Hoover Dryer Condenser 8KG

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Hoover Dryer Condenser 8KG
Get the best from the drying cycle. Now, with this series of dryers, you can discover the smartest solutions to get the perfect performance from drying cycle, maximize class A efficiency and care for your laundry. You new Hoover dryer will be the most reliable friend of your laundry: treating each of your laundry with maximum gentle end efficient, making them as glamorous and soft as the first day. With the intelligent connection system, you can increase the functions of your dryer and improve your drying experience by taking various tips.
Delayed Start
Drying Machine Following your Habits. The Delayed Start option gives you the chance to choose the cycle time according to your habits and needs. The drying cycle can be delayed up to 23 hours. Thus, the drying process starts when you are away and when you return home you will find your laundry dry, soft and ready to iron.
Wrinkle Prevention
Care for your laundry before and after the drying cycle. The special drum movements that follow one before and after the cycle ensure that your laundry stays soft and dry, while minimizing crease formation and more efficient ironing performance.
No. Of Programmes: 15
Special Programmes: Delicates, Mix & Dry, Rapid 40 min, Relax, Wool
Loading Method: Front Loading
Dryer Type: Condenser
Capacity (KG): 8
Energy Efficiency: B
Annual electricity consumption stated (kWh): 617
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 85 x 60 x 61
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