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  • Pricks and cuts food. Also ideal for removing food from skewers, and for cleaning grids.


    Pricks and cuts food,Useful for cleaning grids


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  • Knife, with wooden handle to protect hands from heat.


    Knife wooden handle


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  • Campingaz 3-In-1 Cleaning Brush 3 IN 1


    Strong brass bristles, abrasive nylon pad, metal scraper…all in one.


    Colour:  Black / Brass
    Material:  Brass / Nylon / Metal
    Dimensions (L x W x H):  26 x 9 x 8
    Features:  Strong Brass Bristles,  Abrasive Nylon Pad,  Metal scraper


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  • The channel around the perimeter of the board catches meat juices, keeping your table or preparation surface clean.


    Wood cutting board


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  • Genuine lava rock,Replacement pack.


    Surface covered: 1500 cm sq


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  • Powerful and versatile blowtorch, ideal tool for projects around the home and garden.


    Powerful, 1.3kW – 1300°C
    Piezo push button start
    Robust grip handle design makes big jobs easier
    Use outdoors to light BBQ’s, bonfires and chimineas
    DIY: Plumbing, metal work etc
    Craft and jewellery work
    Food preparation
    Click fir to A4 Butane Battery® or Bright Spark Catering Catridge®


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  • Campingaz Detergente Ecologico


    Cleaning your barbecue will be much easier with this environmentally friendly biodegradable barbecue cleaner.


    Ecological detergent to keep the grill clean for a long time.


    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 9.5 x 4.9 x 26
    Capacity (L):  1.2


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  • Provide even heat and fewer flare-ups and longer life than lava rocks.


    Ceramic Briquettes


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  • Ideal for 3 medium sized fish with a long wooden handle, which protects hands from a flame. This makes it possible to turn the fragile meat without falling apart.


    Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm

    Material: Stainless steel


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    Great Griddle Plate for camping cookers and big enough for hearty appetites. The base is made from enamelled steel to make it durable and easy to wash. The grill surface itself is made from aluminium with a non-stick coating on the top to spread the heat evenly and stop food from getting burnt and stuck to it.


    • Large non-stick grilling plate for use with portable stoves and other cookers
    • Vents drain off excess fats and juices. The reservoir can be filled with water to catch these to keep smoke to a minimum
    • Cooks evenly and quickly
    • Easy to clean no-stick surface
    • Measures 32cm and weighs just 600g


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  • Double grid without feet.


    Dimensions: 40 x 29 cm (large)


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  • Wire Brush with triangle head for large clean your grills. With leather bands on the end of the handle for hanging and with plastic handle for an improved hold


    Total length: 32 cm

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 32 x 17 x 3 cm

    Weight (kg): 0.1

    Dimensions (L x W x H): 51 x 16 x 6 cm

    Material: Stainless


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  • Campingaz Clip on Regulators


    Campingaz’s Clip-on Regulators are made to suit standard propane gas tanks that run on 37 Mbar outlets.
    Just clip-on & turn the valve to release the gas flow.


    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 0 x 8 x 6


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  • Campingaz Kit CG Regulator & Hose


    The Regulator Kit Pressure Cylinder in the Campingaz consists of 1 controller, 1 lpg tube (1.25m), and 2 hose clamps.


    The Campingaz Cylinder kit can only be used with equipment operating at low-pressure butane 29 bar-800g/h.


    It cannot be used with natural gas.


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  • Campingaz Culinary Modular – Grill Lifter


    A handy helper to lift your Campingaz® Culinary Modular grids.


    Material: Polypropylene handle and stainless steel body
    Weight: 0.2 kg
    Dimensions: 24 x 5.5 x 3 cm


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  • Campingaz pressure regulator.

    Suitable for 901/904/907/909 cylinders

    28 mbar
    800 g / h


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