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  • Hoover Lander

    Lander is a practical vacuum cleaner that combines advanced cyclonic technology with life-simplifying features. Long-lasting results and low filter maintenance are the results of the single cyclone technology, while easy storage and optimum maneuverability are guaranteed by its lightweight and compact design.

    Cyclonic technology uses a single cyclone to separate dust from the air that is sucked into the vacuum, reducing how often you need to clean and maintain your filter.

    A convenient 2in1 tool is stored onboard: always available, easily accessible.

    The 1.2-liter container allows you to clean even large surfaces.

    Convenient and hygienic mechanisms make emptying the bin effortless, impeding any contact with the dust.

    Up to 50% more energy-efficient than high-wattage models.

    Cleaning performance on all surfaces: more than 111% suction efficiency on hard floors.

    Colour:   Pure White
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:   26.8 x 39 x 29.4
    Weight (Cleaner):   3.95kg
    Vacuum Type:   Bagless
    Filtration System:   Washable Microfilter
    Separation System: Cyclonic Technology
    Bag Capacity:   1.2L
    Power:   700W
    Energy Consumption:   28 kWh/Annum
    Efficiency Rating:   A
    Noise Level:   78dB
    Power Control:   Fixed
    Working Radius:   7.5m
    Nozzles:   All Floor Nozzle
    Unique Accessories:   Crevice Tool,   Dusting Brush
    Unique Features:   Standard Carry Handle,   1 Castor Wheel,   Metal Telescopic Tube,   Integrated Tool Storage,   Easy Empty Bin

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  • Severin S Power Vacuum Cleaner
    Ergo-Soft-Grip XL with an ergonomic shape and rubberized surface.
    The Easytouch® telescopic tube has a sleeve with which the length can be adjusted by step.
    Handle and tube can be locked securely by a user-friendly click connector.
    XL-parquet nozzle for gently and thoroughly cleaning of sensitive hard floors.
    Soft Sound floor nozzle guarantees optimum and low noise dust suction.
    HEPA 13 filter:
    The air sucked is nearly 100% free of household dust, pollen, dust mite allergens, mold, spores, and odors.
    Constant Multicyclone:
    With this innovative technology, the first cyclone stage is followed by several small cyclones that expel even the finest particles out of the airflow. Absolutely no follow-up costs are incurred for bags and filters Even when the container is full, constantly good dust takeup is guaranteed.

    Colour:  Snow White / Garnet Red
    Dimensions (cm):  35 x 25 x 28.5
    Weight (kg):  3.5
    Overall Energy Efficiency Rating:  A
    Power (W):  800
    Noise Level (dB):  79
    Capacity (L):  1
    Cord (m):  4.5
    Button Telescopic Tube (m):  0.81
    XL Premium Hose (m):  1.80
    Operating Range (m):  9
    Suitable for hard floors:  Yes
    Tools included:  Switchable floor nozzle,  Crevice tool,  Parquet hard floor nozzle/brush,  Upholstery/dusting brush,  Suction Hose,  Telescopic tube.


  • Hoover Breeze Pets A+ADA
    Thanks to their high cleaning performance and large container volume, our Breeze vacuum cleaners without a bag won’t let you down. Breeze canisters are lightweight, compact and equipped with cyclone technology that ensures long-lasting performance with low filter maintenance.
    Large Dust Container Capacity
    The dust container capacity allows more dirt to be collected and reduces maintenance. Saved more time!
    Easy-Cyclone Technology
    The optimized airflow and the efficient dust separation ensure little maintenance work.
    Type: Bagless
    Dust separation system: Persistent single cyclone technology
    Filtration system: Washable EPA filter
    Dust container capacity (l): 2
    Annual energy consumption (kWh): 22
    Noise Level: 78
    Power (W): 550
    Cord Length (m): 8
    Accessories: 2 in 1 crevice nozzle & furniture brush
    Parquet: Yes

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  • Hoover Breeze Black

    Hoovers range of Breeze bagless vacuum cleaners won’t let you down, thanks to their high cleaning performances and large bin capacity. Breeze canisters are lightweight and compact and equipped with cyclonic technology, ensuring long-lasting performances with low filter maintenance.

    The optimised airflow and the high dust separation, reduce the need for frequent maintenance.

    This vacuum has a larger than average bin capacity, allowing you to clean for longer before needing to empty it. This makes it a great choice for families with larger homes.

    Convenient 2 in 1 dusting brush & crevice tool stored on board for cleaning around your home.

    Performance System 3 TOP Eco ensures great performance on hard floors, with energy-saving up to 50%*. Moreover, thanks to its efficient filtering system, it releases purified air.

    *Performance equal to 2000W, based on internal tests of dust pick up according to EN standard EN 60312 when compared with model TSP2020.

    Colour:   Luxor Black
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:   27 x 41.2 x 28.7
    Weight (Cleaner):   4.1kg
    Vacuum Type:   Bagless
    Filtration System:   Washable EPA
    Separation System:   Cyclone Technology
    Bin Capacity:   2L
    Power:   700W
    Energy Consumption:   27 kWh/Annum
    Noise Level:   78dB
    Power Control:   Fixed
    Working Radius:   8m
    Nozzles:   All Floor Nozzle,   Parquet Nozzle,   Pet Turbo Tool
    Unique Accessories:   2 in 1 (Crevice Tool,  Dusting Brush)
    Unique Features:   Standard Carry Handle,   1 Castor Wheel,   Metal Telescopic Tube,   Integrated Tool Storage,   Bag Check Indicator

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  • Hoover Reactiv 4A

    Hoover Reactiv is a high profile vacuum cleaner, which aims to simplify your life. It has minimal maintenance, extraordinary dust capacity, and superior performance.

    This vacuum has a larger than average bin capacity, allowing you to clean for longer before needing to empty it. A great choice for families with larger homes!

    The enduring single cyclone system ensures long-lasting performance, preventing filter blockages and reducing the need for maintenance.

    Extremely silent thanks to the Intense Power System: only 75 dBA!

    Colour:   Shiny Flame Red Metallic
    Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:   34.8 x 45 x 30.7
    Weight (Cleaner):   4.9kg
    Vacuum Type:   Bagless
    Filtration System:   Washable EPA
    Separation System:   Single Cyclone Technology
    Bin Capacity:   2L
    Power:   800W
    Energy Consumption:   28 kWh/Annum
    Noise Level:   75dB
    Power Control:   Fixed
    Working Radius:   8m
    Nozzles:   All Floor Nozzle,   Carpet Nozzle,   Parquet Nozzle,   Pet Turbo Tool
    Unique Accessories:   Crevice Tool,   Dusting Brush,   Furniture Nozzle
    Unique Features:   Intelligent Carry Handle with Integrated Dusting Brush,   1 Castor Wheel,   Rubberised Wheels,   Metal Telescopic Tube,   On Tube Storage,   Easy Empty Bin

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  • Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner

    Philips PowerPro compact absorbs more dust and filters 99.9% of dust for clean floors and fresh air. Powerful cyclonic action and advanced design absorb the dirt and give dust no chance, even when emptying the vacuum cleaner.


    The TriActive nozzle performs 3 cleaning operations at the same time
    The TriActive nozzle performs 3 cleaning operations at the same time: 1) It carefully opens the carpet with the specially designed soleplate to remove the dust deep into the carpet 2) It sucks large pieces with the larger opening at the front 3) It wipes it dust and dirt all along the furniture and walls with the two side brushes.


    High performance with 3AAA energy label
    Designed for full performance with class A, class A energy efficiency for cleaning hard floors and class A for dust re-dusting.


    PowerCyclone 5 technology separates air and dust
    The exclusive Cyclone Power 5 technology accelerates the air in the cyclonic chamber for separating dust and air. The powerful, swirling action maximizes air flow and performance for remarkable results.


    First-class performance on hard floors
    This vacuum cleaner has the highest cleaning class on hard floors (class A). All dust is sucked up.


    ActiveLock connections are easy to set for every cleaning job
    With ActiveLock couplings, you can easily plug mouthpieces and accessories into place on the telescope tube during cleaning.


    Large wheels for better control
    The large wheels ensure fluid control during vacuum cleaning.


    Easy to empty with one hand to reduce short-term dust
    The dust container can be removed with one hand, while the emptying is problem-free thanks to the unique shape and the smooth surface.


    Soft brush integrated in handle, always ready for use
    A dustbrush is built into the handle and is always ready for use for furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.


    Allergy filter absorbs more than 99.9% of the particulate matter
    Our Clean Air filter system captures 99.9% of particulate matter including pollen, pet hair and house dust mite, and is ideal for allergy sufferers and in general for people who want a more hygienic environment.



    Color: Deep Black
    Energy class: A
    Class re-emission of dust: A
    Cleaning class on carpet: C
    Cleaning class hard floors: A
    Air speed (max.): 27.8 l / s
    Annual energy consumption (kWh): 24.3
    Input power (IEC): 650 W
    Noise level (dB): 76
    Underpressure (kPa): 16.8
    Accessories included: Crevice nozzle and Integrated brush
    Storage possibility for accessories: On hose holder
    Extra mouthpiece: Mouthpiece for hard floors
    Standard nozzle: TriActive nozzle
    Action radius (meter): 9
    Handle: Front
    Cord length (meter): 6
    Type of tube: 2-piece metal telescope tube
    Type of wheels: Rubber
    Dust content (liter): 1.5
    Exhaust filter: Allergy filter
    Motor filter: Washable filter
    Product weight (kg): 4.5
    Dimensions of product (D x W x H) cm: 41 x 28.1 x 24.7


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  • Hoover Khross A+AAA
    KHROSS combines maximum versatility of use with cleaning performance always at the highest levels, thanks to the multi-cyclonic technology that allows a high separation of air from the dust. Extremely manoeuvrable and easy to store thanks to its ultra compact design.
    The Multi-Cyclonic technology allows a better separation of the dust, for top results and a lower frequency of filter maintenance.
    A practical 2in1 accessory is integrated on board: always available, easily accessible.
    Type: Bagless
    Accessories included: Yes
    Filtration System: EPA washable
    Container capacity (l): 1.8
    Average annual consumption: 22
    Noise level: 78
    Power (W): 550
    Carrying handle: Yes
    Range of action (m): 8
    Brush carpets and floors: Yes
    Mini turbo nozzle: Pet hair remover
    Dimensions (D x W x H) cm: 42.4 x 29.2 x 32.3
    Weight (kg): 4.5

  • Philips PowerPro Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 900W


    900W motor for high suction power
    High-efficiency 900W motor delivers high suction power for thorough cleaning results.


    99.9% dust pick-up* to deliver high cleaning performance
    TriActive nozzle and high suction power ensure you can vacuum 99.9% of fine dust.


    PowerCyclone 5 keeps strong suction power for longer
    PowerCyclone 5 technology accelerates the airflow in the cylindrical chamber to separate dust from the air and maintain high performance and strong suction power for longer.


    TriActive nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions in one go
    TriActive nozzle utilizes 3 cleaning actions in one go. The specially designed soleplate removes dust from deep within carpets, while the large front opening sucks up big bits. Air channels on both sides of the nozzle pick up any dust and dirt alongside walls or furniture.


    Dust container designed for hygienic emptying with one hand
    Easy-to-empty dust container is designed for hygienic disposal with one hand, to help minimize dust cloud.


    Compact and lightweight that can be easily stored
    Compact and lightweight design ensures both storing and carrying the vacuum is easy.


    Soft brush integrated into the handle, always ready to use
    The dusting brush tool is built into the handle so it’s always ready to use on furniture, flat surfaces, and upholstery


    Allergy H13 filter system captures >99.9% of fine dust
    Allergy H13 filter system catches >99.9% of fine dust particles – including pollen, pet hair, and dust mites – ideal for allergy sufferers. The filtration level is equivalent to HEPA 13**.


    ActiveLock couplings easily adjust to every task
    ActiveLock couplings allow attachments to easily fit the telescopic tube with a simple snap.




    Colour: Monza Red
    Dimensions (D x W x H) cm: 41 x 28.1 x 24.7
    Weight (Cleaner): 4.5kg
    Vacuum Type: Bagless
    Filtration System: HEPA13
    Separation System: Single Cyclone Technology
    Bin Capacity: 1.5L
    Power: 900W
    Energy Consumption: 28 kWh/Annum
    Noise Level: 76dB
    Power Control: Fixed
    Working Radius (m): 9
    Power Cord (m): 6
    Vacuum Max (kPa): 16.8
    Airflow Max (l/s): 27.8
    Nozzles: All Floor Nozzle, Carpet Nozzle, Parquet Nozzle, Pet Turbo Tool
    Unique Features: On Tube clip Accessory Storage, TriActive Nozzle, Washable Motor Filter, Plastic Wheels, Metal 2-Piece Telescopic Tube, Front Carrying Handle
    Unique Accessories: Crevice Tool, Integrated Brush


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  • Philips Power Pro Vacuum Cleaner
    The PowerCyclone 7 retains a strong suction power longer
    The aerodynamic design of the PowerCyclone 7 minimizes air resistance and provides excellent cleaning performance through three highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters the PowerCyclone quickly thanks to the straight and smooth air intake. 2) The curved air duct quickly conveys the air in the cyclone chamber upwards. 3) At the end of the duct, the air is effectively removed from the dust by the side wings.
    TriActive + nozzle allows strong performance on all floors
    The TriActive + nozzle performs three cleaning steps in one operation: 1) The carpet is gently roughened with the specially designed underside to absorb low-lying dust. 2) Large parts are received through a larger opening at the front. 3) Dust and dirt are swept up alongside furniture and walls with their two side brushes.
    Power control for adjusting the suction power
    Power control function for regulating the suction power for different cleaning tasks, eg. B. in parquet, wood floors and home textiles.
    Specially developed dust container for emptying with one hand
    The dust container has been specially designed so that it can be easily removed and emptied with one hand, whereby the dust cloud formation is largely avoided.
    Compact design with front and top handles for comfortable carrying
    Handles on top and front for easy carrying. Compact design for convenient storage.
    Soft brush integrated in handle, always ready for use
    Directly on the handle is a brush head for dust collection – so it is always handy and can be used on furniture, flat surfaces and upholstery.
    Rotating mini turbo suction brush for easy hair and lint removal
    The mini turbo suction brush quickly removes animal hair, lint and dust from sofas, pillows and other materials. This brush is ideal for pet owners.
    The Allergy H13 filter system captures more than 99.9% particulate matter
    The fully sealed filtration system captures 99.9% of all fine particles – including pollens, pet dander and house dust mites – for allergy sufferers and those who place a high value on hygiene. The filter capacity corresponds to HEPA 13 *.
    99.9% dust absorption * for a high cleaning performance
    Due to the high suction power and the high-performance nozzles, 99.9% of all dust particles are detected.
    750 W motor for powerful suction power
    Our high-efficiency motor produces powerful suction and low energy consumption, so you get a thorough cleaning every time.
    Soft stoppers and rubber wheels to protect furniture
    Soft stoppers and rubber wheels protect furniture and prevent scratches on the floor. Thus, the device is very easy to handle.
    Input power: 650W
    Noise: 71 to 76 dB
    Max power: 750W
    Handle: top and front
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