Kenwood Double Blade Chopper

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Kenwood Double Blade Chopper

This mini chopper has a white, plastic body that works well in any kitchen. A choice of two chopping speeds and simple, push-down, operation make it easy for you to quickly prepare herbs, nuts, and dips. You can also use it to crush ice and grind meat, fish and other hard ingredients.

The stainless steel, quad blade system works twice as fast as two blades to ensure perfect, even results, every time. The 500W CH550 works intuitively with you. Set it to chop at one of two speeds and then simply push down on the lid to start or stop the blades.

Colour:  White
Material:  Plastic
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:  13 x 13 x 28
Speed:  2 Speeds
Weight:  1.15kg
Wattage:  400W
Capacity:  0,5L
Dishwasher Safe Parts:  Yes
Safety Features:  Safety Interlock
Unique Functions:  Ice Crushing Ability
Unique Features: Quadblade System


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