Electrolux Digital Slow Cooker

Price: €99.00

Slow Cooker retains the vitamins and nutrients of the ingredients (fruits, vegetables), making the dishes smoother as it extracts the flavor of the ingredients more conspicuously, making the foods more tasty. It allows less fat, spices and liquids to be used than the usual recipe.


Easy preparations: just insert the ingredients into the ceramic casserole and set up a program (soup, low, medium, high-cooking or heating), and everything is cooked alone, warning you of the remaining time with the countdown timer. All at a reduced power consumption of 235W.


Capacity: 6.8L
Output: 235w

Material: Stainless Steel
Handles: Cast Metal


Touch Controls: Yes

Timer Countdown: Yes
Bowl: Ceramic
Cooking Programs: Low / Medium / High(low / Soup mode / Buffet mode
Re-heating function: Yes
Keep warm: Yes Up to 12 h


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