Rosieres Gas Burners with Electric Oven White

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Multi-function: Thanks to its different cooking modes, the multi-function oven multiplies the possibilities for the user.


Catalysis: the porous email of which the walls are coated destroys the grease particles during cooking, as soon as it exceeds 220 ° C!


Rotating heat: the additional circular resistance placed at the level of the propeller guarantees fast and homogeneous cooking. Cooking on several levels even of different dishes is possible.


Type of Energy: Gas

Burners: 4

Type of Ignition: Electric

Maximum Power: 3500 W

Grill Power: 1500 W

Type of Door:  Classic door: This door quickly takes heat. Be careful, children are not advised to put their hands on

Volume: 52 L

Timer: Yes

Type of Control: Shifters

Colour: White

Storage compartment: Yes

Minimum distance between cooker and hood: 70 cm

Dimensions W x H x D: 60 x 85 x 60 cm

Weight: 52.0 kg




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