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  • Professional design, plate stainless steel, self-cleaning system, slim tip to reach even the most difficult, comfortable non-slip handle.


    Power (W): 2200

    Colour: White-purple

    Water Capacity (ml): 280





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  • Severin Straightener Ceramic


    Curls and waves don’t stand a chance: SEVERIN hair straighteners can tame even the frizziest of manes with their gentle heat. After only a brief warm-up time, the styling tool is ready to use, allowing you to achieve your desired style – for targeted styling or a sleek all-over sheen.


    Colour: Black / Purple
    Weight (kg): 0.5
    Temeprature: 10 ° C increments from 120 to 200 ° C




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  • Severin Hairdryer 1200W



    Style your hair to perfection: using a hairdryer to achieve your desired look in a matter of moments. The right power and temperature settings guarantee fast and gentle hair drying whether you’re sporting a fashionable short style or long locks.


    –  Perfect for traveling and sports.
    –  Foldable handle allows for small storage and storage in any bag.
    –  Detachable styling nozzle for focused styling and quick drying.
    –  Extremely light and compact.
    –  Usable in many countries thanks to dual voltage.



    Colour:  White / Purple
    Material:  Plastic
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  18.8 x 12.8 x 7.4
    Weight (kg):  0.3
    Power (W):  1200,  Dual Voltage – 115/230
    Speed / Temperature Settings:  2
    Unique Features:  Hanging Loop,  Storage Pouch,  Foldable Handle,  Detachable Nozzle


    With a compact design, the excellent tank capacity and 2000W power, the Iron 6235 by Ariete is in the segment of everyday-use iron, with the advantage of the ceramic plate, for a extremely fluid and effective ironing, anti-dripping and a powerful and well-distributed steam jet. Result: a powerful and effective ironing, at hand.


    Power (W): 2000

    Colour:White and Purple

    Water Capacity (ml): 300




  • Severin Hot Air Curler 6 IN 1



    Old-fashioned hair curlers have seen better days: but with curling tongs, you can rapidly gain spiraling success while highlighting your hair’s natural beauty. Varied waves and single, curled strands are easy to conjure up and as great as a full head of curls.


    –  IONIC function counteracts static hair, and delivers incredible shine and strengthens the effect of hair care products.
    –  Separate styling-nozzle attachment allows use as a hairdryer when traveling.
    –  Round-brush attachment (Ø 30 mm) with retractable bristles and ceramic coating.
    –  Cold air-stream setting to fix the hair.
    –  Power cord with a swivel joint to prevent damage to the cord.



    Colour:  Black / Purple
    Material:  Plastic
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  40.2 x 5.7 x 5.6
    Weight (kg):  0.8
    Power(W):  700
    Temperature Settings:  2
    Unique Functions:  IONIC Function,  Cold Air-Stream
    Unique Features:  Attachment Release,  Swivel Joint Power Cord,  Hanging Loop,  Indicator Light
    Unique Attachments:  Round-Brush (Ø 33 mm),  Round-Brush (Ø 30 mm),  Round Brush (Ø 20 mm),  Curling Attachment without bristles (Ø 20 mm),  Styling Nozzle,  Semi-Round Brush



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  • Severin Steam Iron 2400W Ceramic


    Full steam ahead against creased collars: an automatic steam iron ensures you are always perfectly turned out with crisp shirts, T-shirts without a crease and wrinkle-free trousers. The ironing settings provide extra flexibility: anything is possible, from dry to steam ironing for smooth, even results.


    –  Non-stick coated soleplate
    –  For steam and dry ironing
    –  Drip avoiding system
    –  Transparent water tank
    –  Water level indicator
    –  Variable Thermostat


    Colour:  White / Purple
    Power (W):  2400
    Tank Volume (ml):  200
    Variable Steam Output:  30 g/min
    Vertical Steam Output:  70 g/min
    Safety Features:  Thermal Safety cut-out,  Rubber Handle
    Unique Feature:  Measuring Cup,  Cable Storage,  Reversible Cord,  Pilot Light
    Unique Functions:  Spray Function,  Anti-Scale Function,  Self-Cleaning System



  • Braun TS320C Iron TexStyle 3 100G/Min
    Whether you are seeking supreme perfection or simply the fastest way to iron, Braun has the right product for you. The ultimate technology assures seamless results on all types of garments due to effective steam solutions and high-quality soleplates: intuitive design for high performance and flawless, premium results.
    Great ironing results with little effort: the quick and easy solution for everyday ironing needs.
    Ceramic soleplate It ensures uniform heat distribution.Gentle to all fabrics.
    Light weight and ergonomic open handle It ensures maximum comfort and greater ease of  use.
    Power (W): 1700
    Color: White and Purple
    Water Capacity (ml): 280

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  • Philips PowerLife Steam Iron 2400W Purple


    2400 W for fast heat-up
    It warms up fast and offers powerful performance.


    Up to 160 g steam boost removes stubborn creases
    Penetrates deeper into fabrics to easily remove stubborn creases.


    Steam output up to 45 g / min for powerful and consistent performance
    Powerful and continuous steam output to remove wrinkles faster


    Vertical steam injection for hanging fabrics
    The vertical steam boost function allows you to ventilate the garments while they are suspended and remove wrinkles on your hanging curtains. No ironing board required.


    Scratch-resistant SteamGlide sole glides easily
    Our exclusive SteamGlide sole glides smoothly over any fabric. It is also non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.


    Built-in descaling slider, long-term steam performance
    Normal iron tap water can be used with this iron. Lime cleaning, which has an internal cleaning function, eliminates calcium build-up of limescale for superior performance.


    Cable tested for maximum durability and safety
    The cables of all our steam irons have been rigorously tested for maximum safety and durability.


    Anti-drip prevents stains on your clothes during ironing
    You can safely iron your sensitive fabrics at low temperatures with our Drip Prevention system. You don’t have to worry about water droplets causing stains.


    Comfortable and textured handle for easy grip
    The textured handle provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip, so you can hold your iron comfortably, eliminating the risk of slipping.




    Colour:  Purple
    Material:  Housing – Plastic
    Dimensions (W x H x L) cm:  12.7 x 14.7 x 31.2
    Iron Weight (kg):  1.255
    Iron + Base Weight (kg):  1.569
    Power (W):  2400
    Capacity (L):  0.32
    Continuous Steam:  45 g/min
    Steam Boost:  160 g
    Power Cord Length:  2 m
    Soleplate:  SteamGlide
    Descaling and Cleaning:  Built-in Calc Clean Slider
    For all ironable fabrics:  Yes
    Unique Features:
      Extra Large Filling Hole,  Anti-Drip


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  • Braun SI7066VI Iron Textyle 7


    he TexStyle 7 iron boosts 60% more steam and intense power into tough ironing jobs to perform better and effectively remove stubborn wrinkles quickly and easily.


    Braun‘s best gliding soleplate. Even backward
    Braun‘s best gliding soleplate. The unique coating EloxalPlus provides extraordinary glideability to accelerate the ironing process. By effectively smoothing your garments, you finish ironing quicker than ever before. 2x harder than stainless steel.


    The world’s first 3D BackGlide soleplate
    Inspired by snowboard design, our patented upward curving FreeGlide 3D technology guarantees 360° glideability. Glide backwards over any obstacles, such as buttons, pockets, and zippers. Since there is no need to constantly adjust the fabric to avoid new wrinkles, time, and effort are saved. Ironing has never been easier, faster, or more efficient.


    The auto-off function automatically turns off the steam iron after 8 minutes in the vertical position or after 30 seconds in the horizontal position. This feature not only ensures safety but also saves energy for you. Whether you are just taking a break or rushing out the door, you never have to worry again about hot irons home alone – trust in the Braun auto-off function to take care of everything for you.


    Precision tip
    Ironing around buttons, collars, pockets and other challenging areas becomes a breeze when using the steam shot button. The triangularly shaped steam zone of the precision tip easily removes small wrinkles in hard to reach areas – for excellent results. The steam emission can be increased to a maximum of 225 g/min, which is also ideal for removing creases in curtains and hanging garments when used in the vertical position.


    Colour: Purple / White
    Power (W): 2600
    Capacity (L): 0.3




    MyEssence to refresh clothes with your favourite scents
    Philip’s innovative MyEssence fragrance infuser lets you refresh clothing with your favourite scents anytime you choose.



    Continuous steam removes odours and kills 99.9%* of bacteria
    Hot steam refreshes your clothes and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria*. Less-frequent washing and dry cleaning saves time and money and helps clothes last longer.



    5 steam settings for different kinds of fabric
    Set your preferred steam setting for optimal results on different fabrics. Use low steam for thinner fabrics and a more powerful setting for thicker fabrics and coats.



    Hang&Lock keeps your hanger securely in place
    The Hang&Lock feature holds your clothes hanger in place for convenient steaming. It prevents the hanger from swinging or falling off.



    Easy Rinse descaling for years of effective use
    Prolong the lifetime of your appliance by using the Easy Rinse descaling function regularly.




    Safe on all ironable fabrics, no burns guaranteed
    The steamer is safe to use on all ironable fabrics and garments. The steam plate can be safely pressed against any clothing with no risk of burning – a great solution for delicate fabrics, like silk.



    Automatically switches to standby mode for peace of mind
    The steamer automatically switches to standby mode when the water tank is empty, so you have peace of mind even if you forget to switch it off.



    Powerful continuous steam for fast crease removal






    Easily de-wrinkle and refresh from top to bottom*
    Our new ComfortTouch Plus garment steamer effortlessly removes wrinkles from top to bottom thanks to an innovative FlexHead and an extra-long StyleBoard. Refresh clothing with your favourite scents any time you choose with MyEssence fragrance infuser.


    Extra-long StyleBoard for better results from top to bottom
    An extra-long StyleBoard provides reliable support during steaming. Simply press the fabric between the steam plate and board for easier steaming with crisp results from top to bottom.


    With FlexHead to easily reach the bottom of garments
    Innovative FlexHead lets you steam the bottom of garments easily, with less bending and kneeling. The flexible steam plate ensures maximum contact with the fabric so less steam escapes for efficient results.



    Colour:  Purple Magic
    Material:  Board Cover – 100% Cotton (Top layer)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  37 x 33 x 173
    Power (W):  2000
    Voltage:  220 – 240 V
    Power Cord Length (m):  1.6
    Hose Length (m):  1.3
    Tank Capacity (L):  1.8
    Ready to use:  < 1 min
    Variable steam:  5 levels
    Continuous steam:  40g/min
    Unique Features:  Easy Rinse,  Auto shut-off,  Detachable Water Tank,  Silicone steam hose
    Unique Functions:  FlexHead,  Safe on all ironable fabrics (Even Silk),  Hang and Lock
    Unique Accessories:  Brush,  Garment hanger,  MyEssence Fragrance caps,  Glove for extra protection,  Adjustable double pole


    * Tested by the external body for bacteria types Escherichia coli 8099, Staphylicoccus aureus ATCC 6538, Canidia albicans ATCC 10231 with 1 minute steaming time.


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