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  • Portable fan for iOS and Android

    For smartphones: iOS, and for Android with OTG USB connector
    Propeller diameter: 90mm Ø propeller with 2 blades

    Connects: Mini USB and Lightning connectors
    Body: Plastic
    Power: 5Vdc 0,5A max
    Product size (mm): 90 x 30 x 40



  • Mini High velocity fan with USB

    Switch: 0 / I
    Connection: Cable with USB
    Diameter: 110 mm blade with 3 blades
    Body: Plastic
    Handle: leather
    Support: Metal support, with two positions, foldable
    Power: 5Vdc, 2,5W
    Product size (mm): 142 x 170 x 80



  • Bimar mini USB table fan


    Speeds: 1

    Features: 3 Blades, Plastic blades, adjustable tilt

    Product size (cm): 14.4 x 16.4 x 9



  • Wall fan with remote control
    Control: Electronic control + remote control, Leds show each selected function on control panel
    Timer: 7,5h
    Speed: 3 fan speeds (min/med/max) + 3 fan mode: normal/nature/sleeping
    Oscillation: Horizontal oscillation dx
    Adjustable: up/down tilt sx (90° about)
    Propeller adjustments: 5 blades propeller 40cm Ø
    Body: ABS
    Accessories: Kit for wall mounting
    Power: 220, 240V ~ 50Hz 55W
    Product size (mm): 430 x 430 x 160



  • Bimar 18” Industrial pedestal fan.


    Colour: Silver and black
    Diameter: 18”
    Speed: 3 speeds
    Wattage: 75W
    Remote: No



  • Bimar 18” Industrial pedestal fan with remote.


    Colour: Silver and black
    Diameter: 18”
    Speed: 3 speeds
    Wattage: 75W
    Remote: Yes



  • Bimar High Speed Fan


    Fan diameter: 43 cm
    Functions: Cooling
    Air flow control: 90 ° oscillation, adjustable tilting head
    Voltage: 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz

    Grids: Chrome plated metal
    Rated load: 100 W
    Dimensions: D 20, H 57, W 55 cm
    Fan speed settings: 3



  • Fan with DC motor, low power consumption (60% less) and the maximum comfort for the wide range of select able speeds with the drive.Protective grilles made of metal, with peripheral clamping and locking ring.


    Power: 30W DC motor

    Speed: On-Off knob with speed variable

    Timer: No

    Oscillation:  Button for right/left 90° oscillation

    Features: Adjustable 30° up/down tilt, ABS body, Circular base with telescopic column, Adjustable height (max 135cm)

    Product Size (mm): 560 x 480 x 220





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