GTech AirRam Multi System

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GTech AirRam Multi System


Our Dynamic Duo for a complete clean.


Two lightweight cordless vacuums strengthened with aluminium; one complete, tougher cleaning solution for your whole home. With a charger for both your AirRam and Multi, you can charge both products at the same time, helping you stay prepared. Our Car Accessory Kit includes 3 additional tools for tricky cleaning areas.


Cordless versatility
Our cordless system is designed for convenient cleaning around your home. The Gtech AirRam is our award winning cordless upright vacuum cleaner – it offers proven performance across a variety of floor surfaces, gliding from carpets to hard floors with no settings to change.


Our handheld vacuum cleaner, the Gtech Multi, comes with attachments that help you tackle the other areas of your home, from stairs to upholstery to those hard to reach spaces.


Lightweight & powered
This system is a lightweight partnership, with the AirRam weighing just 3.2kg and the Multi coming in at 1.5kg**. The AirRam features a powered rotating brush bar equipped with our unique AirLOC technology∆, designed to work deep down in carpets and between tiles and floorboards to lift large objects, fine dust and stubborn dirt.


Long runtime
The AirRam and Multi offer a combined runtime of up to 60 minutes*, so you can plan out your cleaning session. Work from the floors up to the ceiling with state of charge indicators letting you know how much battery is remaining. With a charger for both your AirRam and Multi, you can charge both products at the same time, helping you stay prepared.


Handheld versatility
The Multi is perfect for those awkward places around your home, car and caravan. With attachments on board, including a handy crevice tool for skirting boards*** and between cushions, you can tackle a range of tougher challenges.


Floor cleaning
The AirRam is specially designed for floor cleaning, with proven performance across a variety of surfaces. Our unique AirLOC technology∆ lifts large objects and debris, as well as fine dust, dirt and hair. The AirRam has a low profile handle that lets you clean underneath furniture, saving you the time and effort of reorganising your living room each time you vacuum.


Headlights for a deeper clean
We’ve added LED lights to these two vacuums to illuminate your cleaning area, leaving dirt and dust nowhere to hide. These lights are great when you’re cleaning underneath furniture or reaching to the back of bookshelves and between cupboards with the AirRam or Multi.


Easy empty bins
Both the AirRam and Multi feature easy empty bins, designed to dispose of all that dirt, dust and debris efficiently. Our upright works to compress dirt – an ejector arm in the bin provides smooth disposal, helping you avoid the dust cloud.


Our handheld vacuum has a simple latch mechanism, making emptying it straightforward.


Car & caravan cleaning
The Multi can be used in your car or caravan, too, thanks to its light weight and portability. This handheld is compact, so can be taken away on trips to ensure a tidy (motor)home at all times. Its attachments are ideal for car interiors, reaching between car seats and into gloveboxes, as well as around delicate areas like dashboards.


Battery type: Li-ion
Power: 22V
Runtime: Up to 60 minutes runtime
Charge time: 4 Hours



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