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  • BWT Drink Filter Cartridges Universal MG improves the quality of your tap water in a way that no other filter can do. The release of the vital mineral Magnesium makes it a class of its own. It is not only good for your body but also greatly improves the taste of water itself. Undesired substances like lead and chlorine are removed and the build-up of limescale is prevented.


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  • The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter works in two stages. The first stage removes the aroma- and taste-inhibiting substances, i.e. chlorine. In the second, heavy metals such as lead and copper are removed and the hardness agent, calcium, is replaced by precious magnesium, thereby protecting domestic appliances against limescale. With this process, the filtered water contains a much higher mineral magnesium content compared to other filtration techniques and provides a unique taste experience.


    Pack: 1 Filters


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  • This table water filter has a striking, contemporary and fresh look. Its attractive design, coupled with superb ergonomic handling features, reflects the modern school of Scandinavian design, while the latest edition of ‘Design Colours’ offers a wide choice of colours. BWT’s Penguin 2.7 litre table water filter will be the focal point in any kitchen.


    Filter capacity total 2.7 litres
    Filter capacity filtered water 1.5 litres
    Filter change indicator electronic (Easy Control)
    Dimension W x H x D 11.3 x 27.8 x 25.2


    Main features:

    • Dishwasher-safe (except for lid)
    • Electronic indicator for filter replacement (easy control)
    • Fits neatly into most standard fridge doors (easy fit)
    • Effortless, splash-free refilling (easy fill)

    Box contents: 1 x Penguin 2.7 l water filter in white with 1 x magnesium mineraliser cartridge and 1 x practical glass bottle.


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