Campingaz 2 Series Classic EXS

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Campingaz 2 Series Classic EXS

The 2 Series Classic EXS features durable and reliable stainless steel burner technology housed inside a more compact model, it is the perfect choice for smaller gardens or novice grilles. Each of the two burners is independently adjustable, ensuring two separate cooking temperatures that guarantee perfectly cooked food every time.

The barbecue also benefits from a superior cast iron cooking surface that offers unparalleled heat retention. Making it easy to simultaneously prepare sauces or side-dishes that compliment your meal, the 2 Series Classic EXS also has a handy side burner. The barbecue’s portable, wheeled trolley can be easily moved around your garden or patio and comes complete with convenient folding side tables and utensil hooks so that everything you’ll ever need is close to hand.

Colour: Black / Steel
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm: 127.4 x 54.1 x 108.5
Cart Material: Steel
Cover Material: Steel
Burner Material: Stainless Steel
Cooking Surface Dimensions (cm): 2,100 cm²
Cooking Surface Material: Enameled Cast Iron
Cooking Surface Configuration: Grill Grate / Baking Tray
Cooking Height (cm): 87
Weight (kg): 37
Power (kW): 7.5 + 2.1
Fuel Type: Gas
Gas Consumption (g/h): 546 + 153
No. Burners: 2
Side Burner: 1
Front: 2 Doors
Ignition: Piezo
Wheels: 2
Side Tables: 1
Folding Side Tables: 1
Campingaz InstaClean™ System: N / A
Other Features: Thermometer, Warming Rack

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