9 Piece Set Glass Lid

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  • Silampos 9 Piece Set Glass Lid
    Portuguese company Silampos Series Atlantico. The whole is made of chrome-nickel steel and has a thick, three-layer, specially designed bottom which accumulates and distributes heat evenly. It has a nice, modern shape and stay-cool handles. It’s ideal for any kitchen (including induction), you can use it in the oven, and dishwasher safe.
    Stain Less Steel Lid Consisting of:
    Stockpot w/lid 16 cm
    Stockpot w/lid 20 cm
    Stockpot w/lid 24 cm
    Casserole w/lid 16 cm
    Casserole w/lid 20 cm
    Casserole w/lid 24 cm
    Milk Pot w/lid 16 cm
    Saucepan w/o lid 16 cm
    Non-Stick Frying Pan 24cm