Philips Hair Dryer 1200W

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Philips Hair Dryer 1200W
Retractable handle. 
So this small, compact hairdryer can be stowed even in a small space, and you can take it virtually anywhere.
1200 W hairdryer
This 1200 W hairdryer produces optimum airflow and optimum drying performance for beautiful results every day.
Cool, Gentle or Quick Drying
This compact hairdryer offers 3 preset heat and temperature settings for cool, gentle or quick drying. With the cold stage you can dry your hair at a relatively low temperature to avoid damage. It is best for fine, dry and damaged hair. And it’s the perfect setting for the hot summer months!
Compact Design
This compact and ergonomic hairdryer benefits from a thoughtful modern design that makes it lightweight and easy to use.
High Temperature and Strong Airflow
The fast air setting (II) provides a higher temperature and a stronger airflow. Despite the compact size, you can efficiently and gently dry your hair with the power of 1200 W.
Thermo Protect
The ThermoProtect setting ensures optimum drying temperature and provides additional protection. With the ThermoProtect combination of optimal airflow and optimum heat, you can quickly dry your hair without overheating, while maintaining the natural moisture content for shiny and healthy-looking hair. The styling nozzle bundles the airflow and makes your hair shine.
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