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  • Severin Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Chill

    Convenience & Efficiency
    – Cleans hard floors and short-pile carpets.
    – Particularly flat design for cleaning under furniture – just 7 cm high.
    – Short charging time.
    – Rubberized furniture protector.
    Technologic Design
    – Extra-long round brushes for optimally cleaning corners and edges.
    – 3-level cleaning programmes.
    – Modern sensor technology for stairway recognition.
    – Sensor clean LED cleaning display.

    Colour:  Platinum Grey  /  Garnet Red  /  Black
    Weight (kg):  1.5
    Noise (db) A:  65
    Power:  19V Charger
    Operating Time:  ~ 90 min /  ~ 100m2 (Li-ion Battery)
    Capacity (ml):  ~ 350
    Unique Features:  On/Off Switch,  Charge Level light
    Includes accessory set:  Cleaning Brush,  Replacement Filter,  1 Pair Round Brushes


  • Philips Robot Smart Pro Easy
    2-step cleaning system to capture dust and dirt
    Side brushes and a vacuum remove dirt and dust from your floors. The exhaust filter traps fine dust and particles. It captures dirt and dust.
    24 hours advance scheduling
    Philips SmartPro Easy offers a 24 hour scheduling function, so you can program your next cleaning session 24 hours in advance.
    Cleaning modes to adapt to different areas
    Depending on the type of the room, the Robotic Vacuum cleaner will follow one or several cleaning modes: Z-type cleaning, spiral, bounce or wall-following cleaning patterns.
    5.8 cm ultra slim design to clean under low furniture
    Philips robot vacuum cleaner has a very compact and slim design that allows it to clean under very low spaces.
    600 Pa high power for strong suction
    Compact but strong – your Philips robot vacuum cleaner has 600 Pa of suction power, so it can clean efficiently with the power you need to get rid of dust and dirt, fast.
    Easy to empty dust bucket
    You can dispose dust from the dust bucket without touching the dirt.
    One button operation
    Just turn it ON and it will immediately start cleaning your floors. It is very easy to use.
    Smart Detection System 2 adapts cleaning to any environment
    Philips SmartPro Easy is equipped with the Smart Detection System 2, a combination of smart chips, up to 23 sensors and accelerometer, that makes the robot efficient to clean on its own. The Robot understands the environment and chooses an optimal cleaning strategy to clean your home as quickly as possible. The robot does not get jammed and returns to its docking station when necessary.
    Ultra Hygiene EPA12 filter
    Ultra Hygiene EPA12 filter captures 99.5% of fine dust particles while filtering the exhaust air. This keeps dust securely within the container, preventing secondary contamination.
    Powerful Li-Ion battery 105 min operating time
    The powerful Lithium-Ion battery has a longer lifetime and a shorter charging time than standard batteries. The new robot vacuum cleaner runs up to 105 min.
    Battery type: Li-Ion
    Battery voltage (V): 14.8
    Charging time (hours): 4
    Runtime (mins): 105
    Sensors: 23 sensors
    Suction Power (Max Pa): 600
    Usability: 24-hour
    Scheduling: Yes
    Cleaning modes: 4
    Types of Floors: Carpet, Hardfloor
    Color: Dark Royal Blue
    Dust capacity (liter): 0.4
    Filter: EPA 12 filter
    Accessories included: AC power adaptor, Charging base, Side brushes, Exhaust filter, Remote control
    Dimensions of product (L x W x H) cm: 30 x 30 x 5.85
    Weight of product (kg): 2
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