Silampos 9 Piece Set Glass Lid

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Silampos 9 Piece Set Glass Lid
Portuguese company Silampos Series Atlantico. The whole is made of chrome-nickel steel and has a thick, three-layer, specially designed bottom which accumulates and distributes heat evenly. It has a nice, modern shape and stay-cool handles. It’s ideal for any kitchen (including induction), you can use it in the oven, and dishwasher safe.
Stain Less Steel Lid Consisting of:
Stockpot w/lid 16 cm
Stockpot w/lid 20 cm
Stockpot w/lid 24 cm
Casserole w/lid 16 cm
Casserole w/lid 20 cm
Casserole w/lid 24 cm
Milk Pot w/lid 16 cm
Saucepan w/o lid 16 cm
Non-Stick Frying Pan 24cm

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Founded in Portugal in 1951, Silampos has been an internationally-recognised brand for decades, consistently producing the highest quality steel cookware for professional and home kitchens alike.

Silampos cookware is manufactured using 18/10 stainless steel, ensuring consistent results and a long life. The manufacturing quality of each component, from the lid, to the handle, to the base, is without peer, so you can cook with confidence.

The most notable feature of Silampos’s range of cookware, however, is the Impact Disc Plus Thermic Base.

Applied using a unique heating process in which an aluminium heat-diffusing disc is permanently fixed between the bottom of the pan and a protective stainless steel disc under 2000 tonnes of impact pressure, the need for traditional welding is eliminated and the durability of the pan is greatly increased.

This Impact Disc Plus Thermic Base was developed for its efficient performance on induction, gas, electric and ceramic hobs, allowing better heat distribution and significantly reducing energy consumption and cooking times.

Silampos is renowned worldwide for its quality cookware with a 25 year warranty on the stainless steel body. This quality will give you a lifetime of simple, trouble free operation.