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  • Summer and winter, the air conditioner AMD026 / 1 WHIRLPOOL is the ideal solution for a healthy indoor all year. The technology of the 6th sense air-conditioning system constantly monitors and adjusts the room temperature to maintain a comfortable temperature, summer winter. You easily get the desired temperature without having to adjust the thermostat. The perfect solution for comfort and energy saving. Its function autoclean keeping the fan between 5 and 10 min after stopping the machine. Moisture disappears into the indoor unit thus avoiding the development of bacteria. For convenience, the AC AMD026 / 1 offers different features: 24h timer, night mode function “Round U” 3-speed ventilation. ..The air conditioner WHIRLPOOL combine performance, comfort and energy savings.



    6th Sense feel – sensors constantly monitors the environment; device combines the functions (cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation) so be achieved optimal conditions in the room – you can make small adjustments.


    1W standby function – consumption by up to 66% lower standby without consumption at night (when the display is off)


    Self-cleaning function (Auto Cleaning System) – to turn off the unit will automatically switch on the evaporator heating dries.


    4D Airflow – air intake is by 4 points (through 2 side front and the back) – this improves machine efficiency


    Around function U – there is the remote temperature sensor transmits temperature in place that are remote (enable a uniform temperature in the room).



    Design: Fantasia
    Display: LED with temperature display set
    Plus Inverter technology: Yes
    Air Flow: 4D airflow system – unique MARKET
    Noise: Super Silent function
    6th Sense function (6th feel): Yes
    Power Save: 1W Standby Power Save and Night mode (display off)
    Occupation JET: For quick cooling
    Sleep function: 1 mode: adults
    Auto Clean system: Yes
    Around U: 24h Timer
    Auto-restart after interruption of supply: Yes
    Filter in 3 steps: HEPA filters and PP Catechin filter (washable)

    200px-Whirlpool Sensing 2clr on clear L1