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    Ventilation Function





    2 Heating Powers





    Cyclonic Functions





    Colour:  Grey
    Material:  Housing – Plastic
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  26 x 27.5 x 20.5
    Weight (kg):  2
    Controls:  Electronic with Soft-Touch keyboard
    Ventilation:  Normal / Sprint
    Temperature:  18-30°C Adjustable Room Temperature
    Safety Features:  IP20 Protection Degree
    Unique Functions:  Eco (1000W) / Rapid (2000W) Thermal Ventilation
    Unique Features:  LED Display,  Memory Keeping (Of last used feature),  Automatic Cooling,  Tip-Over Switch,  Integrated Handle




    “It’s hard to find fault with the new, compact version. If you want one of the quietest and most efficient ways to get air moving, the MeacoFan 650 is one of the best models you can buy.”  –  Trusted Reviews 2019



    Quiet Mark Winner





    –  Quiet & Energy-efficient cooling fan
    –  Left-to-Right Oscillation
    –  Night-light
    –  Runs off mains or USB
    –  ECO mode auto-cooling option
    –  Quiet Mark 2020 – Approved for low-noise cooling


    The quiet, efficient home fan – MeacoFan 650 Air Circulator.



    Designed for you
    The MeacoFan 650 is the result of listening to you, the customer.


    This fan is ideal for homes, offices, and anywhere that a low-noise cooling fan can help you to keep you and your family at a comfortable temperature. Power it from the mains or from the USB connection, giving you access to perfect cooling wherever you are.



    Silence in your bedroom
    Noisy fans are unwelcome, whilst it might cool some of the room, it keeps you awake and disturbs your sleep – the last thing you need.


    The Meaco 650 has been designed with peace and quiet in mind, winning Meaco multiple awards and plaudits for design. Winning the Quiet Mark award for low noise products, the sound of the 650 operating is just 20dB, as soft as a whisper.



    Functional and beautiful
    The most important thing about the Meaco 650 is its silent operation, superior air circulation, and energy-efficiency. Meaco also pays great attention to detail, to make their fans a thing of beauty.


    The MeacoFan 650 has a shiny gloss finish and also incorporates a night light so it can be used as a quiet fan in children’s bedrooms, or in any room where you want a soft glow. The carry handle makes it easy to move around – a fan that not only keeps you cool but looks it too.



    Meaco Technology
    Meaco fans use DC technology, with the firm belief that this provides the best performance and longevity.


    DC technology delivers;
    – Low Noise
    – Low Running Costs
    – Longer Lifespan.


    “A brilliant desktop fan”  – Trusted Reviews



    Meaco has additional functionality to make using your fan effortless. This includes;
    – Remote control to operate the fan from anywhere around the room.
    – A timer switch to assure it turns itself off during the night, saving you energy and making sure you don’t wake up cold.
    – A cleaver ECO mode, which sets the fan to regulate itself depending on the room temperature.



    Colour:  Smooth Gloss White
    Material:  Housing – Plastic
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  34.3 x 26 x 25.4
    Weight (kg):  1.6
    Power Supply (V / Hz):  220 – 240V / 50Hz
    Power Consumption (W):  3.5 – 12
    Fan Motor Type:  Low Energy DC
    Noise Level (db):  20 – 50
    Maximum Air Flow:  650m³/hour
    Temperature Operating Conditions:  +5°C to +40°C
    Humidity Operating Conditions:  Non-condensing
    Oscillation Swing Angles:  40° up,  5° down (manual),  37° left, 33° right (auto)



  • Bimar Tower Fan
    –  The display shows all functions and speeds
    –  Outlet grill with deflector for Up / Down adjustment
    –  95W Induction Motor
    –  Functions: Sleep, Nature, Normal
    –  Remote Controller Included
    –  8h Timer
    –  Powerful 3 Speeds
    Colour:  White / Brown
    Dimensions (L x H x W) cm:  33 x 79 x 31.9
    Material:  Plastic Body (Integrated handle)
    Weight (kg):  6.2
    Power (W):  220 / 240V ~ 50Hz 100W
    Controls:  Onboard Electronic Controls,  Remote Control
    Speeds:  Min / Med / Max
    Modes:  Normal / Nature / Sleep
    Timer:  8 Hrs
    Oscillation:  Automatic Left / Right
    Unique Features:  Clips for cable rewind

  • Quiet Mark Award 2020
    With a Quiet Mark award and described as ‘whisper quiet’, the MeacoFan 1056 is the natural choice for energy-efficient air circulation that keeps you reliably cool through the night.



    “… arguably the best fan ever invented”  –  T3





    “… one of the best room-cooling options out there…”  –  Ideal Home




    “Meaco’s MeacoFan is quickly becoming a rising star in the world of cool.”  –  Metro



    –  Easy-to-use, super-quiet fan for bedrooms and homes
    –  Multi-direction air flow reliably cools your whole room
    –  Optional night light
    –  Easy-touch operation
    –  Timer function – Stay cool for just as long as you need
    –  Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested 2019



    A quiet fan for your bedroom – MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator


    Your perfect silent room fan – right here
    The Meaco 1056 gives you superior air cooling by moving 1056 m3 of air each hour. Its multi-directional operation means the air bounces off your walls and ceilings, keeping everyone in the room cool – not just the person next to the fan. Once the air is circulating, you can turn the fan right down and your room will stay cool.


    It’s also quiet. Very quiet. The drone of fans can drive you crazy – especially when you’re trying to sleep. To solve this Meaco aimed to design silent fans for bedrooms, studies, sitting rooms – anywhere in your home where you need cooler air but less noise. This silence has consistently earned Meaco top ratings from customers


    “Despite all this power, the fan is near silent yet manages to offer near-360-degrees of air circulation, even when placed out of the way against a wall. By using both the vertical and horizontal oscillation you find that air is pushed off all the walls and even the ceiling so the entire room feels refreshed … somehow this beautiful beast also manages to remain cheap to run making it one of the best room-cooling options out there right now, especially at that affordable-for-what-you-get price”  – Ideal Home



    Design-led for contemporary living
    The Meaco Fan 1056 Air Circulator shows an elegant, contemporary design and operation fitting perfectly into your home alongside all your other design-led devices. It features a magnetic holder incorporated in the centre of the fan to conveniently hold your remote control.


    Like all great products, 1056 is designed to be useful and beautiful. Complete with its faux-leather carry handle, this is the perfect fan to silently, and reliably keep your home cool and comfortable.


    “UK based Meaco is best known for its range of excellent dehumidifiers. Well here’s the result of its first attempt at making a bog-standard fan – and it’s bloody brilliant. The bods at Meaco have clearly thought this one through and created what is arguably the greatest fan ever invented at a price that is ridiculously cheap.”  –  T3 Magazine



    Using the latest technology
    Using their engineering expertise, Meaco has developed a family of quiet fans that deliver great air circulation performance. This is possible thanks to using its reliable and efficient DC technology.


    DC technology delivers;
    –  Low Noise
    –  Low Running Costs
    –  Longer Lifespan.


    The noise emitted comes in at 20dB. This is similar to a whisper or some rustling leaves, in other words, very, very quiet.


    Colour:  Smooth Gloss White / Black
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  40.3 x 28.5 x 30.5
    Weight (kg):  3.2
    Power Supply (V / Hz):  220 – 240V / 50Hz
    Power Consumption (W):  9.5 – 23.5
    Fan Motor Type:  Low Energy DC
    Noise Level (db):  20 – 60
    Maximum Air Flow:  1056m³/hour
    Temperature Operating Conditions:  +5°C to +40°C
    Humidity Operating Conditions:  Non-condensing
    Oscillation Swing Angles:  60° up, 80° left



  • Stand Fan Metal & Wooden 40cm

    –  Painted metal wire grid, with perimeter band and handle for grip
    –  Adjustable High / Low
    –  3 Speed
    –  5-Blade
    –  Silent

    Colour:  Painted Wood / Painted Metal
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  45 x 15 x 43
    Propeller Diameter Øcm:  40
    Material:  Aluminium
    Weight (kg):  11.3
    Power (W):  220/240V~50Hz 50W
    Blades:  5 Aluminium Blades
    Speed:  0 – 3 Speeds
    Oscillation:  Right / Left
    Tilt:  High / Low 10° adjustable