Campingaz 4 Series Classic LS Plus

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Campingaz 4 Series Classic LS Plus


Cook up a feast for family and friends with thIS powerful, 4 burner barbecue. Featuring efficient and high-performance stainless steel tube burners together with a large, enamelled cooking surface, the Campingaz 4 Series Classic LS Plus is perfect for preparing a wide range of al fresco meals. The included Campingaz® Culinary Modular system provides keen grillers with even greater cooking versatility, while Even-TempTM makes sure all your food is evenly cooked. Cleaning is quick and hassle-free thanks to the Campingaz InstaCleanTM System.



Even-Temp® – Even Heat Distribution
Having a temperature equal to or higher than 250°C is recommended for direct and strong grilling. Even temperature throughout the cooking surface is essential to result in thorough and even cooking for all food


Campingaz Series 3 and 4 grill surfaces reach temperatures above 250°C, allowing the grid to be used more efficiently, minimising unnecessary heat loss. The 3 Series’ control knobs allow you to control the heat throughout the BBQ’s surfaces, letting you decide which areas to be hotter or colder.



Stainless-Steel-Burner-System (Stainless Steel Burner System)
Enjoy excellent grilling performance offered by this cleverly designed burner.


How the Stainless Steel-Burner-System works:
– Specially designed burners create V-shaped flames that are driven through the cover to the baking surface by dissipating heat evenly over the entire baking surface.
– The burners have the ability to adjust the operation to a lower intensity which offers a lower and more stable temperature for prolonged baking.
– The new design of the cover has protected holes, supporting uniform heat distribution and preventing fires.


From direct (intense) grilling to prolonged cooking, using indirect heat, allows the user to use flexible:
– Uniform heat distribution over the entire baking surface
– Strong heat for intense roasting or frying
– Possibility to adjust the heat even at lower temperatures ideal for prolonged baking
– Durable construction materials that give long life to the burners



Culinary Modular System
Discover the convenience of multiple cooking and baking options with the Campingaz® Culinary Modular barbecue accessories.


Just remove the inner ring from the cast iron and place one of the Culinary Modular barbecue accessories. Why not make a freshly baked pizza on the special pizza stone, or enjoy a delicious paella made in the Spanish-non-stick pan? If exotic foods are your weakness, then you will definitely be impressed with the special non-stick wok. Bake any chicken perfectly with the special poultry dish. Or you may just be looking for the perfect way to grill a steak!


Campingaz® Culinary Modular Cooking Accessories include every option for the gourmet barbecue you desire.



InstaClean® system
The InstaClean® system allows you to easily remove all internal parts of the BBQ cooking area and wash them comfortably in the dishwasher.


Cleaning the BBQ has never been easier! Thanks to their patented InstaClean® system, Campingaz® frees up your time to have fun with family and friends without spending hours cleaning after a delicious barbecue. This exclusive cleaning system is included on all BBQ 3 & 4 Series (excluding RBS models).


Fast, simple, and huge time saver!


Culinary Modular accessories / utensils are sold separately.



Colour:  Black / Stainless Steel / Wood
Dimensions (W x D x H) cm:  160.3 x 59.8 x 115.6
Cart Material:  Steel
Cover Material:  Steel & Aluminium Die-Cast
Front Material:  Painted Steel
Burner Material: Stainless Steel Tubes
Cooking Surface Dimensions (cm):  3500cm²
Cooking Surface Material:  Enamelled Cast Iron
Cooking Surface Configuration:  Grid / Griddle
Cooking Height (cm):  90.5
Weight (kg):  53
Power (kW):  12.8 + 2.3 kW
Fuel Type:  LPG
Gas Consumption (g/h):  931 + 167g / h
No. Burners:  4
Side Burner:  1
Front:  2 Doors
Wheels:  4
Articulated Grid:  Yes
Folding Side Tables:  1
Campingaz InstaClean™ System:  Yes
Culinary Modular Ready:  Yes
Optional BBQ Cover:  Classic XXL
Other Features:  Thermometer,  Warming Rack,  Rotisserie Ready,  Cylinder Support


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