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  • This attachment allows for continuous juicing of all fruit and vegetables. Separate chutes for juice and pulp eject these into your own containers so no need to stop to empty.


    Mixer Size: Chef and Major
    Outlet: Medium speed outlet
    Capacity: Continuous
    Size (cm): 26.0L x 18.5W x 22.5H


    €49.00 €25.00
  • To get your fill of vitamins! Made of metal, with a stainless steel sieve, this accessory has a 1 liter beaker to recover the juice.With its wide chimney (7.3 cm diameter) it is possible to perform quickly and cleanly apple juice, pears, tomatoes, pineapples but beets, carrots …

    The centrifuge is operated at high speed by separating the juice from the pulp .There is no need to peel or remove the core of most fruits, vegetables or ginger before passing them to the centrifuge.Only cores and hard skin must be removed first.The coconut flesh may be milled in the centrifuge to give freshly grated coconut, ready to cook.For perfect hygiene accessory is fully removable and filter can be washed in the dishwasher .


    Output:High speed
    Size:27 L x 20 W x 31 H
    Parts compatible Dishwasher:No
    Security Protection:No
    Safety stop:Yes
    Button stop / start:No


  • Positioned on the high speed outlet of the Chef or Major kitchen machine, the AT340 Pro Slicer Shredder has been developed to deliver consistent results time after time. The attachment is supplied with 7 stainless steel cutting plates (standard chip, fine chip, extra fine shredding, fine slicing, coarse slicing, fine slicing and coarse shredding) and an extension chute for directing food into the bowl. The AT340 is easy to assemble / disassemble and features geared operation and disk support for optimum cutting performance, as well as a food ejection paddle to minimise food waste.


    Outlet:High speed outlet

    Material:Plastic & aluminium

    Size (cm):22H x 17.5W x 20.5D; Extention Chute 15H x 10W x 4.5D
    Dishwasher safe parts:Yes
    Safety interlock:Yes


  • The durable Compact Glass Multi-Mill attachment is made for grinding, chopping and blending small quantities of food.Versatile and intuitive, the unique Glass Multi-Mill can be used to grind coffee beans, chop herbs, nuts and breadcrumbs, purée vegetables for baby food and blend dressings and sauces.Whatever your culinary creation, this multi mill is an essential tool in food preparation.


    Jars & Lids Total: 4 Jars 3 lids
    Blades: Sharp, stainless steel blades, removable for easy cleaning
    Capacity: Herbs – 10/15g; Coffee Beans – 50/60g


  • Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C and this handy tool will extract the very last drop of juice from an orange or grapefruit into the 600ml bowl, leaving all the pith and pips behind, ready to pour into glasses. Try it for a delicious start to the day or a tangy addition to cake and sauce recipes.


    Outlet:High speed outlet
    Colour:White & silver
    Material:Frosted plastic
    Size (cm):22.0L x 22.0W x 15.5H
    Dishwasher safe parts:Yes



  • The splashguard has a wide chute to make it clean, simple and convenient for you to add ingredients while your Chef Titanium or Major is mixing and protects your work surface from spills. The splashguard also keeps your bowl dust-free when your machine is not in use.


    Material:Plastic body
    Size (cm):3.9H x 23.9W x 27.5D
    Dishwasher safe parts:Yes



    €14.00 €9.80
  • With a sturdy pair of handles, this 7 quart (6.7 liter) stainless steel bowl for the Kenwood Major makes it easier for you to lift and pour your mixtures into cooking and serving containers.


    Material:Stainless steel
    Size (cm):21.7H x 29.6W x 23.8D
    Dishwasher safe parts:Yes
    Capacity:6.7 litres



  • This 5 quart (4.6 liter) capacity stainless steel bowl fits on all Chef sized mixers and has handles for easier lifting and pouring.


    Material:Stainless steel
    Size (in):17.0H x 29.7W x 23.4D
    Dishwasher safe parts:Yes
    Capacity:4.6 litres
    Mixer size :Chef



  • This 6.7 litre plastic bowl fits all Major kitchen machines to help you create more of your favorite dishes.


    Outlet  :Bowl outlet
    Colour : White
    Material : Plastic
    Size (cm) : 21.5H x 27.0W x 23.5D
    Dishwasher safe parts : Yes
    Capacity  :6.7 litres




    €16.00 €11.20