Campingaz Heater Infrared

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Campingaz Heater Infrared
This cabinet heater works using infrared technology which allows silent and clean combustion.
Power (W): 4100
Controls Selector: 3 Setting Levels
Safety: Campingaz heater switch off the gas supply automatically if the flame is extinguished by wind or currents and if there is not enough oxygen in the room. It is also a safety precaution that in order to switch heater off one needs to do so from regulator to make sure that gas is completely turned off. Campingaz heater come with a pre-fit heavy duty metal regulator with a high quality pipe on which one can also read  the expiry date.
Feasibility: Campingaz heaters are very easy to carry and can carry both sizes of cylinders inside them.
Type: Gas
Color: Black
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