Ice cream makers

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  • With its cutesy feet and red trim, this Kenwood is a quick and easy way to make ice-cream; and what else? children will love it too!


    Capacity (L): 1


    €69.76 €34.88
  • Severin Ice-Cream Maker 1.2L
    Space-saving slim-design, hardly bigger than A4-format paper format – one of the most compact compressor-type icemakers.
    Innovative 2-in-1 ‚warm & cold‘ function for making yoghurt and ice cream- once processing is complete, the yoghurt is automatically cooled.
    Quick preparation of ice-cream in less than 30 minutes* – Activecooling compressor makes prior chilling of the ice-cream bowl unnecessary.
    Practical hinged lid opening for putting in additional ingredients.
    Measuring cup, recipe book and ice-spoon including.
    Easy cleaning due to coated ice cream bowl.
    Power (W): 135

    €299.00 €249.90