Hoover H Free

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Hoover H Free


Choose the best of both worlds with the Hoover H-FREE multifunctional cleaning system. This light and agile household appliance, without cable, is able to reach the tightest spaces, clean floors and all surfaces of the house. At the same time, H-FREE guarantees sufficient performance and autonomy to clean the whole house.


The 18 V lithium battery ensures a level of cleanliness identical to those of vacuum cleaners with cable, despite the lightweight design, to clean floors and surfaces of the entire house with agility and without the cable.


The new H-Lab Flat & Drive brush rotates at 90 ° and 180 ° with a simple movement of the wrist so it can easily move around any object. It also reaches the most difficult spaces to clean as the corners and under the lower furniture.


Activate the continuous power mode and proceed with the cleaning of your entire home with just one battery charge, without interruption.


With H-FREE it is not necessary to leave the vacuum near a socket to charge it. Simply remove the battery and connect it to any outlet.


The motorized brush can be easily disassembled to clean it or to mount the Deep Care roller, when it is necessary to clean hard floors and delicate surfaces, or the Intense Floor roller, when it is necessary to clean carpets and tiles.


Thanks to the one-touch system, one touch is enough to empty the H-FREE vacuum cleaner quickly and hygienically, without coming into contact with dust and debris.


Thanks to the LEDs of the H-FREE battery, the state of the charge is easily controlled, to avoid running out in the middle of the cleaning.


H-FREE is supplied with a wide range of accessories designed to clean any surface: floors, carpets, curtains, armchairs, sofas and even ceilings. The H-FREE mini turbo brush effectively removes the hairs left by animals on sofas, chairs, rugs and carpets.



Voltage (V): 18

Battery Type: Li-Ion

Autonomy: Up to 25min

Initial charge (hours): 12

Charging time (hours): 5

Charge level indicator: Yes

Led – battery status indicator: Yes

Separation system: Cyclonic Technology

Filtration system: Fabric filter

Container capacity (Litres): 0.7

Power control: 1 level and turbo

Turbo Power Boost: Yes

Container easy to empty: Yes

Fast brush release system: Yes

Manual checks: Yes

All surfaces: Yes

Wheeled wheels: Yes

Integrated vacuum cleaner: Yes

Motorized brush: Yes

Brush with led lights: Yes

Mini turbo-brush: Yes

2 in 1 nozzle for cracks and brush with a brush: Yes

2 in 1 brush with brush and padded brush: Yes

Product width (cm): 23.3

Product height (cm): 113.5

Product depth (cm): 25.2

Net weight of product – vacuum cleaner only (kg): 2.2

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