Severin Crepe Maker

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Severin Crepe Maker

Spoil yourself with a quick coffee break: anyone with a sweet tooth will want you as their new best friend with these sweet treats, ready in a flash!

Soft-Touch Variable Temperature Control
Variable temperature control for precise regulation of desired browning intensity
For sweet crêpes and tasty galettes (one recipe for each included).
Grill plate
Detachable new style grill plate for easy cleaning.
Non-Stick Coating
Help prevent the dough from sticking and makes cleaning easier.

Color:  Black
Material:  High-Grade Stainless Steel
Dimensions (cm):  34.5 x 30.5 x 8
Grill Plate Diameter (cm):  30
Weight (kg):  1.5
Power (W):  1000
Indicator:  Ready to use Indicator
Accessories:  Wooden Spatula and Crepes Flipper
Unique Features:  On/Off Pilot Light,  Cable Storage,  Baking Indicator Lights,  Nonstick coating,  Soft-Touch temperature control


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