Hoover Dryer Next Heat Pump 11KG

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Hoover Dryer Next Heat Pump 11KG


The tumble dryer is equipped with a sensor that can measure how much moisture is present in your clothes and on this basis determines how long the drying time should be. In this way you avoid drying your clothes longer than necessary and avoiding unnecessary wear. The tumble dryer is marked with energy class A ++. This means that you can wipe your clothes with good conscience, both in terms of the environment and your electricity bill.


One of the benefits of this dryer is the steam function it is equipped with. With this feature, you will avoid wrinkling your clothes during drying.


If you want the dryer to run at special times, it is not a problem since this tumbler is equipped with a Timer function that you can set yourself to suit your everyday life


No. of Programmes: 15

Loading Method: Front Loading

Dryer Type: Heat pump

Capacity (KG): 11

Energy Efficiency: A++

Annual electricity consumption stated (kWh): 282

Product Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 85 x 59.6 x 61

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