Kenwood Bread Maker 14 PROG

Price: €185.00

The BM350 Bread Maker can be used to bake a 500g, 700g or 1kg loaf – and there are 12 baking programs and three crust colour settings to choose from. So not only can you use your BM350 to bake a fresh loaf every day, you can try out recipes for speciality breads. Just use the dough cycle to prepare the dough and then bake in the oven. Or use the pasta dough setting to create your own pasta dishes. You can even use your bread maker to make jams and marmalade.


Wattage (W): 645

Colour: Brushed

Body/Material: Metal body/plastic lid with brushed stainless trim

Programs: 14





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Guarantee: 2 yearsSKU: KBM350002.