Bamix G350 Gastro PRO-3

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The Bamix Gastro G350 has an extra-long, 29cm foot; this makes the immersion blender suitable for use in high cookware as well. With 22,000RPM, you can even grind ice cubes and frozen ingredients. The ergonomical handle is pleasant to hold in your hand. That's nice for when you're making a large pan of fresh soup. The included whisk can be used for light preparations, such as beaten eggwhite, whipped cream, milkshakes, tiramisu, or mousse. After use, you can neatly store the immersion blender, thanks to the included wall mount.


Color: White

Wattage: 350 W heavy-duty AC motor
Material: Two-fold insulation
Safety: Safety switch with Softgrip
Spiral cable: Yes
Total length: 49.5 cm, Immersion depth: 35.0 cm
2 speed settings (depending on the wattage): Setting 1: 18,000 rpm, Setting 2: 22,000 rpm

Included: A Blade: Beater – beats, aerates, emulsifies.
B Blade: Whisk – stirs, mixes and purees.
C Blade: Multi-Purpose Blade – chops, shreds, blends & stirs. Great for Raw or cooked vegetables, Frozen fruits & berries, Baby foods, Ice Cream, Jam and more.
Wall bracket – accommodates the Bamix and blades for easy storage.


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