Bag sealer

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    Food Save: up to 8 x longer fresh – especially with sensitive, short life food products – freezing without freezer burns. PerfectFit: for all vacuum bags and rolls up to 30 cm width


    Colour: Black

    Wattage: 100w

    Automatic Vacuum: Yes

    One Touch: fully automatic suction and bag-sealing process

    “Stop”-function: suction and sealing can be interrupted at any time

    Control lights:for suction and sealing, also for canister function

    Includes: 5 vacuum bags 20 x 30 cm



  • The well-kept secret behind many delicious specialities, big and small: a hand-picked team of efficient kitchen helpers.


    Colour: Black Silver

    Wattage: 170w

    Automatic Vacuum: Yes

    Cable Storage: Yes