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  • Boiler ironing system with soft and super-compact lines. The powerful steam is instantly ready, making ironing light and very effective. The iron base has anti-slip grommets for greater stability, the iron is equipped with a steam stroke of 80gr / min, temperature regulator, pilot light, ready to steam, temperature and non-stick plate for a professional ironing, even vertically.


    Power (W): 2400

    Colour: Blue / White

    Steam generator: Vertical steam

    Steam output: 216 g / min.

    Pressurized steam: 3 bar

    Steam ready indicator: Yes



  • Hoover Iron Speed 2100W 4.5BAR 100GR/MIN


    Steam SBM4001 is an efficient and simple ironing station that is 3 times better than a traditional iron. The patented generator system works by converting the water into steam within the main base unit, then the steam travels through the connecting safety cord and out of the iron.


    Power (W): 2100

    Color: Chambertin-Red

    Steam output (g / min): 100

    Pressurized steam: 4.5 bar

    Steam ready indicator: Yes


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  • Philips Steam Station 5.2 Bar
    This steam generation iron ensures a more comfortable and faster ironing experience.
    Removable 1.1 l water tank
    The water tank can be removed and filled under the tap. The wide fill opening allows you a fast operation and thanks to the 1.1 l capacity, you can iron up to 2 consecutive hours without having to add more water.
    Smart reminder for limescale removal with sound and light
    Smart Calc Clean is an integrated limescale removal and cleaning function that protects the appliance. For optimal vapor emissions, long appliance life and avoid white streaks, the steam generator iron will remind you to carry out the limescale removal procedure. For maximum convenience, remember to use the included Smart Calc Clean container.
    Continuous steam supply up to 100 g / min
    The greater the amount of steam, the faster the ironing is. The exclusive technology of the iron steam generator Philips generates powerful steam that simplifies, improves and speeds up ironing.
    You can fill the tank with tap water even during ironing
    The steam generator iron is designed for use with tap water. During ironing, you can easily fill the tank without having to wait or switch off the appliance.
    Ceramic plate
    Our Easy Gliding plate is suitable for all types of fabrics and is highly resistant to scratches.
    Continuous steam (g / min): up to 100
    Absorption (W): 2400
    Pressure: maximum 5.2 bar of pump pressure
    Steam stroke (g): 200
    Vertical steam: Yes
    Voltage (V): 220-240
    Limescale removal and cleaning: Smart Calc Clean
    Reminder anti-scaling: Yes
    Container for limescale cleaning: Yes
    Plate name: Ceramic
    Removable water tank capacity: 1100 ml
    Removable water tank: Yes
    Tube length (meter): 1.6
    Power cord length (meter): 1.6
    Fill whenever you want during use: Yes
    Extra large filling opening: Yes
    Heating time (mins): 2
    Product dimensions (W x H x D) cm: 36.2 x 27 x 26.3
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  • With detachable Double Performance System, for use as an efficient ironing system or handy traditional iron. Top performance in less time, thanks to the handy 1.5 lt tank, with non-stop refill to iron without stopping.


    Power (W): 2000

    Colour: White-blue

    Steam output: 200 g / min.

    Steam ready indicator: No

    Vertical steam: Yes

    Anti-calc system with removable scale filter: Yes



  • Hoover Iron Vision 2500W 5.5BAR 110GR/MIN


    Power (W): 2500

    Color: White / Grey

    Capacity (Liter): 2

    Safety: Iron locking system for storage in complete safety and practicality

    Ceramic Plate: Yes

    Steam output (g / min): 110

    Pressurized steam: 5.5 bar

    Steam ready indicator: Yes

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  • Italian steam boiler system with MAC5 CMP 250 – presents a wide range of different functions and guaranteeing unrivaled quality ironing for any kind of clothes.


    Easy-to-use control panel
    Convenient cord storage
    Detachable stand for iron
    Central location a couple of start-up handle (convenient for righties and lefties)
    Adjustable steam
    Steaming without condensation
    Black finish handles is sweating hands against (allows you to confidently move the iron over the fabric)
    Continuously feeding a pair button
    Security systems: pressure switch, safety thermostat, thermostat lack of water
    An external heating element.


    Warm-up time steam: 7-8 minutes
    Adjustable steam: 60-100 g / m
    Volume: 1.2 L boiler
    The actual volume of the boiler: 1.0 l
    Operating pressure: 3.5 bar
    Continuous operation time:  40-60 min
    Power consumption total: 2150 W
    Power boiler – 1300W
    iron Power – 850 W
    Housing: Heat-resistant plastic
    Stainless steel boiler: Yes
    Dimensions in mm (W x H x D): 310x320x300
    The length of the electric cable: 2 m. Secured on the housing.
    Weight: 5 kg




  • Braun IS2043BL Care Style Mini
    The new Braun CareStyle Compact combines the power of a steam generator with practical compact design and convenience – saving you 50% time and space*. * Saves 50% time (internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TS 5 steam iron) and saves 50% space (compared to Braun IS 7056 steam generator iron).
    Wattage (W): 2200
    Sole plate: EloxalPlus FreeGlide 3D
    Colour: White (Body) and Velvet Purple (Tank)
    iCare tecnology: Yes
    Silent technology: Yes
    Water Tank Capacity (liter): 1.3
    Auto shut off: Yes
    Power Cord (meter): 1.5
    Suitable for tap water: Yes
    Cord storage: Yes
    Precision shot/Horizontal and vertical steam (g/min): 350
    Anti-drip: Yes
    Anti-calc system: Yes
    Vertical steam: Yes
    Pressure (g/min): 5 (bar) / 350
    Continuous steam (g/min): 120

  • Braun IS3041WH Steam Station
    Exceptional in its linear and clean design, the new CareStyle 3 ironing system is the most compact of the Braun CareStyle range. The perfectly compact design and the curved and thin shape make it easy to carry and store it.
    Power (W): 2400
    Plate: Eloxal 3D
    Color: White
    Power cord (meter): 1.8
    Precision steam point: Yes
    Cable reel: Yes
    Horizontal and vertical steam / steam stroke (rpm): 310
    Tank capacity (liter): 2

  • Philips Perfect Care Compact Essential 5.5 Bar
    Powerful, continuous steam works faster than a steam iron – with no temperature or
    steam settings required thanks to OptimalTEMP technology. Compact and lightweight for
    easy storage.
    Powerful steam for ultimate crease removal
    Strong, continuous steam tackles even the thickest fabrics with ease. Watch stubborn creases melt away with an extra steam boost just where you need it. This extra steam is perfect for vertical steaming to refresh clothes and curtains, too.
    OptimalTEMP technology, no temperature settings required
    Iron everything from jeans to silk without adjusting the temperature. Thanks to OptimalTEMP, no dial or settings are needed. So there’s no more pre-sorting the laundry, or waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down. You're ready for any fabric, anytime.
    No burns – guaranteed
    Thanks to OptimalTEMP technology, we guarantee this iron will never cause burns to any ironable fabric. You can even leave it resting face down on your clothes or ironing board. No burns, no shine. Guaranteed.
    Large tank for long use
    A 1.3-liter transparent tank gives you more than 1 hour of continuous use. See clearly how much water is left and refill easily at any time under the tap through the large filling door.
    Calc-clean container included — no cartridges, no extra cost
    Our built in descaling system, Smart Calc Clean reminds you when you need to descale. It includes a container to make descaling easy. This means no cartridges are required and no additional costs.
    Lightweight and compact for easy use and storage
    The lightweight, compact size is perfect for storage and fits conveniently on your ironing board. Exclusive ProVelocity technology makes our steam generators smaller and more compact than ever.
    Independently tested and approved
    The Woolmark Gold seal of approval ensures a product is safe to use on any and every wool fabric. Our steam irons with OptimalTEMP technology are the first and only irons, from any brand, to earn this level of certification.
    SteamGlide soleplate for superior gliding
    Our exclusive SteamGlide soleplate moves smoothly over any fabric. A durable, 5-layer coating – including anti-corrosive base – makes it last longer. Non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean.
    For all ironable fabrics: Yes
    No burns: Yes
    No temperature settings needed: Yes
    ProVelocity steam engine: Yes
    Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even delicates like silk
    Soleplate gliding performance: 4  stars
    Soleplate name: SteamGlide
    Water tank capacity (ml): 1300
    Hose length (meter): 1.6
    Integrated power plug: Yes
    Power cord length (meter): 1.65
    Precision steam tip: Yes
    Ready to use: Light indicator, Sound indicator
    Refill any time during use: Yes
    Soleplate scratch resistance: 4  stars
    Continuous steam (g/min): 110
    Power (W): 2400
    Pressure: Max 5.5 bar pump
    Ready to use (mina): 2
    Steam boost (g): Up to 230
    Steam-on-demand: Yes
    Vertical steam: Yes
    Voltage (V): 220-240
    Descaling and cleaning: Smart Calc Clean
    Descaling reminder: Light, Sound, no cartridges needed, no extra
    Calc clean container: Yes
    Product dimensions (W x H x L) cm: 20.1 x 22.2 x 38.4

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  • Braun IS3042WH Steam Station
    Outstanding in its space-saving design, the new CareStyle 3 steam generator iron features the most compact dimensions of the Braun CareStyle series. Its lightweight compact form and slim rounded design make it easy to move and store.
    Wattage (W): 2400
    Power (W): 2400
    Sole plate: Eloxal3D
    Color: White
    iCare tecnology: Yes
    Water Tank Capacity (liter): 2
    Auto shut off: Yes
    Power Cord (meter): 1.8
    Precision steam tip: Yes
    Cord storage: Yes
    Precision shot/Horizontal and vertical steam (g/min): 330
    Anti-drip: Yes
    Anti-calc system: Yes
    Easy refill: Yes
    Vertical steam: Yes
    Removeable tank: Yes
    Pressure: 5,5 bar
    Continuous refill: Yes
    Continuous steam (g/min): 120

  • Braun IS3022WH Steam Station
    Thanks to its compact design, the CareStyle 3 steam iron station IS 3022 WH is pleasant to use and space-saving in storage. Nevertheless, it has a large 2 liter water tank.
    The 3D BackGlide sole with its rounded edges allows ironing in all directions – even backwards.
    Smooths perfectly over all obstacles, even backwards 
    The Braun 3D BackGlide sole combines a special coating with a unique rounded shape as the first sole. This allows uniform ironing in all directions. Easy ironing with buttons, pockets and unevenness in the fabric – even backwards.
    Compact design for convenient storage
    Easy transport and storage
    Excessive, detachable water tank
    Easy to refill, transport and store.
    perfectly and quickly Even backwards.
    Powerful steam impact Stronger
    steam impact compared to steam iron. Higher pressure for an optimal penetration of the fabric with fine water vapor. Faster smoothing of wrinkles.
    Lightweight and ergonomic design
    The ergonomic design ensures easy and fast ironing performance.
    Easy Lock System
    Thanks to the Easy Lock system, the iron can be stowed safely and easily.
    Cable reel
    For easy transport and storage, CareStyle has 3 stirrups on the side to store power or steam cables.
    50% Time saving According
    to an internal comparison test with a Braun TexStyle 5 iron.
    CalcClean System
    In order to guarantee a long-lasting optimum performance, the steam ironing station indicates when it has to be decalcified. For easy and convenient cleaning.
    Manual temperature setting with thermostat
    The ideal temperature can be set manually for each material.
    Power (W): 2400
    Color: White
    Steam output (g / min): 330
    Pressurized steam: 5.5 bar
    Steam ready indicator: No

  • Philips Perfect Care Viva Steam Station 5.5 Bar
    Philips steam generator iron delivers faster and easier ironing experience. Iron your garments no temperature adjustment needed thanks to the revolutionary OptimalTechnology.
    Powerful steam for ultimate crease removal
    An ultra-fast ironing experience can be yours with revolutionary technology. The powerful and continuous steam tackles even rough creases, and thicker fabrics are smoothed out with ease and speed. Plus there’s an extra steam boost if needed, perfect for vertical steaming or stubborn creases.
    Iron jeans to silk, no need to change temperature setting, no burns guaranteed
    With OptimalTEMP technology you’ll no longer have to waste time changing temperature settings, waiting for the temperature to adjust or pre-sorting clothes. Iron fabrics from jeans to silk, with guaranteed no burns thanks to the perfect combination of temperature and continuous powerful steam.
    Safe to leave the hot soleplate on the ironing board
    Innovative OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burn on all ironable fabrics. As well as the reassurance this provides whilst ironing, it also means you can leave the hot iron soleplate directly on your cotton ironing board without causing any damage. This helps to reduce any discomfort to your wrists, as you won’t need to lift the iron to and from its base as often.
    Large water tank for longer continuous use
    The water tank has an extra-large 2 L capacity, so you get the convenience of up to 2 hours of continuous use, with no need to top-up the tank. It’s also transparent, so you can get a 360°view of the tank to easily see how much water you have left to continue creating steam efficiently. When you do need to refill, your steam generator iron has a large filling hole that allows you to easily fill the water tank, or alternatively with a jug or bottle at any time during ironing.
    Integrated easy clean system for long-lasting performance
    Regular descaling protects your iron and maintains steam performance. The Smart Calc-Clean system is an integrated descaling and cleaning function to extend the lifespan of your steam generator iron. The iron will remind you with both light and sound that cleaning and descaling is needed. Simply place your iron onto the Smart Calc-Clean container and start the process. It takes approx. 2 minutes for the dirty water and scale to be collected, your steam generator will beep once it’s done and ready to use again.
    Lightweight and compact size for easy storage
    Thanks to revolutionary ProVelocity technology, we’ve been able to make a steam generator more compact than ever before. The smaller size fits perfectly on your ironing board for convenience and carrying it around is made far easier. Plus your steam generator iron will take up much less storage space.
    Tested and approved by independent textile experts
    This iron is tested and approved by independent textile expert institutes such as DWI, IWTO and Woolmark, for its excellent ironing performance. The Woolmark Apparel Care program helps consumers identify quality laundry products that are approved by The Woolmark Company for use on wool products. Philips with its exclusive OptimalTEMP technology is so far the only ironing brand able to be certified with the Gold standard from Woolmark. You can be confident that our Woolmark-approved apparel care products are ideally suited for any wool garments.
    Automatic switch off for safety and energy saving
    The safety auto off function automatically switches off your steam generator iron if it has not been used for a few minutes. This saves energy and gives you safety peace of mind.
    Philips best gliding with increased scratch resistance
    The SteamGlide Plus soleplate is durable and non-stick is based on the ceramic finishing. It has an integrated titanium oxide layer for superior gliding performance.
    Save energy with ECO mode
    ECO mode allows you to save energy without compromising your ironing results. The ECO mode uses a reduced amount of steam, but still a sufficient amount to iron all your garments.
    Continuous steam (g/min): up to 120
    Power (W): 2400
    Pressure: Max 5.5 bar pump
    Ready to use (min): 2
    Steam boost (g): up to 230
    Steam-on-demand: Yes
    Variable steam levels: Yes
    Vertical steam: Yes
    Voltage (V): 220 – 240
    Descaling and cleaning: Smart Calc Clean
    Descaling reminder: Light, Sound, Yes, no cartridges needed, no extra
    Calc clean container: Yes
    For all ironable fabrics: Yes
    No burn: Yes
    No temperature setting needed: Yes
    OptimalTEMP Technology: Yes
    ProVelocity steam engine: Yes
    Smart Control Processor: Yes
    Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even delicates like silk
    Soleplate gliding performance: 4  stars
    Soleplate name: SteamGlide Plus
    Cord freedom (swivel): 360 degree cord freedom
    Hose length (meter): 1.6
    Power cord length (meter): 1.8
    Ready to use: Light indicator, Sound indicator
    Refill any time during use: Yes
    Safety auto off: Yes
    Soleplate scratch resistance: 4  stars
    Heat up time: 2  min
    Extra large filling hole: Yes
    Product dimensions (W x H x L) cm: 32.2 x 19.4 x 23.6
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