Ariete Vapori Jet Steam Cleaner

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Ariete Vapori Jet Steam Cleaner


With the Steam Gun you kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. No corner of the house will be spared!


With the Ariete Vapori Jet steam gun you will be able to deeply clean even the most hidden corners of your home, relying on the natural effectiveness of steam against germs and bacteria.


Thanks to the rich accessories kit supplied , with Vapori Jet you can sanitize the surfaces of the house in a short time, creating a safe environment for you and for the whole family. The steam at 100 ° in fact guarantees complete sanitation, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria, in a completely natural way, without the need to use chemical detergents in addition to plain tap water.


Vapori Jet reaches a temperature of 100 ° for the emission of steam in just 3 minutes and has a continuous steam autonomy of 15 minutes. The accessories supplied with Vapori Jet are:


Brush with cloth ideal for sanitizing and refreshing home fabrics, such as curtains and sofas
Extension and window cleaner accessory for cleaning glass , mirrors , windows and shower stalls easily and without leaving streaks
Injector nozzle to remove stubborn and encrusted dirt, such as that of the kitchen hob.
90 ° angled spout to reach and clean the most hidden points of the house, such as the back of the radiators
Multi-purpose round brush to scrub and sanitize any other surface


The power of steam against germs and bacteria
Steam is the most natural way to clean your home effectively. Ariete steam cleaners in fact ensure deep hygiene of the house and elimination of 99.9% of germs and bacteria which can be deposited easily on all surfaces housewives. Vapori Jet is the multifunction steam gun that will help you make your home a fresh, clean and safe place.


Cleaning windows has never been easier
The glass cleaning is an operation which often refer it long and hard. For this Ariete has decided to enrich the steam gun with a window cleaner and an extension, ideal for reaching even the highest and most difficult to clean windows . The steam will take care of everything else, leaving the glasses bright, without streaks or residues , because you will not need to use specific detergents.


Sanitize the bathroom with steam
With the steam window cleaner even the shower box will always be shiny and without limescale. You can use the steam gun for sanitize health without using any detergent. Even the taps will shine again, because the steam can also remove the limescale deposits, which it seemed impossible to remove!


Sanitizes and refreshes fabrics with steam
The vapor of Vaporì Jet is able to penetrate the fibers of the fabrics and sanitize them in depth in a few moments. Using the brush with the supplied cloth, sanitize curtains and sofas with a simple pass of steam.


Degrease the kitchen with steam
When dirt builds up on the kitchen hob, no degreaser can take it away! The powerful jet of the steam gun , combined with the special injector nozzle, allows you to sweep away even the most resistant incrustations and without the use of chemicals.


Clean even the most hidden corners
The 90 ° spout reaches where no one else can. The Vaporì Jet steam gun is perfect for cleaning the back of radiators and all the most difficult to reach corners inside your home. Put it to the test!


Power: 1050W
Boiler capacity: 250 ml
Boiler material: Aluminium
Pressure: 3.5 bar
Steam ready: 3 minutes
Cable length: 10 ft
Continuous steam: 15 minutes
Weight: 1.5Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.5 x 14.5 x 22.5cm
Features: Power light, Safety cap and lance
Accessories included: 90 ° nozzle, Slit nozzle, Small round brush, Fabric brush with cloth, Window cleaner, Flexible extension, Measuring cup, Funnel



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