Hoover Dynamic Next Dryer Hybrid A++ 9kg

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Capacity –  9





Energy Efficiency Class –   A++





Woolmark Approved





Real Care for Delicate Fabrics –  The most delicate fabrics, such as wool and cashmere, will keep their natural softness and brightness, thanks to the gentle and precise motion and sophisticated temperature management system provided by the appliance. Approved by Woolmark.




Reuse Water, Cleverly –  The new design of Aquavision makes sure that you can always check the level of water, and empty the tank at best, so it will be available for any other use. The tank is easy to remove and replace into the dryer, and it’s an original and practical accessory that marks Hoover products.


Maximum Loads, Maximum Care –  The rounded shape of the drum moves the garments delicately, protecting them from strong mechanical vibrations. The warm air goes through the rounded surface evenly, creating a “cushion” effect for more uniform drying, also for the bulkiest loads.


Excellent Dry Performance –  Whatever the size of garment you to put into your dryer, from the smallest and most delicate items to your large curtains, Hoover dryers will treat them with the maximum care and delicacy, giving you the best efficiency. This is possible thanks to the special cycles made to dry both small and bulky loads, limiting also the formation of tangles.


Each Fabric has its own Drying Level
Hoover takes care of your garments and your energy consumption too, taking advantage of the new Active Sensor. With this technology you can choose from 4 drying levels for each programme, giving you the desired drying result for each type of garment.


Save Time Setting Programs
If you are looking for an ally to help you push your timeline maintaining great performance/efficiency, you can count on Hoover: the new dryers can memorise settings for every drying cycle, in order to get the best combination of the functions provided by the machine. In this way, the user can just select the chosen program and let the dryer do all the rest. The results of the drying cycle will be incredibly amazing.


Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
Heat Pump Tumble Dryers work in a similar way to condenser tumble dryers. They use a heat pump to reuse the hot air that is normally lost, and recycle this air through the drum. This reuse of energy makes heat pump tumble dryers the most efficient type of tumble dryer.


Multiple Fabrics,  All in One Drying Cycle
Feel free to mix synthetics with cotton fabrics without worrying, because your dryer knows how to treat them, saving both time and energy. Get an alert when lighter of the garments are ready, so you can remove them and continue the process of drying.


Iron like you’ve Never Done Before
Thanks to Hoover dryers, ironing will be a pleasure. The special alternate motion and anticrease action pre and post cycle deliver the perfect humidity to iron in half of the time, preserving the quality of your garments, also the most precious ones, in order to guarantee great ironing performances.


Silent,  Extra Large Drum
Using an innovative material that surrounds the outside of the drum, this feature dampens vibrations and peaks of noise by as much as -10db(A), so you can use your dryer without disturbance. Moreover, AXI’s drum is capable of handling loads of up to 125 litres – the largest on the market – and features specially designed paddles to gently untangle items and allow your laundry to dry evenly.



Hoover takes care of your laundry and takes care of your health too. Neutralize the main allergens and get rid of dust mites, pet hair, pollens, and powder detergent residuals, without stressing the fibres of your garments. This is possible, thanks to a special system that mixes controlled temperatures, time and movement, in order to hygienise your garments in the best way.




Colour:  White / Chrome
Material:  Housing – Plastic,  Drum – Galvanised
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:  58.5 x 59.6 x 85
Weight (kg):  45.2
Construction Type:  Freestanding
Capacity (kg):  9
Technology:  Condenser
Loading Type:  Front
Energy Efficiency:  A++
Condensation Class:  B
Energy Consumption (kWh/annum):  259
Energy Consumption Full Load (kWh):  2.18
Energy Consumption Half Load (kWh):  1.15
Voltage (V):  220 – 240
Noise (dB(A)):  67
Drum Capacity (L):  125
Control:  Electronic Big Digit
Unique Features:  Wi-Fi + Bluetooth,  Adjustable Feet,  Sensor Dry,  Exhaust Water Pipe,  Woolmark,  End of cycle indicator,  24h Start Delay,  Removable Shoe Rack


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