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  • This bulb hood is designed to stand the test of vibration and disseminate best light. With an average life of 4000 hours, it is consistent with international standards.Designed to withstand continuous vibration from the engine hood.


    Power: 12V 20W halogen







  • Enjoy the silence. The Wpro Vibration & shock Absorbers are easily fitted on all domestic appliances. They effectively minimize noise output by reducing vibrations, whilst protecting your wooden or tiled floors.


    Protects floor surfaces: Protects wooden floors and tiles from scratches
    4 pads included: 1 pack per appliance



  • Impeccable protection. The Wpro Washing Net ensures your most delicate items are protected during the wash cycle. The handy zip fastener allows you to easily separate its contents from the rest of the load.


    Allows separation: Easily separate your items

    Universal: Suitable for all washing machines

    Suitable for delicate articles: Separates and protects your most delicate items

    Handy zip fastening: Easy to open






  • Ideal appliance care. The biodegradable Wpro Dishwasher Degreaser effectively eliminates grease and food residue, leaving your dishwasher glistening and odour free. You can also use it in your washing machine. When used every six months, the degreaser helps maintain optimal appliance performance.


    Eliminates grease and food residues: Sparkling results
    Optimises performance: Prolongs the life of your appliances
    Professional formula: Formula approved by the professionals and 90% biodegradable
    Leaves your dishwasher Sparkling: Used once every 6 months helps to maintain optimum performance levels





  • Enhance your appliance’s performance. The Wpro Descaler 3in1 provides all-round protection for your washing machine or dishwasher. Effectively reducing and preventing limescale buildup, degreasing and throughly cleaning your appliance, this product will ensure ideal washing results, and prolong your appliance’s life. Contains 6 descaler bags.


    Universal: Suitable for all washing machines
    Optimises performance: Prolongs the life of your appliances
    No more limescale problems: Effective removal of limescale deposits



  • Whirlpool Oven Degreaser Spray


    Effective care for your oven. The Oven Cleaner will effortlessly remove burnt food residue, grease and stains inside your oven. Cleaning your appliance has never been easier.


    Outstanding cleaning power: Eliminates encrusted grease from hot or cold ovens
    Degreaser: Ideal for degreasing ovens, hobs, barbecue grills, rotisseries and cooker hood interiors
    Pleasant aroma: Leaves a pleasant vanilla scent
    Professional formula: Regenerating salt effectively removes calcium based deposits





  • Whirlpool Powerfresh


    It can be used monthly or as as many times as necessary to keep your washing machines fresh and clean,washing machine odour prevention tabs pack of 3, the pack contains three doses which is enough for 3 months supply,power Fresh’s oxygenating action penetrates, dissolves and eliminates residues and bad odours that sit in your washing machine, often in places you cannot reach or see like the rubber door seal,no more smells; optimises performances.


    Pack Size: 3






  • Long lasting shine. The Wpro Stainless Steel Cream Cleaner’s non-abrasive formula gently cleans all stainless steel surfaces and creates an invisible protective film coating, for extra protection against stains and scratches.


    Clean & Protect: All-round care for your stainless steel surfaces
    Perfect protection: Provides a protective coating
    Professional formula: Enjoy perfect results, always
    Delicately scented: Pleasant lemon fragrance





  • Its shape and size is ideal for machine wash sneakers! Protects both shoes media agitators inside the drum.


    Functional: Practical zipper on three sides
    Universal: For all the washing machines, all brands
    Reinforced fabric: Maximum protection





  • Cleaning made easy. The Wpro Defroster Spray removes ice buildup in your freezer quickly and effectively, no tiring scraping required. Suitable for all freezing appliances.


    Highly effective: Food standards compliant
    Less time consuming: No manual defrosting
    Quicker than scraping: Saves you time and energy





  • Care + Protect 3 IN 1: Limescale remover, Degreaser & Hygienic cleaner

    Removes Limescale build-up from hidden and difficult to reach internal parts of your machine.
    Eliminates unpleasant smells by washing away residual detergent and mold.
    Improves washing results
    Prolongs appliance life
    Reduces energy costs
    Universal for all washing machines


    By treating your machine on a monthly basis, you will ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency from your machine.

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  • Whirlpool Ceramic & Induction Cleaner Kit + 1 Blade

    The kit Wpro for cleaning floors vetroceramici is the essential tool to keep the look of the stove like new every day! Vetroceramici cleaner that cleans glass tops, ceramic and induction leaving a thin protective film that helps preserve the glossy finish without scratches or marks. The kit also contains a scraper 10 replacement blades for easy removal of waste burned.

    3 products in one kit: Contains a pack of 250 ml of cream cleanser, a scraper and 10 blades

  • Hoover Stacking Kits


    The universal channeling kit allows, through the safety strap and the wall mount, safe and perfectly stable positioning of the dryer on the washing machine, gaining useful space in home.


    The practical pull-out shelf with limit switch and system of anti-tipping, supports up to 12 kg and facilitates them laundry loading and unloading operations. It’s comfortable too to fold freshly dried clothing.


    The kit is suitable for all size appliances standard (from 47 cm to 62 cm depth) also with the rounded front. It is a universal solution that allows to line up appliances of various brands.

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