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  • Severin Popcorn Maker


    The home cinema system is ready to go, the drinks are on the ice – the only thing missing is fresh popcorn. With its simple and intuitive operation, you can whip up this delicious sweet or salty snack in less than three minutes.


    Popcorn as fresh and warm as this isn’t to be had anywhere else, except at the fair or in cinemas.


    Colour:  White / Black
    Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  14.6 x 21.8 x 28.2
    Weight (kg):  0.8
    Power (W):  1200
    On-off Switch:  Yes
    Cooks with Oil and Butter:  No
    Unique Features:  Non-Slip Rubber Feet,  Transparent Lid,  On/Off Pilot Switch,



  • Ariete Popcorn Maker XL Party Time


    With Popcorn XL Party Time every day is “Happy Days”


    The new Ariete Popcorn Maker XL Party Time will accompany your evenings with family or friends, with lots of crispy and tasty popcorn ready to be crunched one after another. Thanks to the special hot air cooking method, Pop Corn XL Party Time transforms, in less than 2 minutes, 60 grams of corn , into fragrant and light popcorn.


    You won’t need to add anything else, neither oil nor fat, to obtain a light but tasty snack, all natural and fat free. Thanks to the removable bowl you can bring your hot, crunchy and freshly made popcorn directly to the table or on the sofa!


    Popcorn is always a good idea
    With the Ariete Pop Corn XL Party Time you prepare popcorn for the whole family in a few moments and make children and adults happy. Thanks to hot air cooking, you don’t need to add anything else: just operate the machine and wait a few minutes to enjoy hot and crunchy popcorn.


    Munch on popcorn straight from the bowl
    Insert corn in Pop Corn XL Party Time and hear the unmistakable popcorn crackle! Once ready, the popcorn will fall into the glass and you can remove the lid and munch them in front of the TV directly from the bowl. Sofa, film and popcorn, what better end to the day?


    Power: 1100W
    Capacity: 60g of corn in 2 minutes
    Weight: 1.22 Kg
    Features: Fat-free hot air cooking, Doser
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 21 x 21 32 cm



  • Maxi popcorn maker with unique design, prepares delicious hot popcorn in minutes, to be enjoyed at any time of your day. Easy to use and clean!


    Colour: Red-white

    Wattage: 310w

    Total Capacity: 2.4Lt

    On-off Switch: Yes

    Cooks with oil and butter: Yes