BWT Special Bundle Offer – 6 Filters + Free Jug

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BWT Special Bundle Offer – 6 Filters + Free Jug


BWT Longlife Magnesium Filters improve the quality of your tap water in a way that no other filter can do. The release of the vital mineral Magnesium makes it a class of its own. It is not only good for your body but also greatly improves the taste of water itself. Undesired substances like lead and chlorine are removed and the build-up of limescale is prevented.


Unique Magnesium Technology
We have developed a special filtration method that makes good water even better! The core of BWT’s unique, patented magnesium technology is the filter. It takes five filtration stages to enhance your tap water and turn it into pleasant-​tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water. In the process, we remove odourless and taste-​impairing substances and enrich the water with precious magnesium, thereby maintaining the mineral content in balance at an almost neutral pH value. Magnesium Mineralized Water gives an extra boost to your daily magnesium intake.


Optimum taste & full aroma
BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer table filter enhances your water with its globally unique technology. It works like this: fill the jug with water directly from the tap, leave it to flow through the filter and enjoy! Taste-​impairing substances, e.g. chlorine, are filtered from the water, the calcium content is reduced and extraneous particles are removed. The water is then enriched with magnesium, which results in filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water that not only tastes great on its own, but also brings out the full flavour of coffee and tea.


For a healthy lifestyle
Magnesium is a vital mineral that stimulates the cardiovascular system and mental capacity and is important for our muscle condition. Magnesium also boosts the immune system and plays a central part in our nervous system, thus helping to alleviate stress. And it is a well-​known fact that an absence of stress improves the quality of sleep.


Enviromental awareness
However, you’re not the only one who benefits from water from a Magnesium Mineralizer; you also help the environment, because you avoid the cost and inconvenience of buying and transporting expensive bottled water and can rely instead on a smart, environmentally-​friendly alternative to plastic.


Protects Life of Household Appliances from scale, increasing their lifespan and efficiency.


Filters needs to be replaced every 120 litres or every month, whichever comes first.


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