Hoover H-Dry 500 Heat Pump Dryer 8KG A++

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Hoover H-Dry 500 Heat Pump Dryer 8KG A++


H-DRY 500
The H-Dry 500 is the most reliable and efficient tumble dryer that, thanks to the new Auto Care program, can perfectly and efficiently dry any type of clothing and take care of the fibers.


The Auto Care program is able to automatically adjust the drying according to the amount of load and the type of laundry so that the best results can be achieved without fear.


The H-DRY 500 is best in class in drying performance and also takes care of our planet! Thanks to our heat pump technology and the new gas used in the compressor, we have achieved an incredible result – a 30-fold reduced environmental impact and a reduction in GWP * (global warming potential) from 100 to 3.4. * Global warming potential (GWP) is a measure of how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere over a specific time horizon in relation to carbon dioxide.


Forget laundry labels! The exclusive Scan to Care function, available through the hOn application, allows you to create a virtual wardrobe. Simply take a picture of your clothes, the app will collect and store all your laundry instructions and suggest a specific program and treatment to take care of them.


The H-DRY 500 dryer is equipped with the Active Dry function, specially designed to refresh clothes. It removes unpleasant odors, germs, spores and bacteria in a natural way and gently cares for your clothes and guarantees excellent results in a very short time. In 20 minutes, your clothes will be treated. It is an ideal program for sanitizing personal and children’s clothing, which will ensure the best hygiene and care for your family.


The new design of the Aquavision water tank offers better control of the water level and easy pouring. The container can be easily removed and returned to the dryer body. These are original Hoover accessories that save energy, water and time.


Improve drying performance with the new hOn app and gain access to an exclusive world of additional features:

Remotely check the condition of the dryer and receive an end-of-cycle alert so you never forget your laundry;
Get more than 40 additional cycles of care for a specific garment or fabric;
Get programmed maintenance updates and reminders to maintain dryer reliability.
Get real-time consumption data during drying cycles and monitor your usage habits to increase efficiency.


The H-DRY 500 is a unique dryer that offers a complete set of 9 care cycles, allowing you to keep your favorite clothes in perfect condition for longer and without any effort.


All Hoover dryers offer four stages of drying your laundry: The K ironing stage leaves the laundry slightly damp for easy ironing. The laundry after drying to the Na Hanger stage is ready to be hung in the cabinet. Dried to dry level It is possible to store in the cabinet and when selecting the Extra Dry level it is without any residual moisture and you can put it on immediately.


H-DRY 500 dryers are made with great emphasis on quality and detail. That’s why all models are equipped with a top plate made of one piece, without the traditional connection on the sides, thanks to which the dryer is really aesthetically beautiful and robust. In addition, a new type of Push / Pull filter bottom cover opening makes access easier and makes filter cleaning easier and faster.


Color: White/Grey
Type dryer: Heat Pump
Load capacity (kg): 8
Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Basket material: Stainless steel
Voltage (V): 220-240
Delayed start: Yes (up to 24h)
Annual energy consumption: 236 kWh / year
Sound level: 67 dB (A)
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 85 x 59.6 x 58.5


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