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  • Severin Jug Kettle 1L Red

    The Severin WK 3417 is a light, compact kettle that doesn’t compromise in terms of style and power. It sports 2200W of power in a striking metallic red stainless steel finish. Discover comfort with convenient features such as; the water level indicator, the lid opening at the push of a button, and removable scale filter.
    –  Compact, powerful electric kettle, high-quality metallic-design.
    –  Hinged lid with an extra-large opening for easy cleaning.
    –  Removable and washable scale filter.
    –  Practical and convenient 1-hand-operation.
    –  360° central cordless system, accessible from any angle.
    –  Water level indicator for convenient reading of the filling level.

    Colour:  Metallic Red
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  20 x 14 x 22
    Weight (kg):  0.8
    Material:  Stainless steel,  Plastic
    Power (W):  2200
    Capacity (L):  1
    Concealed Element:  Yes
    Safety Features:  Steam Cut-Off,  Overheating Protection,  Heat Resistant handle
    Unique Features:  Cable Storage,  Non-Slip Feet,  On/Off Pilot light switch



    Easily visible water level indicator on both sides.





    Integrated cable compartment.





    Removable swivel filter 1 x 4 with non-drip valve.





    Drip stop valve for safe jug extraction even during the brewing process.




    Experience traditionally prepared filtered coffee.



    Colour:  Black / Metallic Fire Red
    Material:  High-Quality Lacquered Stainless-Steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  23 x 28.2 x 34
    Weight (kg):  2.07
    Power (W):  1000
    Capacity (L):  10 Cups / 1.25
    Filter Inlet:  1 x 4
    Safety Features:  Automatic Switch-Off,  Drip-Stop Valve
    Unique Functions:  Keep Warm
    Unique Features:  Cable Storage,  On/Off Switch (With control light),  Water Level indicator,  Heating Plate



  • Ariete Popcorn Maker XL Party Time


    With Popcorn XL Party Time every day is “Happy Days”


    The new Ariete Popcorn Maker XL Party Time will accompany your evenings with family or friends, with lots of crispy and tasty popcorn ready to be crunched one after another. Thanks to the special hot air cooking method, Pop Corn XL Party Time transforms, in less than 2 minutes, 60 grams of corn , into fragrant and light popcorn.


    You won’t need to add anything else, neither oil nor fat, to obtain a light but tasty snack, all natural and fat free. Thanks to the removable bowl you can bring your hot, crunchy and freshly made popcorn directly to the table or on the sofa!


    Popcorn is always a good idea
    With the Ariete Pop Corn XL Party Time you prepare popcorn for the whole family in a few moments and make children and adults happy. Thanks to hot air cooking, you don’t need to add anything else: just operate the machine and wait a few minutes to enjoy hot and crunchy popcorn.


    Munch on popcorn straight from the bowl
    Insert corn in Pop Corn XL Party Time and hear the unmistakable popcorn crackle! Once ready, the popcorn will fall into the glass and you can remove the lid and munch them in front of the TV directly from the bowl. Sofa, film and popcorn, what better end to the day?


    Power: 1100W
    Capacity: 60g of corn in 2 minutes
    Weight: 1.22 Kg
    Features: Fat-free hot air cooking, Doser
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 21 x 21 32 cm



  • Electrolux Kettle Red


    This Electrolux kettle is a smart and practical kitchen assistant. The elegant, vibrant red kettle is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel. It combines style with high-performance, and its additional features keep on surprising. The rate at which the water boils is impressive, but if it is not quick enough to meet your needs, you can press the turbo button for express boiling! The rise in water temperature is displayed on the base of the kettle. You can customize the temperature setting to cater to your own taste, and this intelligent kettle is able to maintain that specific temperature for up to 30 minutes. Once you’ve used it, you will begin to wonder how you ever lived without it.


    Handling the kettle is very easy and convenient. The power cord is built into a stable base and with its 360° rotation capability, you can transport and set down the Electrolux kettle easily. It does not matter whether you are using your right or left hand, the kettle can be brought back to its base from any angle.


    Material: Stainless steel
    Volume: 1.7 l
    Features: Temperature control, Water level indicator, Hidden spiral, Filter, Swivel base, Overheat protection, LCD display
    Temperature control, Water level indicator, Hidden spiral, Filter, Swivel base, Overheat protection, LCD display
    Power consumption: 2,400 W
    Filter type: Removable

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  • Electrolux Toaster Red


    The Electrolux toaster offers seven precise settings to prepare toasted slices or toast as you like. The special button defrosts the bread perfectly. Extend the toasting cycle so that the frozen bread is cooked to perfection.


    Heating function: To heat the toast if it has cooled.
    Removable crumb tray: For maximum comfort this toaster has a tray that collects crumbs. It can be removed and cleaned so the kitchen remains clean and tidy.
    Automatic slice centering function: This function replaces the traditional grippers. The grids adapt to the thickness of the toast to guarantee the best result.
    Stop button: To stop the roasting cycle at any time you wish.
    Defrost function: To toast frozen bread perfectly.
    Removable crumb tray: The crumb tray can be easily removed for quick and easy cleaning.


    Colour: Red
    Material: Plastic and steel
    Product dimensions (mm): 219 x 181 x 262
    Power (W): 850
    Slots: 2 slot


  • Elica has created Marie, the innovative and attractively designed fragrance diffuser that neutralises odours in the kitchen and naturally perfumes the air in your home.


    The fragrance diffuser Marie’s cold technology avoids overheating to ensure safe and practical use. To activate Marie, just insert the capsule and turn on the diffuser by touching the logo or by using the remote control. Air, conveyed through the capsule, will spread the fragrance throughout the environment. Elica’s fragrance diffuser Marie is easy to activate and recharge: equipped with a remote control, it can be easily used all over the home.


    Discover the fragrances that Elica has designed for your home and choose the Marie fragrance most suitable for your environment and taste: Chef Secrets, designed to neutralise odours in the kitchen, and Sense Emotion and Well-Being, suitable for all the rooms in your home.



    Two programs: 60 minutes continuous and 10 minutes alternating on / off

    Lithium battery: Yes (USB cable for charging included)

    Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 8 x 8 x 13cm

    Weight: 480gr


    Elica logo

  • Ariete Airyfryer Max 5.5LTR Red


    5.5 liter air fryer. It cooks with hot air, it fries without smells, with a single tablespoon of oil up to 2.5 kg of French fries at one time. Adjustable temperature max 200°.


    With Ariete’s Airy Fryer XXL air fryer you can fry any dish, even in large quantities, using just one tablespoon of oil to obtain healthy and tasty frying at the same time. Thanks to the 5.5-liter XXL basket with Ariete’s Airy Fryer XXL you can cook up to 2.5 kg of French fries in one go ! French fries, but not only, also croquettes, fish, meat and many other breaded foods, both frozen and ready to fry, and fresh and just breaded, thanks to the 7 preset cooking modes .


    How does the air fryer work?
    The air fryer cooks thanks to the high temperature air , up to 200 ° , which circulates at maximum speed and 360 ° inside the cooking chamber and guarantees a uniform distribution of heat inside. It is precisely the hot air that allows the dishes to cook evenly and the formation of a crispy crust on the outside, which has nothing to envy to traditional frying. Thanks to the hot air, there will be no need to add a lot of oil to get a tasty fried, because a simple spoon will be enough, in this way you will bring to the table lighter but tasty foods for the whole family.


    Airy Fryer XXL cooks quickly, healthily and in large quantities, but its benefits don’t stop there! The air fryer avoids smoke and bad smells in the house: when you prepare fried fish or meat, you will not have to worry about the smell of fried, because the air cooking of Airy Fryer XXL does not release the smell of smoke typical of oil fryers.


    Finally, the air fryer is easy to clean thanks to the removable non-stick basket and has a low environmental impact, because it does not produce waste oil , which is one of the most difficult to dispose of waste in circulation.


    Fried with a single tablespoon of oil
    The frying really everybody likes, adults and children, but not always a healthy option for the whole family. In fact, frying with oil increases the amount of saturated fats present in foods, making them very caloric and difficult to digest. The air frying avoids the use of oil (you’ll need only a spoon!) But without sacrificing crispness typical of frying.


    Fry without odors in the house
    Frying yes, bad smells no! With the air fryer you can fry any food, without smoke and without leaving an annoying smell of fried in the house typical of oil fryers. Air at high temperature it circulates within the air fryer, cooking quickly and without fat , without going outside smoke and odors.


    Air frying is good for your health and the environment
    To fry with the air fryer you do not need oil and therefore you do not produce waste oil, a highly polluting and difficult to dispose of waste. Moreover, thanks to the removable non-stick basket , it is easy to clean after each use.


    Frying fish with an air fryer
    For fish frying as good as in a restaurant, the air fryer is the solution. You can fry frozen fish ready for cooking, but also bread fresh fish and cook it directly in the Airy Fryer XXL , obtaining a light , healthy and genuine fried food .


    2.5 kg of French fries with Airy Fryer XXL
    If you are craving for fries but light, the air fryer is indispensable. You will get all the crunchiness of French fries in oil, both in the chips version by cutting thin slices of fresh potatoes, and in the stick version , by air frying the frozen chips .


    Extra large frying for the whole family
    The extra large size of the Airy Fryer XXL basket is designed to cook a large amount of dishes at once, to satisfy even the largest families . With this air fryer you can cook up to 2.5 kg of French fries together .


    Power: 1800W
    Adjustable temperature: Yes
    Temperature: Max 200 °
    Capacity: 5.5 Liters
    Timer: 60 minutes
    It cooks up to 2.5 kg of French fries: Yes
    Product Features: Removable non-stick basket, External container with anti-scald handle, LCD display, Touch screen, Non-slip feet, Cookbook included
    Product weight: 5.28 Kg
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 39×22.50×37.50cm
    Inner basket dimensions: 23x25x11.50cm



  • Ariete Cordless Vacuum Electric Broom Red


    Cordless electric broom with 2200 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery that becomes a portable handheld vacuum cleaner. 3 levels of Filtration. Motorized brush with LED lights and accessory kit supplied.


    The effectiveness of the 22V Digital Lithium electric broom on all surfaces is perfected by the 3-level filtration system , consisting of a metal filter, a fabric filter and a high efficiency Hepa filter, which allows you to vacuum dust and at the same time, releasing cleaner air into the house for the well-being of the whole family.


    The 2-in-1 technology allows you to transform, with a few simple steps, the electric broom into a practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner , to clean the whole house in a comfortable and fast way.


    Thanks to the 3 levels of filtering, the 22V Lithium cordless electric broom sucks dirt from all over the house, effectively retaining even the finest residues, and releasing filtered and cleaner air, also with a simple click, empty the tank directly into the trash avoiding to disperse dust and dirt in the air. 22V Lithium is completed with the set of accessories supplied including:


    Fabric accessory: Effective for reviving and vacuuming sofas and armchairs.


    Spout for crevices: Ideal to reach the most hidden corners.


    Support for hooking to the wall: Allows you to conveniently store the cordless electric broom and always have it at hand to use it when you need it most.


    Light, Easy to Handle, Silent
    22V Lithium is so quiet that you can vacuum without waking anyone! Ariete’s new cordless electric broom will become your greatest ally in cleaning the house. Use it at any time to vacuum all surfaces thanks to its long autonomy that reaches up to 45 minutes . The aluminum tube makes it light and practical and allows you to vacuum effectively , quickly and effortlessly.


    She aspires, you breathe!
    22V Lithium guarantees you clean air in the house, because, while it sucks, it releases filtered and purified air. A metal filter , a fabric filter and the Hepa filter : 3 filtration levels that allow you to retain even fine dust, releasing purer air . With 22V Lithium you will always have an impeccable home, without effort and you will have more time to relax in your fresh and clean home!


    Floors, rugs and carpets
    The motorized brush with LED lights is perfect for vacuuming floors, rugs and carpets, easily removing dust and residues from any surface.


    Practical and handy handheld vacuum cleaner
    In a few steps, the electric broom becomes a powerful and practical handheld vacuum cleaner , to be used with accessories or directly with the motorized brush with LED lights.


    Vacuum sofas and fabrics
    Use 22V Lithium in handheld vacuum mode with the fabric accessory to brighten and vacuum sofas and armchairs effectively .


    Seats and car interiors
    The cordless electric broom becomes a practical handheld vacuum cleaner . Clean the interior and seats of your car using the supplied accessories.


    To the farthest corners
    The crevice nozzle is able to vacuum even the highest and unreachable points of your home, eliminating dust even from the most hidden corners.


    It empties directly into the trash
    With a simple click, you empty the tank directly into the bin, without releasing the dust and dirt you have just vacuumed into the air!


    Weight: 2.15 kg
    Voltage: 22.2 V
    Power: 120W
    Battery: Li-ion / Li-ion 2200 mAH
    Speeds: 2
    Cleaning cycle duration: 45 ‘(Min) -20’ (Max)
    Charging time: 4 h
    Tank capacity: 1L
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 18 x 105 cm
    Features: Battery level LED indicator, Motorized brush with LED lights, Accessory for fabrics, Spout slots, Aluminium tube, Wall support with integrated accessory holder



  • Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 900W


    900W motor for high suction power
    High-efficiency 900W motor delivers high suction power for thorough cleaning results.


    99.9% dust pick-up* to deliver high cleaning performance
    TriActive nozzle and high suction power ensure you can vacuum 99.9% of fine dust.


    PowerCyclone 5 keeps strong suction power for longer
    PowerCyclone 5 technology accelerates the airflow in the cylindrical chamber to separate dust from the air and maintain high performance and strong suction power for longer.


    TriActive nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go
    TriActive nozzle utilizes 3 cleaning actions in one go. The specially designed soleplate removes dust from deep within carpets, while the large front opening sucks up big bits. Air channels on both sides of the nozzle pick up any dust and dirt alongside walls or furniture.


    Dust container designed for hygienic emptying with one hand
    Easy-to-empty dust container is designed for hygienic disposal with one hand, to help minimize dust cloud.


    Compact and lightweight that can be easily stored
    Compact and lightweight design ensures both storing and carrying the vacuum is easy.


    Soft brush integrated into the handle, always ready to use
    The dusting brush tool is built into the handle so it’s always ready to use on furniture, flat surfaces, and upholstery


    Allergy H13 filter system captures >99.9% of fine dust
    Allergy H13 filter system catches >99.9% of fine dust particles – including pollen, pet hair, and dust mites – ideal for allergy sufferers. The filtration level is equivalent to HEPA 13**.


    ActiveLock couplings easily adjust to every task
    ActiveLock couplings allow attachments to easily fit the telescopic tube with a simple snap.




    Colour: Monza Red
    Dimensions (D x W x H) cm: 41 x 28.1 x 24.7
    Weight (Cleaner): 4.5kg
    Vacuum Type: Bagless
    Filtration System: HEPA13
    Separation System: Single Cyclone Technology
    Bin Capacity: 1.5L
    Power: 900W
    Energy Consumption: 28 kWh/Annum
    Noise Level: 76dB
    Power Control: Fixed
    Working Radius (m): 9
    Power Cord (m): 6
    Vacuum Max (kPa): 16.8
    Airflow Max (l/s): 27.8
    Unique Features: On Tube clip Accessory Storage, TriActive Nozzle, Washable Motor Filter, Plastic Wheels, Metal 2-Piece Telescopic Tube, Front Carrying Handle
    Unique Accessories: Crevice Tool, Integrated Brush


    Philips logo

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    A modern style design with easy to use features. Steel body in metal finish, toggle switches with indicator lights, temperature gauge, quality steaming and frothing with maxi cappuccino device. Easy to clean design includes a removable tank with water level visible. Adaptable for use with ground coffee or coffee Serving.


    Colour: Red

    Pressure: 15 Bar

    Power(W): 850

    Capacity(Liter): 1



  • Ariete Moderna Espresso Machine with Grinder


    From the combination of sinuous lines and sophisticated design, the Moderna range espresso coffee machine was born.


    With its 15 bar of pressure, the filter holder for 1 and 2 cups, removable tray and tank, this coffee machine gives you the pleasure of an intense coffee or a creamy cappuccino, just like at the cafeteria! The integrated coffee grinder makes this machine a precious and functional object, designed for true connoisseurs who appreciate the unmistakable aroma of freshly ground coffee.


    Style and functionality make this machine a true work of art to admire and use.


    Capacity: 800ml
    Coffee grinder tank capacity: 250g
    Weight: 6.12 Kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 30 x 30.5 x 30.5cm
    Pressure: 15 bar
    Filter holder: 1 and 2 cups filter
    Features: Coffee grinder, Ground coffee dispenser, Cappuccino maker, Removable tank, Removable drip tray, Auto shut-off
    Filter holder: 1 and 2 cups filter