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  • Ariete Portable Steamer
    The portable garment steamer is the vertical ironing machine designed to ensure easy vertical ironing of creased fabrics or to reinvigorate garments which have been stored for a long time in the wardrobe. Steam immediately ready, lightweight and easy to handle, the vertical ironing machine supplies a powerful and efficient steam, able to immediately give back radiance to shirts and sweaters.
    Power(w): 1200
    Tank Capacity(ml): 260
    Removable Tank: Yes
    On/Off Light: Yes

  • Philips Steam & Go Plus

    Compact solution for easy de-wrinkling
    Easier steaming with SmartFlow heated plate. Use vertically or horizontally on difficult-to-iron areas and to refresh clothing – no burns guaranteed. Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere. Just steam and go!

    Vertical and horizontal steaming for more convenience
    Steam vertically for quick de-wrinkling and to refresh hanging clothes without an ironing board. Steam horizontally to get perfect results on difficult-to-iron areas, like cuffs and collars. In either position, powerful continuous steam provides great results

    SmartFlow heated plate for better steaming results*
    Thanks to SmartFlow technology, the steam plate is heated up to an optimal temperature, safe for all fabrics, and prevents wet spots. The heated steam plate helps to press the fabric while steaming horizontally and provides even better steaming results*.

    Automatic continuous steam for easy de-wrinkling
    An electric pump automatically provides continuous steam for easy and quick de-wrinkling.

    Brush accessory for thicker fabrics
    The brush attachment opens the fabric fibres and enables better steam penetration. It is especially good for thicker garments like jackets and coats. It can also help to remove dirt and pills.

    Safe on all iron-able fabrics, no burns guaranteed
    The steamer is safe to use on all iron-able fabrics and garments. The steam plate can be safely pressed against any clothing with no risk of burning – a great solution for delicate fabrics, like silk.

    No ironing board needed
    Using a clothes steamer on hanging garments eliminates the need for an ironing board, so de-wrinkling is easy and hassle-free.

    Compact design for convenient use, storage and travel
    The handheld garment steamer is ergonomically designed to be light, compact and comfortable to use. Just press the trigger and watch wrinkles and creases disappear.

    Detachable water tank for easier filling
    The water tank detaches for easy filling under the tap.

    Continuous steam removes odours and kills 99.9%* of bacteria
    Hot steam refreshes your clothes and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria*. Less-frequent washing and dry cleaning saves time, money, and helps clothes last longer.

    Colour:  White/Blue
    Material:  Plastic
    Dimensions (W x H x D) cm:  38 x 12.8 x 15
    Cord Length:  2.5m
    Tank Capacity (ml):  70
    Power (W) : 1200
    Voltage:  220-240 V
    Steam Output:  Continuous up to 22 g/min
    Unique Accessories:  Brush,  Glove (Extra Protection)
    Unique Features:  Ready to use light indicator,  Refill anytime during use,  Ready to use > 1 min

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  • Ariete Garment Steamer
    The Ariete Garment Steamer will efficiently smooth even the most delicate fabrics.With  a  3 L water tank it will ensure continuous operation of the device without interruption in the addition of water. Additionally, a brush for cleaning clothes is supplied.The 4-wheel system provides maximum convenience during operation.
    Type: Steamer
    Power (W) : 1950
    Sole : Aluminum
    Water Tank Volume (ml) : 3000
    Functions : Vertical Steaming
    Features : Steam adjustment ,Aluminium and nylon nozzle , Telescopic handle, Physical parameters.
    Type of connection : Wired
    Color: Black

  • Philips Garment Steamer Easy Touch Plus

    Philips EasyTouch Plus garment steamer is designed for easy crease removal every day. With a wide range of essential steaming solutions, it is a perfect appliance for quick touchups, delicate and difficult to iron clothes.


    Thanks to essential steaming solutions

    1600W, 32g/min
    5 steam settings
    1.6L Detachable tank
    Styleboard accessory


    Cover more in one stroke with 25% larger* steam plate
    This EasyTouch Plus steamer is equipped with 25% larger steam plate* compared to the predecessor models. This allows you to cover more fabric area in one stroke and therefore you can be more efficient in steaming your garment.


    5 steam levels for different types of fabric
    Set your preferred steam level for optimal results on different kinds of garments.


    Adjustable pole for various height settings
    Integrated adjustable pole for hanging your garments while using the steamer. It is collapsible for easy storage.


    Special garment hanger
    Special garment hanger lets you easily hang your garments like shirts, dresses and trousers while using the steamer.


    Glove for extra protection during steaming
    Included is a glove that protects your hand during steaming.


    Easy de-calc function for longer product lifetime
    Prolong the lifetime of your appliance by using the Easy de-calc descaling function regularly.


    Fabric brush for deeper steam penetration on thick garments
    Use the brush accessory with thicker garments like coats for better steam penetration and a smoother finish.


    Large detachable water tank for easy refill anytime
    Large, detchable, transparent water tank suitable for a lond steaming sessions. Easy refill with large filling hole.


    Pleats made easy with pleat making accessory
    Pleats make easy with pleat making accessory.


    Powerful continuous steam for efficient wrinkle removal
    Powerful continuous steam is blown through the nozzles, enabling you to remove creases with only a few strokes.


    Support accessory for crisp results achieved easily
    Providing support during steaming is essential for achieving better results. Thanks to the additional support accessory, crisp results are now easier to achieve.


    Safe to use on all garments
    The steamer is safe to use on all fabrics. It is a great solution for delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere.


    Continuous steam: 32  g/min

    Power: 1600  W
    Ready to use: <1  min

    Variable steam: 5  levels

    Variable steam levels: Yes

    Vertical steam: Yes

    Voltage: 220-240  V

    Adjustable pole: Yes

    Brush: Yes
    Glove for extra protection: Yes

    Pleat maker: Yes

    Support accessory: Yes

    Garment hanger w trouser clips: Yes

    Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even delicates like silk

    Water tank capacity: 1600  ml
    Detachable water tank: Yes

    Integrated power plug: Yes

    Silicone steam hose: Yes

    Tap water suitable: Yes

    Descaling and cleaning: Easy De-calc