Kenwood Juicer & Processor Attachment Pack for Titanium

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Kenwood Juicer & Processor Attachment Pack for Titanium

Get creative in the kitchen and expand your culinary horizon with the Kenwood Food Processor and Citrus Juicer attachment pack!

The Food Processor attachment is perfect for all your food preparation needs! This attachment includes a knife blade and 3 stainless steel discs, whether you’re dicing, slicing or simply mixing, this Food Processor is sure to speed up your culinary process.

The Citrus Juicer makes squeezing citrus juice quick and easy. Citrus juices are full of vitamins which are quickly lost if they’re stored, unstored freshly squeezed juice has more vitamins intact – You can then use the juice in drinks or for making desserts, such as pies, sorbets, soufflés, and jellies, and it can also be used for preserves such as marmalades, curds, and fruit butter.

Attachments Included:  Citrus Press Attachment,  Food Processor Attachment
Compatibility:  Chef & Major Titanium Series
Outlet:  Citrus Press – High Speed,  Food Processor – Medium Speed


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