Campingaz 3 Series Classic L BBQ

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Campingaz 3 Series Classic L BBQ

Make the most of the time spent outdoors with this powerful, family-sized BBQ range. Featuring durable stainless steel tube burners and a non-stick, enameled cooking surface, the 3 Series Classic makes cooking al fresco family meals a breeze. The Culinary Modular System (available separately) allows you to be ready to choose the inserts that best suit your style. The InstaClean™ System present on all models.

Even-Temp® – Even Heat Distribution
Having a temperature equal to or higher than 250°C is recommended for direct and strong grilling. Even temperature throughout the cooking surface is essential to result in thorough and even cooking for all food
Campingaz Series 3 and 4 grill surfaces reach temperatures above 250°C, allowing the grid to be used more efficiently, minimising unnecessary heat loss. The 3 Series’ control knobs allow you to control the heat throughout the BBQ’s surfaces, letting you decide which areas to be hotter or colder.

Australian system with stainless steel burners
The Australian system (System with burners and curtain diffuser) allows you to cook various foods with ease, thanks to the generous cooking surfaces and powerful and extremely long-lasting stainless steel burners.
The stainless steel burners create special V-shaped flames that help to distribute the heat optimally throughout the cooking surface. The curtain heat diffuser, redesigned with additional protections to avoid flames, increases the optimal distribution of heat on the cooking surface.
Its double cooking surface with grill and plate allows you to cook meat, fish, vegetables, and cheeses at the same time. A fat collection tray is made easily removable to make maintenance as easy as possible.

InstaClean® system
The InstaClean® system allows you to easily remove all internal parts of the BBQ cooking area and wash them comfortably in the dishwasher.
Cleaning the BBQ has never been easier! Thanks to their patented InstaClean® system, Campingaz® frees up your time to have fun with family and friends without spending hours cleaning after a delicious barbecue. This exclusive cleaning system is included on all BBQ 3 & 4 Series (excluding RBS models).
Fast, simple, and huge time saver!

Colour:  Black / StainlessSteel
Cart Material:  Painted steel
Cover Material:  Painted steel
Front Material: Painted Steel
Burner Material:  Stainless steel
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm:  143.8 x 64.2 x 110.6
Cooking Surface Dimensions (cm):  61 x 46 (2,800 cm²)
Cooking Surface Material:  Enamelled Stamped Steel
Cooking Surface Configuration:  Grid / Plate
Cooking Height (cm):  86.5 cm
Weight (kg):  44
Power (kW):   9.6
Fuel Type:  Gas
Gas Consumption (g/h):  698
No. Burners:  3
Side Burner:  N/A
Front:  Rigid Panel / Accessory Holder
Wheels: 2
Folding Side Tables:  2
Campingaz InstaClean™ System:  Yes
Other Features:  Window,  Thermometer,  Warming Rack,  Rotisserie Ready,  Cylinder Support,  Articulated Grid,  Optional Culinary Modular (Grid with a removable ring, accessories sold separately)

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