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  • Hoover Enigma Evo Upright Bagged
    The disposable dust bag has a generous capacity of 4.2 litres, so that it doesn't need to be replaced too often. One bag is included in the box to get you started.
    The brush bar on your vacuum can be raised and lowered to suit the surface you are vacuuming. This helps you optimise the suction and manoeuvrability for all the different floors in your home, whether it's your kitchen tiles, a fluffy rug or the bedroom carpets.
    Our A+ rated cleaners have been designed to help reduce your electricity consumption, in line with the latest 2017 energy efficiency regulations.
    The handle reclines back virtually flat to the floor, making it easier to reach under sofas, beds and other furniture items for a thorough clean.
    Comes with a stretch hose and tools to help you to clean all over your home, for example stairs, curtains or furniture.
    Thanks to a hose that stretches to 4.5m, you can clean a full flight of 13 stairs without having to balance or move the vacuum from the bottom step.
    Color: Glamour Blue
    Filtration System: Washable EPA
    Separation System: EPA bag
    Bag Capacity (liters): 4.2
    Bag Type: EPA bag
    Hose type: Stretch
    Hose Length: 4.5
    Carpet Height selector: Yes
    Cord Length: 6
    Noise Level (dBA): 80
    Energy Consumption (kWh/Annum): 22
    Accessories: Tool storage, extra long crevice tool, furniture nozzle, dusting brush, extension tube
    Dimensions (D x H) cm: 30 x 104.5
    Product Weight (kg): 6.8

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  • Gtech Hylite Cordless Cleaner
    The Gtech HyLite offers outstanding cleaning performance, is robust and durable, requires very little maintenance and is extremely lightweight. At just 1.5kg, with a 20 minute runtime*, vacuuming will never be the same again.
    Enhanced performance
    Most vacuums suck the dirt through long hoses and tubes, which can become blocked easily. The HyLite collects the dirt just 1 cm from the floor, and this shorter airpath reduces blocking.
    Perfection through innovation
    “Gtech have designed the HyLite for homes of the future. The HyLite is built to be speedy, durable and easy to use. It cleans fast and well, and runs efficiently, using hardly any power. It's low maintenance, with simple dust disposal and storage. The Gtech HyLite takes us into our new age of vacuuming…”
    Luxuriously light
    When you first experience the HyLite, it's hard to believe that such a lightweight product can deliver outstanding cleaning performance. Lifting and carrying the HyLite is effortless. The handle extends at the touch of a button and instantly retracts to store away in a drawer. Cleaning your home has never been easier.
    Low maintenance living
    The HyLite is a modern product for busy lifestyles. There are no filters or bins to clean out and, because the dirt is kept in the floor head, there are no tubes or hoses to get blocked up. The HyLite saves you time and lets you get back to what’s important.
    Versatile cleaning
    The HyLite’s telescopic handle extends and retracts instantly for intuitive cleaning. It can be removed in seconds, transforming this lightweight upright into a cordless handheld cleaner. With the freedom of flexible movement, this lightweight rechargeable vacuum cleaner offers proven cleaning performance in both upright and handheld mode. The HyLite instantly adapts to floor surfaces, upholstery and stairs – all with no settings or sockets to change thanks to the convenience of cordless.
    Simple storage
    In upright mode, the HyLite stands up on its own, but its super telescopic handle and compact size means you can store it anywhere. Wherever you keep it, this cordless vacuum cleaner is ready for action in seconds. Simply extend the handle, or easily remove it, and you’re ready to clean.
    Keeping a low profile
    The Gtech HyLite features a low profile, reclining handle so that you can reach under sofas and beds. Its manoeuvrability makes it so easy to clean around your home without worrying about moving heavy furniture. Make cleaning more enjoyable with this portable vacuum and embrace the convenience of bagged cleaning.
    Lightweight at 1.5kg
    20 minute runtime
    Upright and handheld use
    Compact for easy storage
    2 hour charge
    Voltage 14V

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    The Gtech Pro is a new high performance, low maintenance vacuum cleaner which collects dirt in hygienic bags. Specially designed for floor to ceiling cleaning, the lightweight Pro vacuum features a full set of attachments, with the flexibility to glide effortlessly from carpet to hard floors with no settings to change.


    Easy & hygienic disposal
    Some bagless vacuum cleaners can accumulate dust in their cyclones, requiring additional maintenance and frequent filter washing. The Gtech Pro’s hygienic bags contain the dirt and debris for easy disposal, straight into the bin.


    Saving you time
    With a dust capacity of 1.5 litres, the Gtech Pro’s breathable bags hold more than 3 times the dirt compared to most cordless vacuum cleaners of a similar size. Each bag can last between 1-3 months in an average home before needing to be changed.


    Lightweight & versatile
    Designed to be powerful and lightweight, the Gtech Pro weighs only 1.4kg in hand-held configuration. Its versatile design means you can use the Pro as a floor vacuum or a hand-held cleaner, allowing you to easily clean your stairs, upholstery, car or caravan quickly and effectively.


    Long run-time
    Powered by a 22V Lithium-ion battery, the Gtech Pro is fully charged in 4-hours, and has two cleaning modes to choose from. The maximum power setting will allow up to 20 minutes continous cleaning, or switch to eco mode for up to 40 minutes run-time


    AirLOC technology
    Gtech’s unique AirLOC system* means the new Gtech Pro is not just great at picking up dust and debris, but is designed to pick up larger objects too.


    Lightweight: The Gtech Pro is designed to be powerful and lightweight too, weighing in at just 2.4kg when fully assembled.
    Power Supply: 22v Lithium Ion battery

    Run-time: Up to 40 minutes

    Charge time: 4 Hours

    Bag Capacity: 1.5L
    Weight: 2.4kg
    Power: 22V

    Attachment types: Power floor head, Power brush, Dusting brush and Crevice tool

    Filtration: No filter

    Noise Level: 78dB

    Dimensions: H110 x D29.8cm




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