    For a thorough clean
    After cleaning, the shaving heads of your Philips electric shaver smell, look and perform like new.


    Leaves a fresh scent on your shaving heads
    Fresh scent that will remain on your shaving head, so you can enjoy the perfect fresh and clean shave of your electric shaver.


    Ensures maximum shaving performance
    Alcohol based cleaning spray with lubricating components for a clean shave.


    Cleaning and Lubrification spray for all electric shavers.


    Use at least once a week for optimum shaving results


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  • Campingaz Kit CG Regulator & Hose


    The Regulator Kit Pressure Cylinder in the Campingaz consists of 1 controller, 1 lpg tube (1.25m), and 2 hose clamps.


    The Campingaz Cylinder kit can only be used with equipment operating at low-pressure butane 29 bar-800g/h.


    It cannot be used with natural gas.


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  • Severin Steam Iron


    Full steam ahead against creased collars: an automatic steam iron ensures you are always perfectly turned out with crisp shirts, T-shirts without a crease and wrinkle-free trousers. The ironing settings provide extra flexibility: anything is possible, from dry to steam ironing for smooth, even results.


    – For steam and dry ironing
    – Variable thermostat
    – Reversible cord


    Colour: White / Blue
    Material: Soleplate – Stainless Steel
    Power (W): 1600
    Capacity (L):  .17
    Steam: Variable, Vertical
    Safety Features: Thermal Safety Cut-Out
    Unique Functions: Spray Function, Self-Cleaning System
    Unique Features: Transparent Water Tank, Pilot Light, Water-Level Indicator, Cable Storage
    Unique Accessories: Measuring Cup



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  • Light weight and reduced size, ergonomic handle and horizontal filling, dry and well-distributed steam: The 6234 iron distinguishes itself for extreme ease of use and efficient ironing, being ideal for everyday use. The non-stick plate, the auto-cleaning system, the intense blue color and the soft touch handle complete the product, making it simply brilliant.


    Power (W): 2000

    Colour: White and Blue

    Water Capacity (ml): 250



  • Severin Hairdryer Diffuser 2000W


    Style your hair to perfection: using a hairdryer to achieve your desired look in a matter of moments. The right power and temperature settings guarantee fast and gentle hair drying whether you’re sporting a fashionable short style or long locks.



    –  Detachable styling nozzle for focused air-stream
    –  Volume diffuser for gentle drying of curls and waves and longlasting volume
    –  Air-inlet grille detachable for easy cleaning
    –  Modern design



    Colour:  White / Purple
    Material:  Plastic
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  23.87 x 24.89 x 8.12
    Power (W):  2000
    Speed:  2 Settings
    Temperature:  2 Settings
    Unique Functions:  Cold Air Button
    Unique Attachments:  Hanging Loop
    Unique Features:  Volume Diffuser,  Detachable Styling Nozzle,  Detachable Air-Inlet Grille




  • Ariete Party Time Crepe Maker


    Get creative, free your imagination and test yourself with many delicious and fun recipes!


    Party Time is renewed and transforms your kitchen into a 1950s American Diner, with its unmistakable lines and many products designed to have fun with family and friends. Bring the joy of homemade crepes to the table, with the new Party Time Crepe Maker by Ariete!


    Very easy to use and which you will no longer be able to do without for delicious snacks and parties at home! The electric plate is made of non-stick material, ideal for rolling out and turning crepes easily, also thanks to the two wooden spatulas supplied and the dough rolling tool. With the electric crêpe griddle, bring to the table sweet and savory crepes, pancakes, and also pancakes and wraps to be filled.


    Get creative, free your imagination and test yourself with many delicious and fun recipes!


    Sweet and Savoury Crepes for a fun snack
    Snack, dessert or snack? At any time, crepes are a greedy and different option that conquers adults and children alike. Prepare the dough for the crepes with eggs, milk, butter and flour and choose the filling you prefer by combining fruit, ice cream, jam and spreads. For a lighter but tastier snack, you can prepare light crepes , making the basic dough without eggs or gluten. And for those who prefer salty to sweet? With the Party Time crepes plate every day you can prepare different savory crepes for aperitifs and appetizers: use salmon, sour cream and chives to prepare delicious rolls, or prepare many ricotta and spinach crepes in just a few steps to bake for dinner!


    A mountain of pancakes for an American style brunch
    Pancakes, maple syrup and fresh blueberries can not miss on the Sunday brunch table in perfect American breakfast style . With the Crepes Maker Party Time electric crepe maker , even pancakes become simple and quick to make to enjoy them hot, fluffy and freshly made. Just help yourself with a ladle and turn the pancake as soon as you see the bubbles appear on the surface. Once ready, make your own mountain of pancakes!


    Power: 1000 Watts
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 35 x 33 x 9.5cm
    Features: Power On and Ready Temperature Light, Non-stick plate, Cable reel
    Includes: 2 wooden spatulas



  • Braun TS355A Iron Texstyle 3 100G/Min
    If you want to get rid of creases quickly and get on with enjoying life, choose Braun TexStyle 3 – your ironing made easy.
    TexStyle 3 gives you everything you expect from an iron: great performance, an easy grip for comfortable, convenient handling, an attractive, affordable design and an exciting range of vibrant colours to match your mood and lifestyle.
    Ceramic soleplate: It ensures uniform heat distribution.Gentle to all fabrics.
    Auto shut-off: After 8 min in vertical position or 30 seconds in a horizontal position for max. safety and energy saving.
    Self Clean: Easy to use and convenient system to clean the soleplate from scale particles.
    Power (W): 2000
    Auto shut off: Yes
    Color: Blue
    Water Capacity (ml): 300

  • Philips 6000 Series Steam Iron 2400W Blue


    Ceramic plate for easy sliding on fabrics
    The ceramic plate is scratch-resistant and ultra-smooth.


    Continuous steam up to 40 g / min
    Philips steam iron with continuous steam regulated up to 40 g / min for effective removal of all creases.


    Large capacity 550 ml water tank with high autonomy
    Comfortable ironing with high autonomy. The 550ml XL water tank allows you to iron longer without continuous refills.


    Steam boost up to 200 g for the most stubborn creases
    The steam boost can be used for vertical steam ironing and stubborn creases.


    Calc Clean function against the formation of limestone
    The Calc Clean function prevents the formation of limestone particles on the Philips iron, prolonging its duration over time.




    Colour:  Purple
    Material:  Housing – Plastic
    Dimensions (W x H x L) cm:  12.7 x 14.7 x 31.2
    Iron Weight (kg):  1.3
    Power (W):  2400
    Voltage (V):  220-240
    Capacity (L):  0.55
    Continuous Steam:  40 g/min
    Steam Boost:  200 g
    Warm-Up (mins):  40
    Power Cord Length:  2 m
    Soleplate:  Ceramic
    Descaling and Cleaning:  Self-Cleaning System
    For all ironable fabrics:  Yes
    Unique Features:  Vertical Steam Ironing,  Variable Steam Settings,  Spray,  360° Cable Management


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  • Ariete Vintage Kettle 1.7L Light Blue


    Kettle with a vintage design that recalls old-fashioned shapes, essential to taste moments like breakfast or tea break at their best. Equipped with removable and washable scale filter, cold surfaces, an ergonomic handle with soft touch finishing and auto-off system, it’s an essential ally in every kitchen.


    Power: 2000W
    Capacity: 1.7L
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 22 x 22 x 30.5 cm
    Features: Seperate Base, Water level indicator, Visible Water level, Safety of cold walls and support base, Removable limescale filter, Automatic auto-shutdown



  • Elica has created Marie, the innovative and attractively designed fragrance diffuser that neutralises odours in the kitchen and naturally perfumes the air in your home.


    The fragrance diffuser Marie’s cold technology avoids overheating to ensure safe and practical use. To activate Marie, just insert the capsule and turn on the diffuser by touching the logo or by using the remote control. Air, conveyed through the capsule, will spread the fragrance throughout the environment. Elica’s fragrance diffuser Marie is easy to activate and recharge: equipped with a remote control, it can be easily used all over the home.


    Discover the fragrances that Elica has designed for your home and choose the Marie fragrance most suitable for your environment and taste: Chef Secrets, designed to neutralise odours in the kitchen, and Sense Emotion and Well-Being, suitable for all the rooms in your home.



    Two programs: 60 minutes continuous and 10 minutes alternating on / off

    Lithium battery: Yes (USB cable for charging included)

    Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 8 x 8 x 13cm

    Weight: 480gr


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  • Ariete Cordless Vacuum Electric Broom Blue


    Cordless electric broom with 2200 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery that becomes a portable handheld vacuum cleaner. 3 levels of Filtration. Motorized brush with LED lights and accessory kit supplied.


    The effectiveness of the 22V Digital Lithium electric broom on all surfaces is perfected by the 3-level filtration system , consisting of a metal filter, a fabric filter and a high efficiency Hepa filter, which allows you to vacuum dust and at the same time, releasing cleaner air into the house for the well-being of the whole family.


    The 2-in-1 technology allows you to transform, with a few simple steps, the electric broom into a practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner , to clean the whole house in a comfortable and fast way.


    Thanks to the 3 levels of filtering, the 22V Lithium cordless electric broom sucks dirt from all over the house, effectively retaining even the finest residues, and releasing filtered and cleaner air, also with a simple click, empty the tank directly into the trash avoiding to disperse dust and dirt in the air. 22V Lithium is completed with the set of accessories supplied including:


    Fabric accessory: Effective for reviving and vacuuming sofas and armchairs.


    Spout for crevices: Ideal to reach the most hidden corners.


    Support for hooking to the wall: Allows you to conveniently store the cordless electric broom and always have it at hand to use it when you need it most.


    Light, Easy to Handle, Silent
    22V Lithium is so quiet that you can vacuum without waking anyone! Ariete’s new cordless electric broom will become your greatest ally in cleaning the house. Use it at any time to vacuum all surfaces thanks to its long autonomy that reaches up to 45 minutes . The aluminum tube makes it light and practical and allows you to vacuum effectively , quickly and effortlessly.


    She aspires, you breathe!
    22V Lithium guarantees you clean air in the house, because, while it sucks, it releases filtered and purified air. A metal filter , a fabric filter and the Hepa filter : 3 filtration levels that allow you to retain even fine dust, releasing purer air . With 22V Lithium you will always have an impeccable home, without effort and you will have more time to relax in your fresh and clean home!


    Floors, rugs and carpets
    The motorized brush with LED lights is perfect for vacuuming floors, rugs and carpets, easily removing dust and residues from any surface.


    Practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner
    In a few steps, the electric broom becomes a powerful and practical handheld vacuum cleaner , to be used with accessories or directly with the motorized brush with LED lights.


    Vacuum sofas and fabrics
    Use 22V Lithium in handheld vacuum mode with the fabric accessory to brighten and vacuum sofas and armchairs effectively .


    Seats and car interiors
    The cordless electric broom becomes a practical handheld vacuum cleaner . Clean the interior and seats of your car using the supplied accessories.


    To the farthest corners
    The crevice nozzle is able to vacuum even the highest and unreachable points of your home, eliminating dust even from the most hidden corners.


    It empties directly into the trash
    With a simple click, you empty the tank directly into the bin, without releasing the dust and dirt you have just vacuumed into the air!


    Weight: 2.15 kg
    Voltage: 22.2 V
    Power: 120W
    Battery: Li-ion / Li-ion 2200 mAH
    Speeds: 2
    Cleaning cycle duration: 45 ‘(Min) -20’ (Max)
    Charging time: 4 h
    Tank capacity: 1L
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 18 x 105 cm
    Features: Battery level LED indicator, Motorized brush with LED lights, Accessory for fabrics, Spout slots, Aluminium tube, Wall support with integrated accessory holder



  • Severin 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


    The Severin 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for cleaning hard floors, carpets, upholstery, furniture and hard-to-reach places.


    Removable XL extension tube


    For easy cleaning anywhere


    ALU XL extension tube (approx. 70 cm)


    Light and moveable due to 180° swivel hinge


    LED illumination of dark areas


    High-speed electric brush removes hair, ingrained dirt, fine dust particles and allergens


    Three-part accessory-set: upholstery, furniture and crevice nozzle.


    Easy, fast and flexible to use
    Thanks to its powerful lithium-ion battery


    Weight: 1.58 Kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 x 33 x 23.5 cm
    Charging time: 3 h
    Runtime: up to 30 min
    Accessory-set: Upholstery, furniture and crevice nozzle
    Features: High-speed electric brush with LED illumination removes hair, ingrained dirt, fine dust particles and allergens, Shiftable 2 in 1 motor brush: Blue bristles for animal hairs and fibres, red for fine dust particles, 180° Swivel hinge for high flexibility, Easy bin emptying, Wall bracket



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    Extra-large water tank for continuous use
    The water tank has an extra-large 2-l capacity, so you get the convenience of up to 2 hours of continuous use with no need to top up the tank. It’s also transparent, so you can get a 360° view of the tank to easily see how much water you have left to continue creating steam efficiently. When you do need to refill, your steam generator iron has a large filling hole that allows you to easily fill the water tank under the tap, or alternatively with a jug or bottle at any time during ironing



    ECO mode
    ECO mode saves energy without compromising your ironing results. ECO mode uses a reduced but sufficient amount of steam to iron all your clothes.





    Iron all fabric – From Jeans to Silk
    With the OptimalTEMP technology, you will no longer have to waste time changing the temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust, or dividing your items before ironing. Iron any fabric, from jeans to silk, without worrying about burns thanks to a perfect combination of temperature and powerful continuous steam.




    Travel Lock – For added security
    The boiler iron includes a safety travel lock that locks it effectively to the base, without the risk of it slipping or someone touching the hot plate. To transport the iron safely and easily throughout the home and to store it safely.




    OptimalTEMP Technology – Peace of mind during ironing

    The innovative OptimalTEMP technology allows you to avoid burns on all your items. In addition to offering peace of mind during ironing, it allows you to leave the hot iron plate directly on the cotton ironing board without causing any damage. This helps to reduce wrist fatigue, as it is not necessary to often lift the iron from its base.




    Automatic shutdown – Safety and energy saving
    The automatic safety switch-off function automatically switches the iron off with the boiler after a few minutes of non-use. This saves energy and provides greater peace of mind.



    Powerful Steam – Maximum effectiveness in removing creases
    A revolutionary technology that offers ultra-fast ironing. Continuous and powerful steam tames even the most resistant creases and the heaviest fabrics stretch easily and quickly. Its steam boost is perfect for vertical ironing or for more stubborn creases.




    Light and comfortable handle
    The iron together with the boiler is extremely light and comfortable to use. It easily slides over the garments, removes even the most stubborn creases in no time, and reduces stress on the wrists. Furthermore, it makes vertical ironing very simple and effective, allowing you to quickly and easily eliminate creases on delicate garments, such as silk shirts, clothes, jackets and even clothes that are difficult to iron, such as those with sequins, decorations, buttons and so on.


    Colour:  White / Blue
    Dimensions (L x H x D) cm:  19.3 x 22.3 x 37.3
    Iron Weight (kg):  1.2
    Iron + Base Weight (kg):  3.85
    Power (W):  Max 2400
    Voltage:  220 – 240 V
    Power Cable length (m):  1.8
    Capacity (L):  1.5
    Pressure:  Max 6.5 Bar
    Warm-up time:  2 min
    Continuous Steam:  Up to 120 g / min
    Steam Boost:  Up to 400g
    Steam Level:  Variable
    Plate:  SteamGlide Plus
    Plate Gliding:  5 stars
    Scratch Resistant plate:  4 stars
    Descaling and Cleaning:  Smart Calc Clean,  Anti Limescale reminder (Light / Sound)
    Safety Features:  Auto Shutdown,  CarryLock
    Unique Functions:  Energy saving mode,  Steam on demand
    Unique Features:  OptimalTEMP technology,  ProVelocity steam engine,  Smart Control processor,  Precision steam tip,  Indicator Light,  Vertical steam


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  • Philips Perfect Care Aqua Pro 7 Bar Steam Station


    Very high power ironing


    PerfectCare Aqua Pro, equipped with an ultra-light iron and an extra-large 2.5-liter water tank, is ideal for long ironing sessions and perfect vertical steam ironing.


    Powerful steam for maximum effectiveness in removing creases
    A revolutionary technology that offers ultra-fast ironing. The continuous and powerful steam tames even the most resistant creases and the heaviest fabrics are ironed easily and quickly. If needed, an extra shot of steam is also available, perfect for vertical ironing or for stubborn creases.


    For ironing from jeans to silk without changing the temperature setting
    With OptimalTEMP technology, you no longer have to waste time changing temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust or sorting items before ironing. Iron any fabric, from jeans to silk, without worrying about burns thanks to a perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam.


    Safe to leave on the ironing board, even when the soleplate is hot
    The innovative OptimalTEMP technology allows you to avoid burns on all garments to be ironed. In addition to offering peace of mind while ironing, it allows you to leave the hot iron plate directly on the cotton ironing board without causing any damage. This helps reduce wrist fatigue, as you don’t need to lift the iron off its base often.


    Lightweight and with comfortable grip
    The steam generator iron is extremely light and comfortable to use. It glides easily over garments, removes even the most stubborn creases in no time and reduces stress on the wrists.


    In addition, it makes vertical ironing very simple and effective, allowing you to quickly and easily remove creases on delicate items, such as silk shirts, dresses, jackets and even difficult-to-iron clothes, such as those with sequins. decorations, buttons and so on


    Extra-large water tank for continuous use
    The extra-large 2.5L water tank gives you the convenience of continuous use for up to 3 hours, without the need to refill the tank. The transparent structure allows you to get a 360 ° view of the tank and to understand how much water is still available, to continue to supply steam effectively.


    To top up the water, the steam generator iron has a large filling hole that allows you to easily fill the tank under running water or, alternatively, to use a jug or bottle at any time during ironing.


    Simple and effective anti-limescale system
    Regular descaling protects your iron and ensures you always get the best possible steam output. The uniquely designed and ideally placed Easy De-Calc Plus function is the best way to eliminate limescale and extend the life of your steam generator iron.


    With an indicator light and an acoustic signal, the iron alerts you when it is necessary to proceed with cleaning and descaling. When the appliance is cold, open the Easy De-Calc knob and collect the dirty water and limescale in a cup.


    The best Philips soleplate for smoothness and scratch resistance
    T-Ionic Glide is the best Philips soleplate and offers superior smoothness for easier and faster ironing. It features a harder and stronger stainless steel base than aluminum, with an integrated titanium oxide layer for improved scratch resistance.


    In addition, the carefully designed shape and holes provide a more even distribution of steam to make it easier to remove creases.


    Automatic shutdown for safety and energy saving
    The automatic safety switch-off function automatically switches off the iron with the boiler after a few minutes of non-use. This saves energy and achieves greater peace of mind.


    Energy saving with ECO mode
    ECO mode saves energy without compromising your ironing results. The ECO mode uses a small amount of steam but sufficient to iron all your garments in the best possible way.


    Travel lock for added security
    The steam generator iron includes a safety travel lock that effectively locks it to the base, without the risk of it slipping or someone touching the hot plate. To transport the iron safely and easily around the house and to store it safely.


    Continuous steam: Up to 120 g / min
    Absorption: Max 2100 W
    Pressure: Maximum 7.0 bar
    Ready to use: 2 min
    Shot of steam: Up to 450 g
    Steam on demand: Yes
    Variable steam level: Yes
    Vertical steam: Yes
    Voltage: 220 – 240 V
    Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even on delicate silk garments
    Plate name: T-ionicGlide
    Removable water tank capacity: 2500 ml
    Freedom of movement of the cable (articulated): 360 ° cable management
    Tube length: 1.7 m
    Power cable length: 1.8 m
    Precision steam tip: Yes
    Ready to use: Indicator light
    Refill whenever you want during use: Yes
    Safety auto-shutdown: Yes
    Warm-up time: 2 min
    Extra large filling opening: Yes
    Limescale removal and cleaning: Easy De-Calc
    Descaling reminderL: Light & Yes
    CarryLock: For transportation and safety
    Iron weight: 0.8 Kg
    Weight iron + base: 4.2 Kg
    Technical specifications: Cyclonic steam chamber, For all types of ironable fabrics, No burns, No temperature setting required, OptimalTEMP technology, Smart Control Processor
    Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 36.2 x 27 x 26.3 cm


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  • Philips SpeedPro 21.6V

    Fast. Powerful reach, even in the toughest spots
    The new SpeedPro cordless vacuum cleaner provides a fast clean, with powerful reach. It is equipped with the 180° suction nozzle for precise dirt pick-up, even in the toughest spots – close to walls, furniture, and in the corners.

    – 180 ° suction nozzle
    – 21.6V, up to 40 min
    – 2-in-1: vacuum & handheld


    Up to 40 min of cleaning power, with 21.6V Li-Ion batteries
    High-performance 21.6V lithium-ion batteries provide up to 40 minutes in normal mode and 20 minutes in turbo mode, before charging.

    180 ° suction nozzle for powerful and precise dirt pick-up
    180 ° suction nozzle is designed for precise and powerful pick-up of dust and dirt on all floor types, even in those hard to reach spots.

    Integrated handheld unit, crevice tool, and brush
    Accessories are simple to use with one click. The detachable handheld unit makes SpeedPro two devices in one. The brush attachment is integrated into the tube so it’s always at hand to clean ceilings and shelves.

    Fast reach everywhere, even under low furniture
    SpeedPro is flexible and easy to maneuver. The dust bucket is on top, which allows for a lower angle and even goes fully flat on the floor to reach under low furniture.

    Unique dust bucket design empties without dust clouds
    The vacuum cleaner’s dust bucket is easily removed and emptied hygienically without causing any dust cloud.

    PowerCyclone 7 maintains strong performance for longer
    PowerCyclone 7 technology immediately separates dust from the air to maintain strong performance for longer.

    Washable filter ensures high airspeed for longer
    The filter system returns clean air back to the engine, ensuring high airspeed and longer-lasting performance.

    PowerBlade engine is engineered for high airspeed, to enable powerful, precise pick-up at nozzle level.

    Two speed settings to suit different floors and dirt types

    Colour:  Dark Royal Blue
    Weight (kg):  2.48
    Capacity (L):  0.4
    Design:  2-in-1
    Battery:  21.6 V  –  Li-Ion Battery
    Charging time:  5 Hrs
    Runtime:  Normal – 40 Mins,  Turbo – 20 Mins
    Airflow (max):  Up to 800 l / min
    Sound Power Level:  80 dB
    Filter:  Washable Filter
    Standard Nozzle:  180° suction nozzle
    Unique Features:  Rubber wheels,  Top Carrying Handle
    Unique Accessories:  AC power adapter,  Crevice tool,  Integrated brush,  Wall-mount docking


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  • Mac 5 Active IronBoard Auto-Refill



    – Plane made by reinforced and punched aluminum.
    – Foldable and conveyable thanks to the 2 wheels.
    – Double spring of compensation for an easy opening and closing. Security block against opening
    – Professional iron with continuous steam device
    – Legs with special painted finishing: non-scratches and shockproof
    – Industrial textile cover at high endurance with 400gr filling



    Colour:  Black / Blue
    Material:  Plane – Reinforced / Punched Aluminium,  Legs – Metal,  Boiler – Stainless Steel
    Dimensions Opened (L x W X H) cm:  132 x 43 x 95
    Dimensions Closed (L x W X H) cm:  132 x 50 x 23
    Plane Dimensions (D x W) cm:  110 x 43
    Power (W / V ~ hz):  2300 / 230 V ~ 50hz
    Boiler: 1.5cm Thick Stainless Steel,  External heating element
    Capacity (L):  1
    Steam Output:  Continuous
    Steam Power:  4 Bar
    Weight (kg):  22
    Adjustable Height cm:  75 – 95
    Adjustable Levels:  7
    Cable Length (m):  2.4
    Wheels:  2
    Unique Functions:  Steam Delivery Adjustment,  Continuous Steam,  Suction, Blowing
    Unique Features:  Steam Station Rest,  Cable Storage,  Pedal Storage,  On / Off Switch,  Warning Light,  Foldable




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