Hoover H Free 200 Home

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Hoover H Free 200 Home
H-Free 200
Get the best worlds with Hoover’s H-Free 200 multifunctional cleaning system. Lightweight and agile, it is a cordless vacuum cleaner that can reach the tightest spaces and clean the floors and areas above your home. But at the same times, the H-FREE 200 offers enough performance and autonomy to clean the entire house.
Highly Responsive and Maneuverable
Thanks to the innovative H-Lab Flat & Drive brush, you can switch between 90 ° and 180 ° cleaning angles with a flick of the wrist to clean objects, corners or under furniture, reaching the tightest spaces with ease.
Removable Battery Pack
With the H-Free 200, you don’t need to pack the complete vacuum while it is charging. Simply remove the battery and plug it into any available outlet.
Brush Release System
With the convenient brush release system, it is quick and easy to remove the roller without the need for tools. This facilitates the removal of interlaced hair due to its practical guide that always keeps it in the correct position.
LED Lighting on Brush
The LED light on the main brush of the cleaner illuminates dark areas such as under the bed or sofas. With these dark spaces illuminated, there is no place for the dirt to hide, so you will be sure that nothing remains unclean.
Easy Eviction
The one-touch system makes it easy, fast and hygienic to dump your H-FREE 200 without having to come in contact with dust and debris.
Battery Status LED
The LED lights on the battery of the H-FREE 200 make it easy to check the charge level, helping to avoid power outages during cleaning.
Type: Bagless
Voltage (V): 22
Battery type: Li-ion
Autonomy (mins): up to 40
Charge time (hrs): 5
Deposit Capacity (l): 0.7

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