Campingaz 3 Series RBS LS BBQ

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Campingaz 3 Series RBS LS BBQ


Offering our advanced RBS® technology within a more compact model, the 3 Series RBS® LS barbecue is perfect when cooking meals for smaller groups of family and friends.


Boasting a wide range of different cooking options, the barbecue’s high-performance RBS® burners guarantee heat is evenly distributed across the entire cooking surface as well as preventing grease from dripping and causing smoke or flare-ups.


In addition to direct grilling, indirect grilling and rotisserie cooking, the 3 Series RBS® LS features our innovative Culinary Modular System for maximum cooking versatility.


Handy side tables and an easy manoeuvrable trolley complete with condiment shelves makes it easy to keep accessories close to hand and forget scrubbing the barbecue when the party is over, the Campingaz InstaClean® System offers quick and effortless cleaning.


Campingaz® Culinary Modular System
See how easy it is to use the many options of cooking and grilling equipment Campingaz ® Culinary Modular.


Simply remove the inner ring of the cast iron grate and insert one of the Culinary Modular Grill Accessories (sold separately). How about serving a fresh pizza baked on a special stone? Or eat a delicious grilled paella made in a Spanish non-stick pan. If you love exotic Chinese style vegetables, make them in a non-stick carbon steel wok. However, you can prepare the chicken perfectly in the poultry toaster.


Or maybe you just want to replace your old steel grate with a high-quality cast iron grate for making perfect steaks? Campingaz ® Culinary Modular fulfill every wish of gourmet grilling.

InstaClean® system
Cleaning your Campingaz ® grill is easier than ever with the patented Campingaz InstaClean ® system. Spend more time with family and friends instead of spending hours cleaning the grill after the party. The system enables the removal of all dishwasher-safe components in less than 60 seconds.


All Campingaz ® 3 and 4 series grills are equipped with this new patented system. Quick, simple and clutter-free!


Radiant-Burner-System® – (RBS)
Explore the endless possibilities with our patented Radiant-Burner-System ® ! Suitable for all types of food. Especially good with fatty and rotisserie dishes.


The benefits of this unique burner technology:

– Healthy cooking with less smoke and violent flame throws!
– Even temperature distribution over the entire cooking surface
– Various cooking options: direct and indirect grilling with an oven-like effect
– Easy cleaning and longer burner life


How does Radiant-Burner-System ® work ?

– Two individually adjustable ceramic burners are placed on the side walls of the fire chamber to prevent fat and meat juices from dripping onto them
– The central heat light evenly distributes the temperature over the cooking surface
– Easy maintenance: no need to clean vertical burners


Grilling area: 2,800 cm².
Power: 9.4kW + 2.3kW (cooker on the table).
Burner System: 2 Radiant Burner System (RBS) ceramic burners.
Features: Electronic igniter, enameled cast iron grate and hob.
Weight: 70 kg


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