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  • Meaco Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU


    Serious air conditioning with a low-energy footprint.
    Look no further for an air conditioning unit for larger spaces – either at home or at work. The MeacoCool 10000 is a portable air conditioner that’s gentle on your energy bills and the environment.


    – Energy Rating A – Meaco’s most energy-efficient air conditioners
    – Suitable for all rooms in the home, or in office environments
    – Environment Friendly
    – Suitable for rooms between 18 – 28m²
    – Castors for easy moveability
    – Timer and Sleep Mode functions


    Efficient, effective cooling
    Larger spaces need effective air conditioning and that’s what you get with the MeacoCool 10000. Specifically designed to cool bigger areas, this unit is fully portable, and has an Energy Rating of A, making it easy on your household or office bills.


    This is the ideal choice for large conservatory or orangery areas, for home gyms and for bedroom suites. It’s also perfect for office spaces that don’t have enough ventilation or suffer from the heat during the summer.


    Using the R290 refrigerant, the MeacoCool 10000 is also environmentally-friendly, reducing the relative humidity in your room to keep the air dry and cool instead of sticky. We advise that the 10000 unit is used in rooms of 18 – 28m².


    Always in control
    We know you’re looking for an air conditioning unit that cools reliably without making your room freezing and resulting in a too-cold-too-hot scenario that you can’t control. Some great features have been added to solve this problem.


    There are four modes – Cool, Fan, Dry and Sleep. Sleep mode reduces the speed of the fan and also the noise the unit makes – even though it is quiet during normal operation. This makes it easier for you to cool your room and sleep soundly, however warm the night is.


    It also features a timer. This allows you to set the air conditioner to operate for anything between one and 24 hours, so you can set it to come on for an hour before you go to bed, or before you get home in the evening, resulting in rooms that are the perfect temperature when you need them.


    A handy remote control helps you keep an eye on your unit’s operation, and above all else, the air-conditioner is easily portable so you can move it around your home or office as it’s needed.


    Getting the most from your unit
    Air conditioner units work best when the hot air they are extracting is expelled outside the building. That’s why all our air conditioners come with a 1.8 m duct and a window kit. This allows you to place the duct out of a window, expelling the hot air outside whilst keeping the inside cool.


    Colour:  White
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  70.1 x 35 x 34.8
    Duct Diameter (cm):  15cm
    Duct Length (m):  1.8m
    Weight (kg):  24
    Energy Rating:  A
    Power Consumption (W):  1114
    Power Supply (V):  220 – 240 / 50Hz
    Nominal Current (A):  5 (Maximum)
    Refrigerant:  R290 / 200g
    Airflow (maximum):  325m³/hour
    Noise Level (dB):  53 on low fan speed
    Cooling Capacity:  10,000BTU / 2.93KW
    Moisture Removal:  1.4 Litres / Hour
    Approx. Room Size:  18 – 28m²
    Fan Speeds:  2
    Remote Control:  Yes
    Modes:  Cool,  Fan,  Dry,  and Sleep
    On / Off Timer:  Yes 1 – 24 Hours
    Unique Accessories:  Window Kit



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  • Meaco Cool MC Series 14000 Portable Air Conditionier 14,000 BTU


    More cooling with less noise! Energy rated A air conditioner unit for home and office


    Our largest portable air conditioner runs on the same noise level as much smaller units and delivers superior cooling, giving you the best of both worlds.


    Energy Rating A – energy-efficient unit
    New R290 refrigerant is kinder to the environment
    Suitable for rooms between 25m²-35m²
    Easy for use at home or in the office
    Castors to help you roll the unit between rooms
    Dries the air as it cools to keep you comfortable
    Timer function keeps you in control
    Three fan speeds
    Four modes: Cool, Dry, Fan and Sleep
    Complete with remote control and window kit


    How does the air conditioner work?

    The MeacoCool range of air conditioners work by drawing the hot humid air from your rooms over a cold surface. This surface cools and dries the air simultaneously and then the cold air is blown out of the front of the portable air conditioner whilst the warm air is expelled from the space via an exhaust duct.

    Removing this warm air from the room reduces the relative humidity which means you have less of the sticky feeling that makes it hard to feel cool and comfortable during the summer months.


    Giving you a helping hand


    We build a range of features into all our products to help make your life easier and your unit genuinely useful.


    That’s why we’ve developed the MeacoCool range to be as light and compact as possible – even for our largest units – making them easier to use across all your rooms and spaces.


    We’ve added a remote control, which allows you to change the settings without having to get up to programme the unit, while the useful window kit makes the cooling more efficient. We’ve also ensured that in low fan speed, the sound pressure level of 53dB(A) makes this an easy unit to live with.


    The way to get the most out of your air conditioner is to put it to work cooling your room before you need it. The timer function is really useful here, as you can ensure your unit turns off when you need it to, preventing your room from getting too cold, and ensuring you’re not wasting energy.


    And finally, the Sleep Mode keeps the unit in low fan speed to ensure the lowest possible noise level – again, you can combine this with the timer to ensure that you do not wake up cold during the night.


    Cooling Capacity: 14000BTU / 4.1kW
    Weight: 31kgs
    Dimensions: 762 x 353 x 470mm
    Duct Length: 1.8m / 71″
    Duct Diameter: 15cm / 5.9″
    Energy Rating: A
    Current (nominal): 6.9 A
    Refrigerant: R290 / 270g
    Maximum Airflow: 410m³/ hour
    Approximate Room Size: 25 – 35m²
    Noise Level: 53dB(A) in low fan speed
    Moisture Removal: 1.8 litres / hour
    Power Consumption: 1560 watts
    Power Supply: 220 – 240V / 50Hz
    Modes: Cool, Fan, Dry and Sleep
    Fan Speeds: 3
    Off Timer: Yes (1-24 hours)
    On Timer: Yes (1-24 hours)
    Window Kit Included?: Yes – sash windows and sliding doors only
    Remote Control Included?: Yes


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