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  • Specific kit dedicated to cooks including textile apron, glove and salt and pepper dispenser.


    Glove: 39 cm length

    Salt and pepper: Yes

    Dispenser: 38 cm length

    Materials: Apron and glove: 100 % coton


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    €3.00 €1.50
  • A PVC cover, including eyelets and rope for security fitting, to keep your long chair clean, just ready to use. Size L


    Dimensions: H80 x L160 x W60cm


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    €8.00 €4.00
  • A PVC cover, including eyelets and rope for security fitting, to keep your parasol clean.


    Dimensions: H210 x L48cm


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    €4.50 €2.25
  • A PVC cover, including eyelets and rope for security fitting, to keep your table and chairs clean, just ready to use. Size L


    Dimensions: H100 x Ø 185cm


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    €15.00 €7.50
  • Instablue® Extra 1L additive is a concentrated formula of the Instablue® Standard additive. It has a density of 1g/ml.


    Contents: Non ionic tensides, cationic tensides, colouring agents, odorous substance

    Free of aldehydes, carbolic acids and chlorine

    Child proof cap

    Measurement scale

    Capacity: 1L


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  • Intended for regular use or for extended operating time, this cylinder is equipped with a safety valve and can be unscrewed from the appliance when not empty.


    Contains  5 kg Butane


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  • Campingaz Cartridge 350g 202094 Butane Propane Mix

    This Campingaz 3500 Gas Cartridge contains a mixutre of Butane/Propane gas and is suitable for use with Campingaz blowlamps and blowtorches.

    It has a high security self-sealing valve, meaning it can be easily and safely disconnected and reconnected even when not empty.

    Cartridge complies with EN417.

    Caution: This Product is Highly Flammable.

    Gas Weight: 350g.

    Gas Weight: 350g.

    Dimensions: 256 x 66mm.


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  • Whether you’re on the side of a mountain or out on a family trip, we’ve got everything you need for a meal on the go.Make more out of meal with a wide range of stoves. All of them are supported by our globally available range of gas cartridges. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that they’re reliable, safe and practical.The classic Campingaz®. Now with an easier connection of the device to operable cartridge thanks to Clip & Go system.


    Power: 1200 W

    Runtime: 2 hours

    Weight: 280 g


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    €15.00 €9.00
  • Knife, with wooden handle to protect hands from heat.


    Knife wooden handle


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    €5.00 €2.50
  • Fork with long wooden handles to protect hands from heat.


    Fork wooden handle


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    €5.00 €2.50
  •  Replaces the grid 3 & 4 Series gas grills do not have the Culinary Modular grid as basic configuration.

    If you have a device of the above product lines, you can now replace your roster of stamped steel with a lattice of iron! The advantage of this accessory is that you can grill and cast all Culinary Modular products listed below.

    To do this, removes the grid of stamped steel, cast-iron insert the grille and remove the inner ring when used in combination with the pizza stone, the wok, the poultry accessory and the paella pan.

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  • For use with Campingaz® 3 Series, 4 Series, Expert, Texas™,RBS®,C-Line & Delano™ barbecues.Stable, heat-resistant, quiet and compact.


    Operation: 230 V

    Cable length: 1.90 m


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